Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before The Last Curtain Is Down

how much life is left and how fast time flies...

How I fought through this whole year 2015 without much success
There were plentiful to do but...despite all the possibilities I seemed to 'hit the wall' ~ everytime
Was it Destiny or was it plain unlucky? I believe I am always Lucky
If Destiny is preordained, attitude can change destiny
Oh! that's what I always say

How much more punches can I take and how long can I sustain? I have been solving others' problems
Can I seriously weather the challenges and come out unscathed? I always think 'nothing can stop me'
Of late, I am getting tired
I am afterall... a human
Will I last until Spring arrives?

Did I meet my Waterloo?
I fight like there is only one winner ~ thats, ME
I speak with authority & assertiveness at seminars and private presentations
What's stopping me from my Victory, my rewards, my accolades, my dues...?
I am almost drained dry of my energy
My drives are getting weaker & the challenges harsher

I am always ready; physically, mentally and well prepared for my next 'surprise'
I fight to win
The days of winning are near
Before the last curtain drops in 2015, I shall close a deal, as always
I am ready...ready for victory

My journey was a drag
I am almost a spent force
But, I have been always able to sustain until the next victory
This shall be the same, as always
The sweet taste of VICTORY....soon


a timely reminder that as winter draws to a close, Spring comes...

What's the value of time?
To the young, it's hope
To the mid-age, it's their future
To the aged, it's a walk in the park before returning 'home'

Time and tides wait for no man

It's disheartening to read that 'aged' is viewed as burden, immobility, dependent and everything negative!
In S. Korea, the suicide rates increase as age increases 60..70..80...are we (in Singapore) any different?

Haven't the younger ever realized that aging is as normal as sunrise and sunset?

I have met many elderly who still mix around with their cohorts & the common albeit happy acceptance is 'death is the only norm' ...."哎呀,我们以前4座做满满。现在一座坐不完
It's not about death; it's about the quality of living and the dignity as death comes a-calling
December like winter, as it is about aged, shall pass!

Youths start with “满夫过海” the journey of hope
As you grow and go, you add...
The more you add the bigger and heavier you carry & with every success, you offload.
There are victories and a few defeats if you are lucky; as most taste defeat long before the sweet smell of victory abounds

If I'm given 'Smartness' or 'Lucky', I'd take 'Lucky' anytime!

When you are tired, don't quit
Slow down if you must
Rest if necessary; if it's too heavy, let go some
Letting go is the key to happiness
Letting go 放下 is not giving up 放弃
When the heart is content, happiness flows

春夏秋冬 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Spring like youth is filled with hopes, aspirations and everything nice
Summer is where efforts when properly, relevantly and appropriately applied will sow the seeds to the future
Autumn is harvesting time and preparing to rest and retreat; the poetic 丰收时辰
Winter is the time to reminize, recall and re-strategise ....& rest

Tomorrow is never promised

I had tried everything that I needed done in 2015
There were many misses and a few minor victories but I did not live in vain
I gained experiences; can you say the same?

Today, I continue to plough the fields (of opportunities)...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Stockmarket : Potentially A Bright Spark In The Short Term

The economy is backsliding and deflation is staring but it's kept 'inflated'...

Strange outcomes can be derived with the mix of politicians, businesspeople and lobbying groups. When commodities prices were high, runaway costs pushed prices higher, costs of living increases and 'growth' were reflected in the buttressed numbers aka GDP.

Is there anything wrong with cheaper factors of production (commodities)? NO!

But, every other articles you read (nowadays) mourn the drop of oil prices, the weakening freight rates, the cheaper commodities...why?

The Wall Streeters are trying to tell the Main Streeters that 'deflation' is bad for the economy. The truth is, banks and financial institutions are flooded with loan & derivatives backed by inflated assets (as prices eased) and bonds of huge corporations related to Oil & Gas, Properties, Commodities, including sovereign borrowers. 

If 1997/98 & 2007/08 financial crisis are bad, the next one will be more destructive; we are sailing into the eye of the storm.

There were screams of uncertainty and pains as the world stock markets swing down. But, what have change fundamentally? Nothing!! The expected rise in interest rates is 'Expected'! It is the financial writers, coaxed on by parties with vested interests, who are trying to 'talk up' the market.

My take is:

~ There will be a re-rating of the stock markets
~ Financial writers will pen fresh ideas that 'cheaper commodities prices are good for the global economies as cheaper costs of production will reignite demand
~ The evergreen smart monies will be looking for safe haven to 'place their bets', that is, invest
~ NPLs and sovereign flops will be allowed to die and debts forgiven (political influence pay for such follies)
~ In the event of war or proxy wars, fresh demand will be generated due to reconstruction and repairs
~ Brick & mortars businesses will re-invent themselves and deal via e-Markets & a whole host of new industries will florish

Following the re-rating and a paradigm shift, the stockmarkets will enjoy a healthy rebound into 1Q/2Q 2016

In the short run, Singapore will ride her lucky star into a global re-positioning, funds allotment and asset allocation : funds will find their way here as we are the last 'safe haven' conduit for Asian wealth.

I am concern of a late turn-down towards late 2016 as the 4-Year cycle low falls in. In the longer term, the 10-Year cycle low comes a-calling in 2017

Enjoy and experience the short term reliefs.

Good luck; happy investing and trade with extreme care...When you make your bucks, please spare some to the less fortunates

Thursday, December 10, 2015


...lie the down oddities

The world is as convoluted as ever...
The US/Nato years of bombing of ISIS & their positions did not produce the same (or better) results as what Russia did in two weeks

A Russian's aircraft was shot down by Turkish air defence outside her airspace
Now, Turkey, a known member of NATO, is protecting ISIS from Russian airstrikes
By extension, ISIS is protected by NATO

Omigosh! The West couldn't think straight
It's Politics without principle

Martin Shkreli, 32, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals  while working for Retrophin;  he tried int increase the price of Thiola from $1.50 to $30 a pill and now, Daraprim $13.50 to $750
Business without ethics and Science without humanity is destructive 

Why talk of God ending the world when men can easily self destruct
Complaints of climate changes and the need to control emissions are hollow if the larger consuming nations are reluctant to cut pollution
The Burqa is fairly suitable outfit for desert conditions and shield them from the desert sands and storms but to wear it and to walk through border check-point...how do I know who are you just by looking at your pairs of eyes. 
Omigosh! Knowledge without character is oddities indeed

Singapore was built upon hard work, common sharing and care & share
The deep sea harbour along the strategic East/West routes has enable us to ride the growth of entrepot trades
We were not totally hopeless
If history was correct, by the 1960s Singapore was the second best country in Asia with Japan taking the lead
The then leaders plot the future while the people slog & support them without questions
Housing were provided for cheap and jobs were created
The leaders were recognised and their powers unchallenged
Peace and prosperity manifests

But now...
There seem to be a huge gap (a gaping hole) between the 'Have' & the 'Have-Not', coupled   with a dwindling mid-class
The Gini-Coefficient is growing
Are the mass forced to eat out of the hands of the Elites? Or, were the results coincidental
Can the rich live in a 'sea of poor'

Can the proletariat and the Mid-class co-mingle with the Elites to manifest growth? Yet, an oddity

I guess I have no answers and neither will i have sleepless nights over this
"To survive best when others survive worse..." is my motto
I can't change, nor intend to change, the world

To succeed, you need to read and understand the situation, immerse into it, learn the ropes and outdo the shrewd and schemers  

If Providence is fated, then attitude changes Fate
As Singaporeans, we are born and shall grow up here until death do we part
It is not about some snobbish-elitist remarks that "if you don't like it, you can migrate'
Mind you, you need money - MONEY - to migrate
It is equally ungrateful to leave the less fortunate, poor, old and sick to fend for themselves
So long as you are born a SINGAPOREAN, you enjoy equal rights from your  'Soil of Birth'

I have faith that the ruling class will care & share with the Mid-class and proletariat

We swim & sink together; GOD has a way of ensuring that, oddity aside

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Be Yourself As Every Winner Will

No "IFs", no "BUTs"...

How meaning can be imputed into words and the real meaning simply evaporates...? Omigosh
Truth can be slanted
Half-truths, if repeated long enough, becomes truth ~ the power of 'make-belief' ~ the spin wizards
The world is a stage and we are actors 人生就是一场戏 

A "NO" answer does not require any reasons

I had my fair share of 'MAYBEs' and it cost me time, money and inconveniences
Why didn't I simply say 'No'?
Perhaps, I feel sorry to turn someone down or I'm afraid to be seen as 'not trying...'
In the end, it costs me more

I wish and I'm beginning to learn to say 'No' affirmatively
It has saved me time, efforts and embarassments
There are people who prosper 'by association' and make use of my 'maybe' to gain stature

It's difficult to say 'No' but it's worse if 'Yes' was uttered instead
The burden, responsibility, aspersions and guilt is immense
The time and efforts taken to clear the name and reputation is lengthy
Walking away is sometimes a perfect solution

When the heat is on, walk away
When an argument prevails, reasons are not heard
When a person is accused of wrongdoing, the time and pain taken to undo it is torturous and humiliating at times
Dying was at times a perfect solution
From the ashes, rise the phoenix

Learn to let go, to put down & ignore 放下
Only light will lit up total darkness ~ shooting in the dark achieves nothing and destroy everything

Darkness shall make way for day break
A lighted match lits up a darkened room
Why wait for daybreak if you can switch on the light? The Soul is enlightened when the Mind is calm

All pains shall go away

If living is tough and rough, why not enjoy it? Nothing can hurt if you do not allow it to
Do your best and leave the rest
We are living proofs that, without life, nothing matters

Stay positive
Stay healthy
Tomorrow's problems, like tomorrow, never come
Yesterday is gone
Only TODAY counts for good
Be current, be brave, be prepared ...the world is yours to conquer

Friday, November 13, 2015

Regrets ~ I Have Few

...From seed to sapling to plant to bud to flower & fade 

Everything goes through a cycle
Time is the best ingredient; you simply can't rush

W.Buffet said "You can have a baby in nine months but you can't impregnate 9 women & get a baby in one month!"

Butterfly : When the larvae becomes a pupa, it looks like a dead, dry case
Overtime, pupa breaks & the butterfly surfaces
The wet wings will crisp dry before it achieve her beauty & FLY
If you attempt to help break the pupa or spread its wings, the butterfly is 'born' prematurely, handicap by her wet wings and will not be able to fly  
Death is the only certainty

My successes came naturally without the 'rush' which were deliberately spaced out
I empower myself with knowledge, practices and gained experiences over time
I self studied and armed myself with various qualifications 
I compressed time to achieve more in the shortest time possible

I fought for all that I wanted

With success, comes freedom
I have choices
My life was managed and the volatility minimized

But, I do have my fair share of setbacks...they slowed me down but I did not allow myself to wallow in self-pity, paralysed nor immobilized

I was born poor but I live rich...a step at a time
I would not allow defeats to drown me 
I feel the fire within me and my believe that 'I am born a winner - winning is well within me'
I am who I am...the born winner, leader & rain-maker

Some days I stared blankly & sometimes I await my next success
Whatever, but I never slack
I stared steely into the eyes of defeat; it's painful, demoralizing and destructive
I am waiting for my next lucky break...

In moments of doubts, I PRAY
In moments of pressures, I Meditate
I believe that the break is near
I want to live the best of everyday

So long as I am around & breathing
SUCCESS is like a 'flip of a coin'

Whatever I do, I do within my means
I change Fate as my attitude determines Providence

Tomorrow is never promised

Go ...conquer the highest mountains & swim the deepest ocean
Whatever you don't do, you may not be able to do as age catches on

Today is The Day



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Today Is My Day

Theories aplenty but few are applied and used
The weaknesses lie in procrastination and indecisiveness
Many know smoking is bad yet they smoke
Drinking is bad for the liver but many didn't abstain
Speeding kills but thrills

We must not delay what we need to do (asap) as time is perishable
Time past is cast into history
Last minute rush work has limits; I can rush but the documents may not be ready and the requisite signatory may not be around
Alas, we always think we can
But, the world may not wait for us...

Time and tides wait for no man
Life is finite
Time is ever-flowing; slow but steady
Youth, once gone, cannot return
Are we aware that tomorrow is never promised? Live well today

Come whatever
Stay fit & remain healthy
Without health, little is possible
You can find food, shelter and money but without health...it's almost impossible
Do not trade youth for wealth & use wealth to pay for health later ...

Get up and get going
You can be late but not everything will nor can wait for you
Everyone is almost always busy but when your kin & friends are gone, every moments are cast into memory
Reminiscing the past is a hollow experience
There are no 'IFs' & 'BUTs" when it's over

I want to win but I don't mind being 2nd best
Winning is everything & the world loves a winner
Like you & like all winners, I just need to remain in the race
Winning do not necessarily go to the fittest, the fastest nor the smartest
Winner is ....

Apart from your kin & family, much time are spent with friends
Most friends are acquaintances and few can be called bosom
Many will make use of you for personal gains
Tricks, schemes, undermining, deceits...omigosh, the unending undercurrents in the 'world of bluffs'

Keeping in touch and keeping abreast of what's happening amongst friends is enough
Quarrels among guys typically centre on 'money & women'
Quarrels among girls have as varied reasons as the rainbow
To keep the relationship stable and sane, walk away from quarrelsome friends...never wrestle with a pig

I am who I am
You need not bother about what others think of you as most times, you are not even in their thoughts
You may be rich, powerful and famous but when 'death the leveller' arrives, all are equal
Live your best today and everyday

Be compassionate and 'care & share'
Everyone arrives nakedly to an uncertain world
When you return, everyone is uncertain where you gonna head to

Live happily & healthily - today and everyday as tomorrow is never promised

The world is yours to conquer...and for you to live to tell your story

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nobody Can Beat You Nor Talk You Down If You Don't Allow

Whatever don't kill you only makes you stronger..why? Stronger by experience maybe but definitely not a reinforce steely mind

All the talks about 'working hard' are hollow if you are simply going through the motion without interest

Many say 'you are blessed and lucky' but what does that mean? It probably meant that you still have the people around you, enough money to lasts the days and are healthy and able

Take it from me...you may be down but not out.
Nobody in the world bothers with you most of the time so do not be too concerned about how people think of you, your actions and your ending. The world continues long after you leave...dies!

Except for your immediate family members, some do not even have this, who may miss you, your passing is just one out of 7+ billion on earth; not even enough to decompose to aid plants as fertilizer

Just be the best
Do your best
Pursue your dreamworks within your means
Work within your conscience, ability & capability
GOD? God is just hope-in-motion as He helps those who help themselves

At times, I wonder why so many people need God!!??!

Of the many millions who set out 满夫过海, only one made it. You are not any worse so long as you are not last in the queue or lowest in the food chain

The world has always been 'survival of the fittest', glory to the winner & winner takes all.
Everyone loves a winner

I may not be Numero Uno but I can settle for a humble second. Wars are never won by generals alone without his foot-soldiers as the rich cannot live in a sea of poor

The Capitalists talk about leveling up while Commies prefer to level down
Both are the for their own benefits, comforts, power, fame & control over the lower rungs
The former keep maximum and spread some crumbs while the latter keep some, give some & steal some
The good is: 80% of the world population are apolitical and indifferent so long as they get to live by

As far as you are concerned, you can get and achieve whatever you set your sight on within you means
Nobody can take away what is rightfully yours; your entitlement
But, if you weren't successful, at least you gain experiences, however bitter
The world is yours to Conquer
You want the big house, the nice cars, the luxuries....go get them

I am who I am
You may not like me and we may have differences
You may be rich but...it never bothers me
Above all, I will live best where others live worst

I will live a full, wholesome life

The next time I see you, you could be the wisest person on earth...Good Luck

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop Complaining & Start Living

There are problems all around
The poor harbours intention to 'make it rich' while the rich struggles to find health

The poor laments about his life as a fisherman; living by the sea, fishing, braving the seas in sunrise & sunset, unsettled by the elements
The rich wishes he can stroll by the sea, catch fishes, enjoy the seas come sunrise or sunset

In urban living, living by the sea is a luxury which the fishermen cannot fathom

I don't mind staying in Pulau Ubin without the conveniences of urban living; anyone, care to change? I will double up as a Penghulu for the island for free...

Our island nation is too small to fill only one factor of production; labour. The fatigue is felt by earlier settlers & existing citizens as diminishing marginal returns set in
Doesn't the policy writers understand basic economics?

Surely, nobody minds competition (not a choice, at times) since only one make it [millions of sperms but only one egg ~ competition begins even before life starts!]

* Education is the elevator up the social ladder
* Preventive medicine is the most effective way to keep medical costs low
* Transport is the means to ensure free flow of goods & services
* Affordable housing provide the roofs to all & create a stable society
* Utilities, water, gas & electricity, give basic comfort

Jobs provide income to grease the above

The Government governs, the traders & businesspersons trade while the commoners provide labor; the seamless classes support one another

It is dangerous to create a 'Class' society. The elitist, born fortunate, must not alienate & ringfence themselves. The temptation to grab, control and dictate societal norms will breed resentment and rebellion; The rich cannot live in a 'sea of poor'

 In most democracy, winner takes all

Parameswara (1344 – c. 1414) was the last king of Singapura. He who ruled from 1389 to 1398
Sir Stamford Raffles declared the foundation of what was to become modern Singapore on 6 February, 1819
The Federation of Malaya was a federation of 11 states (nine Malay states and two of the British Straits Settlements, Penang and Malacca)[2] that existed from 1 February 1948 until 16 September 1963. The Federation became independent on 31 August 1957,[3] and in 1963 was reconstituted as Malaysia with the addition of Singapore, North Borneo, and Sarawak.[4] & known as Peninsular Malaysia.
Singapore became an independent republic following an ejection from Malaysia on 9 August 1965

That much for history...

Now that everyone has spoken, the mandate has been given and it is time (overdue) to bury the past & 'work into the future'. Nothing good can come out of 'living and talking about the past'!

I am apolitical
I love my country
I certainly feel there is a need to Stop complaining & Start living

Let the new team (Ruler) govern
Let them try...whatever
If, it cannot be a better place, too bad
If everyone prospers together with a paradigm shift towards 'For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans...', you know you are in good hands

Go forth & multiply.... 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

StockMarket ~ End Qtr 2015/Early 1st/2nd Qtr 2016

Eclipses in 2016
March 9: Total solar eclipse
March 23: Penumbral lunar eclipse
September 1: Annular solar eclipse
September 16: Penumbral lunar eclipse

1 October 2015

STIC  2817 +26 (in progress)
HSI 20846 +289 (in progress)
N225  17791 +404 (in progress)
KLCI 1626   +5 (in progress)
SSE 3052 (closed)
JCI 4259  +35 (in progress)
DJIA 16284 +235 (closed)
Nasdaq 4620  +102 (closed)
S&P500   1920 + 35 (closed)

The stock markets have seen major swings for 2015 such that the bulls were bloodied and the bears had their share of victory. Worse hit are the sheep; most end up as meats.

October (final Qtr) 2015 shall see a rebound followed by a completion of 'down-swing' chart pattern, followed by consolidation in lieu of a sharp rebound into late 1st Qtr/early 2nd Qtr, 2016.

The bottoming of the 4-year cycle should be seen in 2016; however, lookout for the 10-year cycle bottoming in 2017!

Conclusion :

Markets do not fall like a knife and shoot up like a rocket; either way, the paths shall be jagged.

I would guess :
~ Cash is King
~ If you have to enjoy the thrills of the stockmarket, it is 'Buy on weakness' during downswing and consolidation
~ take your money off the table when you feel you have enough.

Nobody goes broke by taking profit

Also, nobody makes maximum; some fools have to carry the parcel until the music ends

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Living In An Expensive City

When everything is expensive, I must either starve, be selective or do 'value buys'.
As money become scarce, Choices are scarcer.
The need to make choices become more critical;
Omigosh! how did Singapore becomes expensive.

Why do I need to pay $60,000 for a piece of paper (COE) in order to buy a car? Whoever approved this is 'birdbrained' and selfish.
Why do I need to pay to drive on the road especially on my way home? There is no diseconomies on my return journey.
Why do I need to scrap my car after 10 years when it is still in excellent working condition? The alternative is to pay for a new COE; is this kinda of protection money, I wonder!

Many say "everybody pays"! Yes, but I am not 'everybody'.
Why retain my CPF money and extend the repayment period/age? I did not agree; nevermind, if others don't mind. I mind.

I never believe in insurance yet I must pay for MediShieldLife.

Is taxes (money) the solution to all problems or a source of revenue for the Government? If money is the solution, then this world will have NO problems 钱能解决的问题就不是问题
Unfortunately, money is a means to an end and not an end in itself 钱不是万能 但没钱万万不能

Money, by extension taxes, has become nothing more than revenues generation!

When I awake every morning, I am reminded that I need $300.00 a day for various expenses.

I pray the day will come when:
~ the MRT don't break down
~ the buses are on time and less crowded
~ there's absence of profiteering by Oil and transport companies
~ where hawker food are conveniently & freely available
~ where going to the doctor doesn't 'kill' me
~ where some things do not need licence or a licence to operate
~ where my Government is more compassionate and forgiving

The policy of making the city more expensive is not my 'wanting' nor have my support.
I don't need a beautiful city devoid of Soul because I'm human & not a digit.
Someday soon, I will redeem my city and make it more equal and hospitable; a place I call HOME


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Metal金 Water水 Wood木 Fire火 Earth土

The "Five Elements" are Wood ( ), Fire ( huǒ), Earth ( ), Metal ( jīn), and Water ( shuǐ). This order is "mutual generation" (相生 xiāngshēng)

In the order of "mutual overcoming" (相克 xiāngkè), they are Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal

The common memory jogs, which help to remind in what order the phases are (Generating):
  • Wood feeds Fire
  • Fire creates Earth (ash)
  • Earth bears Metal
  • Metal enriches Water (as in water with minerals is more beneficial to the body than pure water)
  • Water nourishes Wood

  • Wood parts Earth (such as roots; or, Trees can prevent soil erosion)
  • Earth dams (or muddles or absorbs) Water
  • Water extinguishes Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal chops Wood

Monday, September 7, 2015

Changing Of Guards & Guardians

nobody want changes unless...

It's said "if it isn't broken, do not fix it"; how wise
Many prefer the usual, ordinary days and way of life as they flow
Consistent, calm, smooth flowing where changes, if any, are kept to the minimum
Complaints are few and the occasional blips are like pebbles on the shore
The Government governs, the business people ply & trade while the working class works

What can be further from the truths? When half-truths are spoken
When words are twisted and facts are manufactured
When propaganda and misinformation are planted in lieu of truths
When the Guardians decide to ringfence and hoard sensitive information for ulterior motives
When Truths hurt

Whether it is personal, corporate or nation
The Guardians must be impartial, altruistic and equitable
You can't cheat yourself, can you? It's a sure death-in-waiting
If you can't cheat yourself, how then can you cheat the public with whom trust is placed with you
For self and selfishness, many will sell their Souls to the devil

Trust is a delicate substance; once broken it cannot be restored easily
People may be stupid but no one's a fool
When emotions are detached, everything is crystal clear
When promises are repeatedly broken, the trust extinguished
The commoners can withstand pain...long term pain but not forever pain

The Guardian has a duty to ensure equity & fairness

The path to Hell needs no further assistances & Heaven does not usually keeps the Gate opens
Help if you can
If you refuse to help or do not intend to, don't make others lives more miserable
Nobody will fight or challenge you if left alone
But, if forced upon, everyone fights to WIN

At some point in time, truths surface

The rich cannot lives in a sea of poor
The elites & bourgeoisies need the commoners to execute the work
No man's an island
If you refuse to change for the better, then others will change...like changing & dropping you
The 'elected' are the guards, the 'commoners' are the guardians

Some day, everyone will be equal
Not in the Laws but 'Death' is the leveller
Power, fame/infamous & fortunes cannot be carted away nor bequeath
You are as good or bad as you are...like when the shore is seen when the tides are low
Change shall come when all hopes are lost

From zero to zero is zero; if we cannot level up, let's level down

We all hope for a better tomorrow

Tuesday, August 18, 2015



The power that comes with wealth is enormous, most but not all can be swayed
Power brings wealth and influences where doors open and opportunities present
The 'Haves', the elites, the aristocrats command the 'pecking order' as money oil the system
No body is left out but everyone is trying to outshine each other with their moneyed tongue
The politically powerful bridge the commercial paths for the businesspeople
The route to cronyism, 'incest' and in-breeding begin

Is money the leveller? No
Money can buy many things but not health & life
Neither can money buy you your dreams and ideals; it can make the journey smoother though
Money does not buy happiness too but without money, happiness is mental
Money; same say is the root of all evil
Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Lam Kok, 46 (billionaire Chinese tea magnate), Joachim Herz 66 (coffee baron), Andrew Gety, mid-40s (heir to oil baron)...these few didn't live to enjoy their wealth

Man is a social animal
There is a need to achieve, to be recognised & to belong 
The community is their playground where they root, grow and prosper
The shouts of approval & acceptances generate achievement and self-actualisation
We yearn to 'have arrived', with or without money
The victory of homecoming is sweet 

Achievements and belongings outstrip wealth in our mental health
Recognition and self-esteem flood the mind with Endorphins
We live and shall leave behind our names 人死留名 虎死留皮
Without HEALTH, money cannot do a/any thing
Live well, stay healthy

Money is a necessity but can only fulfill your wants
Needs can be satisfied with minimum, to no, money
Without health, nobody can enjoy life
Be there, done that

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What Is Success & Failure?

can one be successful continuously ...

Hope is the catalyst that sustain confidence before success appears
What is hope if success never appears? It's disappointment
The higher the hope, the higher the disappointment
It is said that there is a fine line between success & failure
I never accept this! It's either I succeed or fail; no two ways about it

Between good and lucky, I'd rather be lucky
Everything I do I succeed because I'm lucky
There are simply too many good and smart people around
Winner takes all
Losers have no story to tell

The real man knows when to stand up, when to lie low & when to make himself scarce
With grit & gumption, he attempts but without luck little, if not nothing, can be achieved
I have whatever it takes to succeed but, alas, luck seems to be elusive
Did I succeed ahead of my time & was trapped in a time warp
The struggle to meet the next success seems an illusively adulterated game

My strength and determination is strained
My positiveness is diluted by the onslaught of challenges
Perhaps, I am lost and need to seek a new dimension or shift the paradigm
If changing direction is the solution, I have tried many indeed
I am at wits end

I will hold on for as long as I possibly can
I will pray for deliverance and success
Success in achieving recognition ....for whatever
I have consciously move away from God & everything godly
HIS absence and non-answer are alarming; i have been screaming in the wilderness

Someday, somehow, I will succeed again 

I am deemed successful by many and in many ways
But that I have not harvested any triumphs for too long a time is detriment to my self-esteem
Whatever holds tomorrow
I like it to materialize today
I shall build my own SUCCESS

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Election : Choice Or Chance

when sorrows end, life begins...

What's the beef about election & why the mass can never win?

“Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was right & will still be right! The people waited for a chance to reverse their misery but bought into "promises & cheap handouts"! There are no fools but idiots aplenty.

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” ― Euripides, Orestes

May the best Man or Woman wins: he/she who has a heart for the people & shares the dreams, fears, aspirations and goals of the commoners. Many are prepared to 'sell' the country, skip town and live in luxury with ill-gotten gains. The only hope is 'Man proposes, God disposes'

When push comes to shove, the commoners will 'chance a change'; afterall, it's misery without change. What can be worse?

Do not game the system.
Do not fiddle with others trusts
When it dawns on them that they have been taken for a ride, change can be abrupt and volatile
You can run but you cannot hide...someday, Karma will settles all 
No matter what happens, Fate is in your own hands. 
Cast your Vote; cast it right!
If you chose Apples, do not expect to harvest Oranges
Worse of all, if you spoil your vote, you harvest NOTHING
Tomorrow, yours and your kids future depends of your vote
It's less onerous to change via the ballot boxes
You have a choice
Yes! No! Do not leave your life to others

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trading Made Easy - Stock Market

what goes up will come down; however & whatever efforts to artificially starved off the...

Stock markets, by extension economies, boom & bust. However, the uncanny cyclical timing of market lows is amazing. Stockmarket thrives on HOPE; the more hopeful & positive, the higher the rebound and uptrend. It measures from low to low (at every cycle).

On the other hand, commodity markets thrive on fears; the fear of shortage motivate increase demand which pushes prices higher. It measures from high to high as when fears evaporate, prices collapse

There is a peculiar quarterly (trading) cycle where prices rebound

Quarterly-Cycle - if you care to be patient, there's money to be made in a trading cycle

January - (Capricon effects)
April - (Corporate results)
July - (Mid-year portfolio reviews)
October - (Jupiter effect - typically a turbulent period)


4-Year Cycle - the 4-Year cycle reflect localize financial & debt problems. However, the magnitude may be so large that other nations may be affected. In today's context, globalisation has made everyone equally gullible.

2016 - ???
2012 - Global economic crisis @US
2008 - Global economic crisis @Euro 2007/08 (Lehman Brothers)
2004 - Post-SARS / Sub-Prime crisis
2000 - DotCom Bubble
1996 - Asian Financial crisis 1996/97
1992 - European currency crisis (Gulf War ~ Iraq/Kuwait) ~ Black Wednesday
1988 - Post-Black Monday @1987
1984 - New Zealand constitutional crisis/Philippines financial crisis/3rd World crisis
1980 - Collapsed of S&L
1976 - UK Debt crisis
1972 - Oil Crisis

10-Year Cycle - when the 10-Year cycle falls in tandem with the falling 4-Year cycle, the impact is multiplied

2017 - ???
2007 - Euro Financial Crisis 2007/08
1997 - Asia Financial Crisis
1987 - Stockmarket Crisis
1977 - Oil Crisis/UK Crisis

Forward Statement

* Everyone wants to make money but few wanna do their home work
* When even the aunties and non-learned make profits from the stockmarket, the market is due for a major correction.
* When the Press and the professional fund managers scream 'avoid/sell', it's about time to dabble
* When Government relaxes fiscal policies and liberalize the stock market, it's time to put your money in even in dull market


~ The world is treading into a recession and emotions are fairly negative. The next crisis is likely to be a 'currency crisis'. Military adventurism is less likely while we cannot discount a 'disease outbreak'.
~ Most stock markets are showing signs of topping up
~ While most Heads of Government know that "it is important to have a common support & rehabilitation of their economy" but different political inclination make reconciliation not quite possible.
~ With a global slowdown, coupled with weak commodity prices, deflation is the likely consequences

In the meanwhile, Happy trading on rebound & topping-up but be forewarned; the next drop may be heartbreaking and a wallet-hollowing experience.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Say Like It Is

change is the only constant...

Freedom of Speech ~ You have the right to Speak but after speaking you may not have the freedom you yearn

Truths ~ How much truths is/are there in the daily reports in MSM & the Social Media? It's a struggle to tell the difference...

The Elites, the Mid-class & the Commoners ~ India & China did away with their Maharajahs & Emperors; are we as classless as when we first started?

Relax: its monday blues lah! we are "sin ka po lang". All local borns

Poor & Dead-Poor ~ There is no poverty as there are no dead poors! I have never doubt that there are
Kueh.Lapis-type help available but these need to be dish-out more liberally and less intrusively. The pride and dignity of the poor need to be respected

Complain-Kings ~ Frankly, there are NO complain-kings! If you do not allow ventillation, it will implode. Listen to the 'shouts & pains of the commoners', spare some thoughts and be compassionate ; there are real needs and harsh issues

Trying their Best ~ The dominant party is trying their best to craft and extend help to the people (in needs) but how much was filtered down & how many did receive help and assistances? Or, how much was wasted (administrative costs) in the flows? Give and help with a HEART

What can be done to level the playing fields? Well, if you can't level up, level down. Making costs of living lower and cheaper help.

Above all, you have a right to choose. Do not choose A (plant rambutan) but expect to get B-type (durians) results...

Nobody wants to see the country fails, not even if you hate what's going on...

Good Luck

Man Proposes; God disposes

Friday, July 10, 2015

Stock Market : Did The Correction Comes Early

when Greece caught a cold, Europe got flu...oops! China caught pneumonia...

On Feb 4, 2015, I wrote in my blog "...I am not surprised to see market dropping heavily into/around end3Q to early4Q after topping up (on the charts). The last Qtr 2015 will be very challenging!..."

Did my projection materialised earlier and there shall be a relatively 'stable, rebound and upswing' without the 3Q/4Q quagmire? Unfortunately, it's unlikely. We are still likely to face another onslaught towards 3Q/4Q.

The recent nervousness of the markets left many dumbfounded, especially China/PRC stockmarket. Following this drop, Europe, especially Germany & France stockmarkets are bruised by the bears. They are likely to be so ...for a while.

The Chinese/PRC stockmarket is bruised, especially the smaller investors aka speculators, but the chances of rebounding and retesting 4200/4500 is still possible. There will be a paradigm shift; players, I meant investors, will have to do their homework than to throw darts.

You need to know some fundamentals, technicals and alot of commonsense to survive the stockmarket gyrations ; a fool and his money will soon part

21 Mar 2015                               10 July 2015 (off lows)

Sti 3412                                        3284
N225 19560                                19,779
KLCi 1803                                    1715
HSI 24371                                   24,877
Jkt 5443                                        4873
DJIA 18127                                17,548
S&P 2108                                      2051
Nasdaq 5026                                  4922
Shanghai                                        3877 (at worst, tested low near 3500; 52-wk HI/Lo 5178/2033)

There is still room for the market to rebound and some money can be made, but please do your homework. Outright speculation is deadly.

Will the Total Lunar Eclipse on 28 September 2015 results in another rout?

Happy Trading; watch your wallet!

Home Coming

...every roads lead to home

When you are young, home was where warmth is
When you grow up, you have to go away in search of 'bread & butter' & to prosper
When age catches up, it's time to 'let-go', relax, reflect and relieve the lost days
Whatever has been done are done; the dreams & ideals fade into time

What will tomorrow bring? God promises tomorrow but He does not want to bore you
Every day is a surprise
Every success, failure and nothingness is a surprise
Man proposes, God disposes

In the "36 Strategies 三十六记", MAN starts with Full of Hopes
MAN ends with 走回上记 ...back to the beginning
Life is a circle; what goes around, comes around 因果
Everything is possible没有做不到的事,只有还没想到。The world is our plaground心有多大,舞台就多大

Nothing venture, nothing gain
The surest way to failure is to 'do nothing' to whatever that 'you wanted to do'
But, always do it within your means and ability
Pushing too hard, trying beyond your means and 'overdrafting' on resources KILL

The world is not without limits
Everyone is crafted for some specific roles & role-play
We are as finite as we breath today & now; when the Soul parts the body, everything stops
Go...follow your heart

I have been there, done that
I have gone round circles chasing my own 'tail'
I have my hits of successes and strokes of failures
I am living on borrowed time

Home Coming ...home is where warmth is
Home is where I rest my tired legs and worn-out Soul
Home ~ there must be Peace, Quietness and Restfulness
Home coming must never be a nightmare but place where many return to rest; sometimes forever

I have a Home, not just a house

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Country, A Home & You

When men fight to defend their fellow men's dignity...

The days where everyone is hungry, they share the same destiny
Together they will fight for their future & share their dreams, fears & aspirations
They will guard against intruders & outsiders
The able plots, the brawns work while the homemakers make meals
Everyone moves in one direction & economies of scale ensure efficient production & distribution

Food were scare but sufficient
Life was tough but happy
It's a classless divide where the weak were protected & the less-abled cared for
Every neighbors are eyes for the neighborhood
It's as peaceful, harmonious & prosperous with little to nil complaints

As selflessness turns selfish
When the able & well read turned against the brawns & trustworthy mass
Where tricks & trickery, propaganda & misinformation spread to cover lies
The mass suffers
Half truths replace truth & Neighbourly unity becomes 'divide & rule'

Rewards were not unlike bribery
Blind loyalty is rewarded & lies spoken were encouraged & espoused as 'gospel truth'
Distortion & fears are the order of the day
Trolls & keyboard warriors roam freely to manufacture 'truths' & to fearmonger
Many are deprived economically to break their souls

How long can the mass hang on? You need the slightest catalyst to ignite a revolt

Nobody wants disorder & anarchy
It was unheard of that there is a rape case reported every two days
Scams via media, cell phones & wires top the S$1 billion ~ also unheard of previously
The Riot@Little India, the PRC@Strikes, even choking pollution like haze; were imports
Orchard Road is closed once a month for foreigners & tourists but enjoyed by Pinoys mostly

Costs of living is up..up...& up again

The care & share is a past Order
Elitists dominate
Many are still convinced by lies & half truths
Few dare to stand up, voice out & be righteous
How long will this lasts? For as long as ......

Some day soon
Truths shall prevail
And the false leaders & prophets shall be unearthed & seen
The dignity of the person, the home & the country shall outlasts the charlatans
It better be soon....

Friday, June 5, 2015

No Expectations, No Frustration

somedays are drag...

The best fighter fears falling into illness as even the best prepared person becomes gullible
You train, get ready and be prepared only to succumb to elements
This the X-factor in life; the unexpected
It could be a 'blessing in disguise' but it could also be the 'deal breaker'

Many complaints about flights delays, about not getting on board the ship, the inconveniences
But, when the plane drops or the ship sinks, did they wonder or were thankful for their 'misses'
We are always walking towards the end of time
Do Not rush

Many parents want their children to 'reflex' their dreams, their unfulfilled achievements
Have they realized that the kids 'bring along their own fortune' and destiny? A new frontier
Anyone who lives and breathes his own world and aspirations is happy
Anybody who lives on others' dictates, dies as a 'Regret'; they live for others

I am trying to overcome the 'bad' habits of being prepared; over prepared, at times
I am trying to fill myself with the fullest hopes 满夫过海 but zero expectations 走回上级
Age? Growing old? Setbacks? No. It's wisdom
I came naked and crying and when I return, I shall returned, clothed & cried by others

Without expectations, I shall have lesser to nil frustration

I am beginning to take the road less travelled
Alone but Not lonely
Retreat and observe, minus all the 'noises' around
Just being Myself

I am, and have been, abstaining from the limelight

Tomorrow is never promised

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Are You Born To Work?

we arrived naked and returns naked...

Nobody is born to work but when you have 'wants' you work feverishly to achieve it
Needs, unlike wants, are basic
A meal a day, a loin cloths for modesty, a cave as shelter; air, water & sunlight
The tall skyscrapers, the Metros, the highways, the villas, Michelin-prepared food
Alas, these are symbols of capitalism and vanity

When the population were scarcer, land and resources were abundant
When Man was simple, he works without question but with a goal in mind
Complaints were few, if any, as there were nothing to claim nor lord over
A simple mind, a stressless living amidst contentment
All man are equal (born naked with death the leveller) ~  人人平等的事情,人人都要面对的事物,

Under colonial days, planning, development and expansion are economic-centric
During the merger days, political influence and domination dictate development
Post-Independence, there was a need to build, to survive and then to stabilize and prosper
Money was scarce but 'brains & brawn' aplenty
In a 'do or die' society, everyone works toward a common destiny

The 'Brains' plan, the "Brawn' execute while the homemakers provide food & warmth
Life & living were tough but harmonious as there was NO time to complain and most, if not all, were equal
Everyone knows and understands our common struggles and objectives
Toiling quietly but surely; we write our own History & Destiny
Nobody is 'Born to Work' but with enough conviction, mountains can be moved

The struggles today is 'Class Struggle of sorts'
The Powerful and the empowered work on digits and models; everything is lifeless and emotionless
The Elite and wealthy couldn't quite understand the struggles and screams of the lesser ones
The Mid-level struggles to keep their jobs, pay their bills and prayerfully have some leftovers
The lowest in the food chain is picking crumbs, surviving 'hand-to-mouth' and silent

'Class Struggle' is not a revolution-in-progress; it's about the inability of those lower down the food chain to live equitably, sanely, with motivation and dignity

Nobody should be forced to work until 'death-at-doorstep' and crawl into their tomb
Competition is fine but flooding the system with imported competition is deception & irresponsible
The Honorable, Respected, elected-Rep must speak out and serve the electorate, not lord over them
Do you want an urbanised city, filled with skyscrapers, man-made waterways; a concrete jungle
Or, a sustainable city with a good mix of Nature

Care & share
Many of us are apolitical
May the politicians rule with a heart
Humans are NOT digits
Singapore for Singaporeans and Singaporeans are not born to work forever

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Life ~ Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

When the change of seasons happen within me...

Spring brings flowers, greens, the birds & bees back & brighten up the environment
Summer provides the warmth badly missed during winter and planted hope within us
Autumn sheds the excesses, slows our momentum with a view to face the cold winds in winter
Winter showers everyone with cool, icy cold blanket of snow; but whitens the surrounding
MotherNature has her way of giving hope yet casting fear, spreading beauty yet moderate expectation

I love the seasons
I love genuine friends which are far and few in between; acquaintances aplenty
I treasure my living moments and every breathe I breath
I consciously stay away from negative contacts and avoid wrestling with a/any pig
Nature gives me time but define it finitely

Trouble begins when Nature pours four seasons into one
Some days, the turbulence is worse than the wintry chills mixed with the summer heat
Extreme? Yes, indeed, when everything didn't get right and every turns is a failure and an obstacle
Where minutes are like hours and days are like years
Yet, like day and night whatever shall pass; even my time shall pass some day

I fear not the heavy storms as I learn to dance in the rain
I may not be the grand oak tree but I floats in the breeze like the lallang
Sometimes, I give up only to realise that I had actually pushed too hard & I cracked
~ The potato is soften while an egg will harden in a boiling water & I am neither
Every day is a lesson for me

Some day, I will be both, the egg and the potato

On hindsight, Mother nature loves every living things but teaches harsh lessons
We are defenceless against the wrath of Nature
But, Nature delivers both good and bad; much depends on who is at the receiving end
I loves the wintry cold and bathe in the summer heat
Spring is hope and Autumn is time to reflex and slow down to allow the body to recuperate

Luck & being Lucky is like day and night; it comes and goes

Keep the smiles, have faith & stay healthy
We are all born LUCKY
The unlucky ones are no more around

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time : Towards The End Of Time

the globe is spinning faster...and the end is getting nearer & faster too

Why is the world getting smaller and time speedier? Its man's doing
www, internet, sms have made connectivity easier and faster
News, announcement, information and misinformation are delivered at the blink of the eye
The eyes can be deceived as the ears are misinformed
Realities are trampled and have became a farce

I was eking a living and also a struggling student; a poor peasant indeed 
There was no time for 'worry' as survival takes precedence
Life was tough but costs were low and affordable
Water from the well is free and electricity costs is fixed at per household
Village life was helpful, cohesive, healthy, and amenable

Walking around shirtless and bathing by the common open-baths was acceptable
You see me & I watch you; modesty was shelved
Not that people were loose but because everyone was trying to survive the demographic evolution
Care and share were the order of the day
No class differentiation, no elitism, no emperor to dominate and dictate social order

Today: life is a rush & living is costly

There are more or the economic pie seem to be larger
But, the largeness did not filter down the food chain nor did enough flow through
Instead of protecting and defending locals from foreigners and foreign competition
Competition and 'competitors of all sorts' were brought on-shore
Locals are still tie down to NS, the education chain is extended and class-filtration is more define

It is smug to say 'we care' when costs were privatised

Propaganda may gather strengths but, nonetheless, truths shall prevail
Time is spinning faster as deep changes dig in
What's affordable then were never affordable today
When the spins get out of control, a social re-order will re-work Society
The sea of poor will drown the tip of elitism

Some day, some how; death shall, and is, the Equaliser 

Levelling up sounds great but levelling down does not make anyone poorer yet everyone will be HAPPIER ~ orchestrated changes is less divisive

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Make My Day

believe and you shall crystalize ....

Just when you think the world has shut you out, everything starts to unfold and bloom
Just when you were about to give up, success shows its face
Strange but this is the norm
The anxieties, the urgency, the doubts, the hopelessness simply dissolve when success strikes

Giving up is such an easy decision
Then you return to choose what else is worthy of your attention
It's like climbing the mountain; you try to reach Peak A to enjoy the picturesque scene but return to base and try Peak X as you, for whatever reasons, change your mind
Along the way, you contemplates resting
As time passes, you are neither at Peak A or Peak X

Luck is like day and night, nothing is permanent
Success goes not to the strongest nor the swiftest but the one who persevere
Equality is as elusive as water; winner takes all
If everything is equal, I want the better half

The power of success; success begets successes
When you wallow too long in darkness, even a little light hurts but helps
Like the thirsty man in the desert, drops of water gives life again
I am...I'm waiting for the droplets to wet my lips
No amount of encouragement and motivation can beat the taste of success

The rich man will not understand hunger
The poor man lives by the day
Persistent failures weaken the spirit and mind
Death is the only leveller & equaliser

Fret not that we meet difficult people, be it friends, acquaintances or family members
Blend into the environment and adapt
Walk away at times
But, never wrestle with a pig
If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen

Someday, somehow when success smiles at you, your day is made

Nobody can belittle you nor walk over you if you disallow
Lie low when your chips are low
The Art of Success is to be around when the situation turns around
Dead man tells no tales and will never enjoys successes

Be there, done that; believe in Yourself

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Depression ~ Are you depressed?

time change and man changes...

How easy it is to fall into depression ~ it's not the 'how', it's the unwariness that triggers
You allow yourself to wallow in self-pity, defeats and negatives
Before you know, your body system weakens and your mental faculty cracks
You unknowing slip into (depression) it
The monster and destructive thoughts multiply faster than viruses

If you allowed yourself to be dominated and enslaved
If you take life and critics too seriously
If you take on more than you can chew
And you have no avenue for ventilation and guidances
You will collapse into the darkness of depression

Take no prisoners
Never, never, never let anyone talk you down
Get away and alienate yourself from the narcissist, the self-righteous, the conman, the snob
This selfish world is filled with many who wants to dominate and outdo you and see you dead
In this 'First past the pole, kill or be killed' selfish world, failure thy neighbors is the epitome

I am almost a victim ~ many times before
But, thank goodness, I awake just in the nick of time to pilot away from collapsing
And, mind you, these people who lead you astray are your closest of friends
Choose the right person to confide your problems
You cannot tell a devil from an angel, in effect, all are devil but to what degree

I crawl out of the depth and recover swiftly often
It's more luck than smart
My positive traits and my undying spirit to fight to the last man have been my saving grace
I lay low when 'my chips are low'; talks are cheap
Surround yourself with like-minded, goals centric friends where every iota spilled is positive

If all else fail, ask GOD
Meditate ~ silent, simple and be alert ~ have a one-on-one relationship with GOD

Alone is not lonely and emptiness is not void
If you think ghosts are fearful, humans can be worse
Get a life, develop a hobby and enjoys 'nakedness'
We came naked and shall return naked too
Dressings and facades are for men; our Spirit is forever naked

I am who I am and Winner takes All 

Seriously, I am the Awakened Self 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Destiny - Mine, Yours & Ours

there is little, if any, direction that were plotted before birth...

Great men passed through and leave behind their names when their time is up
The good, the bad and the ugly leave their footsteps on the sands of time
No two eras are the same; they came, they see, they conquer
Men build, man destroy
History is filled with achievements as much as destruction and wastes

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Gautama Buddha

The light of life shines
For cowards, bullies and the insane push many into darkness
Dark ages are the makings of man out to control men; for fame, fortune and desires
But, no matter and whatsoever, many a powerful man falls due to woman
Gender-neutral will save mankind but there will never be one

Behind every successful man, there is a woman
Behind every dead man, there is a Soul
The evils that man do is finite but made infinite when emotionally drenched
Who's is more emotional than the feminine gender? Life starts in the woman
不要江山 爱美人Man has given up empires for a woman

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~ Buddha

The future of Singapore is in the hands of Singaporeans
If Singaporeans cannot or refuse to stand up for their ideals, universal suffrage dents 
Nobody is born poor neither are any born to lord over others
The need to lead a normal, respectable, equitable and dignified life is supreme
Care and share; never expect non-Singaporeans, not even newly minted ones, to save Singapore

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Buddha

Leave the quarrels and differences behind
Leave the bad dreams and ill-conceived polices when awakened
For tomorrow can, and will, be better
Singaporeans must decide our own fate
The future is ours to decide, to build and to push into new frontiers

Nothing is cast in stone

Tomorrow is not promised but shall come. Great & selfless man leads his people to safer grounds, sprinkled with peace, harmony and prosperity