Friday, July 30, 2010


Somedays, life is simply blank...

Just like this page... empty, void, expressionless

So  much had been said, alot have been done...
Guess, speechless itself is a word

A world of its own - VOID 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Red, Amber, Green Colors Of Life

Stop, Go or ?? ...
There are times when you call your friends but no one answer the phones
It is also common when you manage to reach them they already have prior engagements
Other days, you thought your blackberry, SMSes and cellphone is down 'cos they are as dead as lineless

Sometimes, a walk through the food centres simply cannot yield a food that you might like to eat, however hungry you may be
Someday when you are driving, the roads seem clogged whichever way you turn/take

Sometimes, I cannot make a call from a public phone even though I have 10cents; "Why?" 'Cos public phones are rare, even if I manage to find one, it doesn't take coins; only phonecard! Worst of all,
my 10cents is in TWO 5-cents coins... thats life

You may have boarded the bus only to realize that you did not bring along your prepaid card, including your wallet. Out whip a $50 dollar note and the world stares at you like you are an alien...the stares is enough to melt you like chocolate in the heating pot

Have you been invited to a party only to realize that everyone is engaged and the place is buzzing with life except yourself. You are the square peg in a round hole and stranded miserably in the middle of Antarctic; cold like a polar bear to be admired and left alone

I am self-driven and. Health is my Capital and Motivation is my entrepreneurship
I strive to be better and pray for exponential growth; Red, Green, Amber are but only some colors in my colorful life...
My Aura reflects strength, lightness of being, speed, power and formlessness... above all... CALM 

Life's colors are choices -

Red - when everything stops, just stop. Like ice, it will melt in time; the calm, steely mind will meander when opportunity arises. Don't rush, flow...

Green - Go for it and strike while the iron is hot. Shoot for the stars when everyone gazes at you and hand you food, love and pleasures on a silver platter

Amber - Who cares? Do whatever you want and like; nothing in Life is cast on stone. If you are muddled up with the 'rights' and 'wrongs', you are living others' life! Why not please and suit yourself than to 'ask for approval'; the World only loves Winners.

The colors of your life is yours to mix and play.

Leonado da Vinci, Vincent van Gough, Michaelangelo, Monet...colored and fired up their own lives; YOU can too

I can wait at Red, shoot for the Green and take advantage of Amber

Every seconds of life will leave you green with envy 

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some questions need not be asked...

Why did it flood?
Because it rained heavily.

Why did you not get into the (MRT) train?
Because it was too crowded.

Why did he spray graffiti on the ... trains, wall, postboxes?
Because thats art-in-motion.

Why did he divorce his spouse?
Because he is married (uummm... quite true, if you are not married, you cannot 'have a' divorce!)

When something goes wrong, finding out "Why?" is not an end all.
After identifying the cause, a string of alternative/possible solutions must be offered and the 'best-fit' solution can be adopted and tried.
Henceforth, we learn from the error and move on.

When the 'wrongs' are 'righted', the route forward will be smoother
There is NO point blaming anyone for any error
The smart learn and grow to be better.
The fool repeats it.

If its beyond us to prevent like Acts of God, perhaps, the consequences can be minimized
If its within us and we are indifferent, we have only ourselves to blame if horror becomes terror.
Take responsibility and account to yourself and others.

If you had honestly tried your best, nobody will blame you
But, if you play the blame game and when someone gets hurt, you may get away...that is, if only the victims are not your immediate family members! You can run but you cannot hide.

The next time you visit the casino and bet your entire family's fortune on one hand and lose, don't ask "Why?"

The "WHYs" and "IFs" of life is always an 'afterthought'
Be aware and be prepared; a banana cannot split twice...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Power Of The Mind

The mind can moves mountains...

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier - Colin Powell

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind." - James Truslow Adams

Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires - Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu

When in doubt, clear the mind
In solitude and silence, listen to the mind

The lunatic lives in his 'make-believe' mind plugged into fantasies and loose willfulness 
The stalker rides on the edge of logic and live mindlessly; menacing at times
The suicidal person will not die if his mind makes way to logic and reasons
The wise has a stable mind that dumbs logic as he flows with the times

Control the mind and you control the paths to your goals

The Mind is the driver of the Soul - an idle mind is a devil's workshop

Zero Sum Game

Someone benefits, someone losses...

When the stockmarket rises/falls, some will loss as some will gain
When you buy realty, prices also rise and fall
Commodities traders makes the spread between spot and future prices, but failed deliveries also meant afew fingers get burnt

In life, you make some; you lose some
As long as the 'gains' outstretch the 'losses', you prosper
You cannot, and can never, make gains forever; even Midas has his share of problems
Someone takes the pain when someone gains

In commerce, money is/are exchanged for goods and services
Mutual gains are enjoyed when opportunity costs is in equilibrium

It is said, "The more you give, the more you get"
That is as true as you can afford to continue giving until the 'receiving' starts
Also, it is not unheard of that charitable acts are rewarded with abuse, ungratefulness and ingratitude
The satisfaction is when the 'parasites' repent or when Providence serves her dues

Some will live while some must die in this crowded planet
The chosen ones live luxuriously while the commoners live with hopes
... alas, the poor... simply live
Whatever routes we take, the end is same; Death

Death will never be timelyLiveAgeSicknessDeath 
Death is as natural as sunrise and sunset ... come what may we are walking towards the end
Live happily, healthily and leave this World with a SMILE
A wholesome, worthwhile life filled with plentiful of achievements and scarce regrets

Better be a spritely, lively amoeba than a dead hero
Living happily or sadly is a choice; an universal choice that all can choose

The World is filled with anomalies; The Choice is clear

In a Zero Sum Game, I choose to live 'the sum of all happiness, health. lighted-heartedness and abundance of giving which may Zeroised when Death comes aknocking'  

I love to go without strings attached; I come crying but I must go with a SMILE 
Don't cry for me when my time is up... as death and birth is destine

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways - I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows - Socrates

Friday, July 16, 2010

Living simply

Simple life...

When hunters hunt and plough the fields, men were self sufficient; there was never an employment
Harvest was abundance and populace were sparse
Horizon stretches as far as the eyes can see
Conflict were rare and communal living evokes happiness, care and hospitality

Jungles were shared bliss as man and animals make homes and multiply
The jingles from the choirs of birds and insects filled the air with harmony
Water provides life, beautify and cool the surrounding
Flora and fauna decorate every nooks and corners and add colours to green

Rainbows bridge the horizon
Rivers flow into seas and connects land
Fishes dance in the water amidst calm and warmth
Birds hovers high and scan the horizon

Life was simple and living was a breeze...

The basics of life are ... Air, Water & Sunlight

When the going is tough, go back to basics; a meal a day, plentiful to drink and dream

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stressless Living - antidote


Examinations failures, relationship breakups, loss of jobs, divorces, unsympathetic and unsupportive family members, friends and employers, depression ... suicides! This is compressed life, not living. Are we too caught up in the rat race that we try too hard to achieve the material goals, which is normally beyond us, in compressed time? Is getting an educational paper an end all?

No, not exactly. We can have a fulfilling life with stress adjusters.

1. Release yourself from a 'self-imposed' stressful life

Get back to basics; if you want to be the numero uno, you must be ready, prepared and relevantly conditioned. Do not try to climb Mt Everest, if Bukit Timah hill is a problem! If you cannot ace all subjects, try to get an *A for one... a score that few can match and all will admire. Not having a job won't kill you; it meant you have a narrower economic choices. Not having papers (tertiary education) does not decimate your potential; alot of self-made tycoons never have one!

2. Stop worrying and start living

You worry for your spouse, kids, parents, job and others. Problems do not go away by worrying. All solutions lie with the problem. Recognized that most problems have solutions and some take alittle longer; and some problems simply fade away over time. Your worries will only add to more distress to all around you. Lighten your heart and life around you lights up including others.

3. Do your best and leave the rest

If you cannot afford a laptop for your kid, do not pawn your jeweleries to fulfill his dream. Your kid will be more motivated and moved if you worked doubly hard to buy him the laptop. If you cannot finish your work today after putting in your best efforts, there will always be a tomorrow. You are not indispensable; if you die on your job today, someone will still take over your job. Do not worry yourself to the grave.

4. Create space and make use of all available aids - emptiness is not void

Even your are the best striker, you can never dribble the ball all the way to the opposing goalpost and shoot (it) in. You need the space and all around you to score. You cannot mint the best sword without the anvil and hammer and the fiery burner.

5. Balance the physical and mental demands

If you are mentally tired, go for a physical recess; run, jog, hop, gym, shop...wear yourself out and have a good rest to achieve equilibrium. If your mind wonders, let it wonder. Many solutions and cutting edge ideas abound when the mind is free.

6. Do what you always wanted to but have no time - find a purpose and you find life

When you were busy working and in the midst of career development, you yearned to take a course, go for a long holiday, help the less fortunate, participate in disaster rescues... tasks seemingly beyond you. But, when you loss your job and is free, you freaked out and search furiously for a job! Take a break; pursue your dreams. What you subconsciously wished have arrived; go for it and for all you know, you will find a (new) purpose in life and lead a more fulfilling life where money is not everything. The definitive moments where many call it "The turning point in my life..."

7. Smile and lighten the heart

You will find more companions and like-minded people when the heart is light and your smile is bright. Simply put, isn't it true that you will join a cheerful group than another that mourns and groans at every little encounters? Everyone loves a winner. You need not tell the world that you are down but you will benefit by bathing in the company of winners whose energies manifest recoveries, discoveries and hopes. Smile and the world smiles with you.

8. Does it matter what or how others think of you?

No. Let us face it. If you failed disastrously, everyone but few, want to be with you. They avoid you like you are a leper and will not be thinking of you. Make the miracles in you work and turn tragedy and adversity into a success story. And the world will come running to you (again).

You are on the road to success...

Give yourself a chance to succeed. If you are so terribly lost and so badly hurt, you are at the worst. What can be worse than a worst? NOTHING! Like day and night, good and bad times come and go; enjoy your good times and manage the bad. Success beget successes.

I may not have the best formulae but above are proven solution(s); like candies in the store, you can take one or all.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Do Not Live To Work

Work to live ...

Only two things every human beings cannot decide; life & death
Somehow two persons decide your arrival yet to make it or otherwise, the AlMighty decides
Death can never be a choice if your time is not up either

The journey between Life & Death is filled with choices; your choice
You can challenge every nooks and corners to reach the top
You can be an also-run
You can choose to stay, fight or flight

We need to eat enough, sleep well and be fit to enjoy the basics of life
You can have a spartan yet happy life
You can be wealthy yet miserable

To those whose happy marriages had ended with acrimonious divorces, look back; long before the appearance of your spouse, you were alone and happy. There is nothing to stop you from being happy again after walking out of a disastrous union

To those who loss their jobs after an illustrious career and the loyal workers; forget the job! Get organised, learn a trade and be entrepreneurial. With the years of experiences that you have, coupled with that of your less fortunate cohorts, you can turn trainers, placement agents, matching skills to demands... the world is yours to make

When all else fails, go volunteer your skills and time. It helps to built self-esteem yet you remain in circulation. Someday, somewhere you will find your equilibrium or others will recognize your talent. Most importantly, you will find a purpose in life

We work to live but not live to work

Whether you are rich or poor, you need (to find) a purpose in life
Finding a purpose gives you peace of mind and the good energy manifest

People have lived through the savage wars, the famine, the disasters.... and return prosperous and stable

You CAN too

A man goes to his Master for advices
His Master offers and pours him tea
The Master continues pouring and the tea overflows
The man asked the Master, "Why do you continue pouring tea when the teacup is already full?"
The Master answered; "You are like the teacup. If you don't empty yourself, whatever I say will never gets into you!"

 Give yourself a chance to return by casting away the lesser past...

Monday, July 5, 2010

When Death Comes a-Knocking

Everything changes ... even in death.....

Death is a closure of sorts
But, it leaves behind many unanswered questions - answers that will be buried forever

Death is fearful for the unprepared and many do not want to go when the time is up
But, the fine border between Life and Death is the breathe
When it stops. Life stops

Loving your spouse, repressing hatred and clearing misunderstanding
Such acts are redundant after the partnering party dies
You can forgive but he/she never gets to feel
Bad blood cannot continue without a receiving party

In Life, you argue, hate, enters into 'cold war', scheme against friends and love ones
Such negative manoeuvres are self-destructive and elicit negative responses
It is too late to regret your acts when Death comes a-knocking

The living lives to reap what they sow; the dead leaves behind everlasting sorrows
No chance to say 'I am sorry', no time for 'goodbyes' ... many words are left unsaid

Life is a journey
Death is a stop

Be positive, be forgiving, be All-endearing
Go for broke and chase your dreams
Do NOT hurt others and benefit yourself; you are just One in 6.6 billion (world population today)

Most importantly, the dead needs peace and the living needs time and space
Time and space to forgive and forget, to grow the positive energy and harness happiness
Manifest the energy and live a wholesome life

For when he/she is dead, everything involving him/her stops

Love ... love (everyone) all who affects you in one way or another today
...if you cannot, do not be a spoil sport 

When death comes a-knocking, a chapter is closed and a cast exit but the story continues

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leader Or Leech

The Truth Hurts ...

General Stanley McChrystal spoke his mind and loss his job.

General Powell listens to his men in the trenches but General McChrystal not only listen but fought alongside his men in special missions

Christopher Coke's, a suspected drug lord, arrest lead to unrest and fights with security forces as he was the Robin Hood in the Tivoli slum

Former Chinese Premier Zhao ZiYang was put away for siding with the students in 1989

A true leader is always prepared to pay for the price of his leadership
He is motivated by a cause and not material rewards
His vision is to lead the mass out of poverty, danger and uncertainty and into the uncharted future filled with hopes

His life is as valuable as his men
He lives a wholesome life without fear and favour
Everyone's ideal is his ideal; he lead the fight with zeal and commitment

In every unique circumstances, the/a real leader will rise

Are you the one? Or the leader-to-be

Whatever you do, or choose to champion, spare a thought for your fellowmen
Make their life alittle more pleasant and living alittle lighter
Do not take all and leave the crumbs
You cannot expect sacrifices from the mass and you indulge

At somewhere in time, Truth will prevail ...

He who bathes in blood, pays with blood

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Plato