Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When My Plane Goes Missing

Sometimes, there are no answers to some questions...

When the plane goes missing, don't panic because at some point in time it will resurface
You can try finding & keep finding but if AlMighty wants to keep us longer as guests, you will have to wait
We may be guests at another dimension too

While you are anxious, we, upon disappearance, are held powerlessly
We can see you, hear you but we can't respond because we are invincible & bodiless
Our Souls are out of our bodies; broken, twisted, convoluted & some parts are smashed

The Angels are busy repairing & restoring some bodies & body parts
Some of us are not due to return while most have expired
There is also an interesting episode; the wrong passports holders were not suppose to return yet have done so
Returning them to Earth is not an issue but they beg to stay instead of going back to spend the rest of their lives in the dungeon; Heaven is Utopia

We came, we saw & we seen our past fleetingly replayed
Many did what they were supposed to do but some...are filled with regrets
Going back to be Earthlings will mean retribution

From this experience, it's clear humans are good at guessing....guess where we are, guess we are dead, uummm, maybe alive somewhere but don't know where
Because of being born, we need to die
Between life & death, you can do all you wanna want

Oops, with all the advance technology & sharmen
You can't & will not see us ...but soon, soon we will be back
A few will be alive to tell a tale or two but most would have expired

We are back with our Creator

And, with closure, we will be forgotten in due course

Live healthily, happily & enjoy every moments (of your life); it's a completely different world here

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Is Luck?

luck is random, at best...

How patient and tolerant can a person be and for how long can he ignore the environment bashing negatively against him? It's not measurable at all; most give up long before the tides change

Often many said you must be 'focus' but what's there to focus if you have been hitting the wall. Maybe, its about punching through the wall

The tough luck syndrome is more common than the lady luck; where one fights every inch to survive while the other lives on a silver bowl alternating with a midas touch

Many successful persons have facades; they amplify their strength and manage their weaknesses

The world loves a winner as lady luck only woos winner, i guess

The saint, the priest, the monk, the preacher and all holy man says don't worry, be happy, look on the bright side of life, count your blessings, God is with you...frankly, these are soothing phrases which if repeated long enough means nothing to a defeated person

If destiny is carved on stone, then why work? The rewards or non-rewards will be the ultimate prize

I am looking for the meaning of positive living as I have been living positively as always and yet I have the occasional down time where days are long and minutes stretched...

Whatever is luck is no more important to me. I just want to be a winner as the world loves a winner and lady luck crowds around a winner

The world is mine to conquer