Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home Grown Talents

Everything happens for a reason ... so they say

The Power & Power-to-be starts with a good, noble intention
He fights for a cause and unites the divisive
With one view and one dream, they achieve

With success, comes rewards
When you are rewarded adequately, you strive to excel
When bonuses and ex-gratia payments are given, you go beyond the call of duty
When you are rewarded luxuriously, you ring-fence your job and protect your fort
Nobody will deny that money makes the World goes round
Too much money will bring 'devils and ghosts' around

In early days when Singapore was poor, we resolve issues within our 'poorness'
We build and welcome help and grants
From labour intensive to technology pushed; moving into high-tech, value-added and services
Singapore prospered from the contributions of all; locals, aids, grants and technology and knowhow transfers

All were talented, driven and committed

Today's results : Singapore is the blood and sweat of our immediate past; citizens & foreigners alike - Nobody can nor will claim monopoly of credits

With prosperity, the face of Singapore today is 'a facade of faces'
She is further divided into the 'Haves' and 'Have-nots'
The gap was widened by the rich and poor, the elite and the layman, the islanders versus the heartlanders
Like the Merlion; we are neither a Lion nor a Fish

Singaporeans are NOT against paying for the best
But, it's a different story when the promises are, but, misses. Silence can be more deafening than noises and excuses, unlike reasons, is the death nail for non-delivery

Singaporeans are NOT against foreign workers or foreign talents
But, if everyone who comes to Singapore is a talent, then it's a dime a dozen; sweepers, cleaners, hospitality staffs, croupiers, general grade admin officers, telcos sales and support .. the lists go on

Singaporeans cries of stressful living and gasping runaway costs are not wilful acts of a malingering child but deep seated crisis where the Souls and bodies are living apart
Economic uncertainty, an unending free flow of foreign workers including foreign PMETs, a crashing infrastructure and low wages add to miseries
If price is the only determinant, then very quickly those higher up the food chain can be replaced cheaply too

A good leader leads his men; an excellent leader eats, breathe and shares his men's dreams and aspiration 

If leaders and corporate honchus have no faith with our fellow S/Citizens and do not prioritise Singaporeans ahead of foreigners, someday Capitalism will become Socialism by circumstances Not by choice

Every Singaporean is a TALENT, has potential and is a gem in the making; did YOU give him/me a chance? Charity starts at home; a beloved leader choose from his flock

Supporting Singaporeans and Singapore home-grown companies is the beginning of happiness and prosperity

In the book, "The Good Earth (House of Hwang)", Mr Wang Lung would rather feed earth to his children when famine strikes than to sell any of them ...

If you forsake your fellowmen in times of need, how would you expect your fellowmen to support you at the box? Like Wang Lung, we may have lesser to eat but we are happy and take Providence by the horns...

This is the same philosophy why we have a strong, robust and powerful military; we DO NOT depend on foreigners ...

For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Will The World End?

Someday, somehow, someone's world will end ...

Era end
People end
All good & bad things must come to an end

Decline, bust, growth & boom are cyclical
Capitalism (survival of the fittest), Socialism (you get to share) & Communism (everything is shared) shine and fade as people's choices changes with time
Selfish capitalist will make way for socialist. When the socialist finds the going tough, the communist shall reign

Leaders come and go
With an altruistic heart, the Nation prospers 国家- 有国就有家
With selfish thoughts and self-aggrandizement, nations decline and disappear into the annuls of history
History will accord the great man his title and recognition long after he is gone

History is filled with empires that stretched from East to West as well as an empire that the Sun never sets
But, no one can ever demand recognition nor dictate that his subjects served him selflessly
Such despots and dictators will be served their due desserts and recognized as such - a Failure
The end of their rule is the beginning of freedom, happiness and harmony for Main Street

The World is filled with IQs-centric academics but few with EQs & RQs
Being knowledgeable but without application and street-smartness is like an automobile without gas
The arm chair commander and leader who leads in the ivory tower ends in the tower - dead & forgotten
The populace cannot, and must not, be digitalized; that differentiate a thinking-human from animals

There are enough nuclear warheads that can, and shall, end the World through foolishness
Globalization has also made the World over-dependent on one another; there is zero tolerance for errors
The World can only be a better place if the North/South Gap is narrower
Just as a rich man cannot survives in a sea of poor

In time of troubles and chaos
In time of crisis, a new leader is born
Born to lead his flock to safety, prosperity and harmony

No leader is indispensable; when one ends another rises

The World will not end but most of us, our little Kingdom in time shall end when we take the last breathe

Let's live happily, healthily and with zest today & everyday

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stock Market - Dilemma

The double proposition of which neither is practically acceptable...

US is enjoying growth albeit small

EU - Europe - is an economic and political union of 27 members with tonnes of problems; the rich North supporting a poorer South
The excessiveness of some EU's members is emptying coffers and banks and their refusal to force sell the affected assets, whose value had reduced substantially, is nothing but hollow hopes

The West bullied the East (Asia) in the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis and bought cheap into Asia; why are they preventing the reverse from taking place? Protectionism? Selfishness? White superiority? It's a bundle of jokes and self-centreness

China, the workshop of the East, is shedding its low cost image and struggling with internal disquietness brought about by years of disproportionate distribution and a widening rich/poor gap while India is embroiled in internal politics and democratic gamesmanship

Japan is struggling to break out of years of deflation

Globalization and internet has brought about global problems which cannot be singly isolated nor quarantined. The World is more vulnerable; a declining or sub-normal growth will breed massive unemployment, disharmony and hunger

The Middle-East is the playground of geo-politico gamesmanship and distraction from localized problems

Russia will be the game-broker  
Commodity prices will correct from their multi-years high and go into a tailspin vis-a-vis declining growth and collapsing demand.

However, the saving grace is "Hot Money"!

World Wars I & II were fought for political and geographical dominance; by extension economic superiority and control ... there will not, and cannot, be a World War III as we have enough nuclear to MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)

However, proxy wars are not totally unexpected

The World will have to shed her excessiveness and enter into a recession and/or deflation phase

Nevertheless, due to compact time and space, changes will be speedier, more painful and impactful. Brave for sudden and acute changes, both natural and man-made

After the collateral damage, comes recovery & growth

CASH is King