Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before The Last Curtain Is Down

how much life is left and how fast time flies...

How I fought through this whole year 2015 without much success
There were plentiful to do but...despite all the possibilities I seemed to 'hit the wall' ~ everytime
Was it Destiny or was it plain unlucky? I believe I am always Lucky
If Destiny is preordained, attitude can change destiny
Oh! that's what I always say

How much more punches can I take and how long can I sustain? I have been solving others' problems
Can I seriously weather the challenges and come out unscathed? I always think 'nothing can stop me'
Of late, I am getting tired
I am afterall... a human
Will I last until Spring arrives?

Did I meet my Waterloo?
I fight like there is only one winner ~ thats, ME
I speak with authority & assertiveness at seminars and private presentations
What's stopping me from my Victory, my rewards, my accolades, my dues...?
I am almost drained dry of my energy
My drives are getting weaker & the challenges harsher

I am always ready; physically, mentally and well prepared for my next 'surprise'
I fight to win
The days of winning are near
Before the last curtain drops in 2015, I shall close a deal, as always
I am ready...ready for victory

My journey was a drag
I am almost a spent force
But, I have been always able to sustain until the next victory
This shall be the same, as always
The sweet taste of VICTORY....soon


a timely reminder that as winter draws to a close, Spring comes...

What's the value of time?
To the young, it's hope
To the mid-age, it's their future
To the aged, it's a walk in the park before returning 'home'

Time and tides wait for no man

It's disheartening to read that 'aged' is viewed as burden, immobility, dependent and everything negative!
In S. Korea, the suicide rates increase as age increases 60..70..80...are we (in Singapore) any different?

Haven't the younger ever realized that aging is as normal as sunrise and sunset?

I have met many elderly who still mix around with their cohorts & the common albeit happy acceptance is 'death is the only norm' ...."哎呀,我们以前4座做满满。现在一座坐不完
It's not about death; it's about the quality of living and the dignity as death comes a-calling
December like winter, as it is about aged, shall pass!

Youths start with “满夫过海” the journey of hope
As you grow and go, you add...
The more you add the bigger and heavier you carry & with every success, you offload.
There are victories and a few defeats if you are lucky; as most taste defeat long before the sweet smell of victory abounds

If I'm given 'Smartness' or 'Lucky', I'd take 'Lucky' anytime!

When you are tired, don't quit
Slow down if you must
Rest if necessary; if it's too heavy, let go some
Letting go is the key to happiness
Letting go 放下 is not giving up 放弃
When the heart is content, happiness flows

春夏秋冬 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Spring like youth is filled with hopes, aspirations and everything nice
Summer is where efforts when properly, relevantly and appropriately applied will sow the seeds to the future
Autumn is harvesting time and preparing to rest and retreat; the poetic 丰收时辰
Winter is the time to reminize, recall and re-strategise ....& rest

Tomorrow is never promised

I had tried everything that I needed done in 2015
There were many misses and a few minor victories but I did not live in vain
I gained experiences; can you say the same?

Today, I continue to plough the fields (of opportunities)...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Stockmarket : Potentially A Bright Spark In The Short Term

The economy is backsliding and deflation is staring but it's kept 'inflated'...

Strange outcomes can be derived with the mix of politicians, businesspeople and lobbying groups. When commodities prices were high, runaway costs pushed prices higher, costs of living increases and 'growth' were reflected in the buttressed numbers aka GDP.

Is there anything wrong with cheaper factors of production (commodities)? NO!

But, every other articles you read (nowadays) mourn the drop of oil prices, the weakening freight rates, the cheaper commodities...why?

The Wall Streeters are trying to tell the Main Streeters that 'deflation' is bad for the economy. The truth is, banks and financial institutions are flooded with loan & derivatives backed by inflated assets (as prices eased) and bonds of huge corporations related to Oil & Gas, Properties, Commodities, including sovereign borrowers. 

If 1997/98 & 2007/08 financial crisis are bad, the next one will be more destructive; we are sailing into the eye of the storm.

There were screams of uncertainty and pains as the world stock markets swing down. But, what have change fundamentally? Nothing!! The expected rise in interest rates is 'Expected'! It is the financial writers, coaxed on by parties with vested interests, who are trying to 'talk up' the market.

My take is:

~ There will be a re-rating of the stock markets
~ Financial writers will pen fresh ideas that 'cheaper commodities prices are good for the global economies as cheaper costs of production will reignite demand
~ The evergreen smart monies will be looking for safe haven to 'place their bets', that is, invest
~ NPLs and sovereign flops will be allowed to die and debts forgiven (political influence pay for such follies)
~ In the event of war or proxy wars, fresh demand will be generated due to reconstruction and repairs
~ Brick & mortars businesses will re-invent themselves and deal via e-Markets & a whole host of new industries will florish

Following the re-rating and a paradigm shift, the stockmarkets will enjoy a healthy rebound into 1Q/2Q 2016

In the short run, Singapore will ride her lucky star into a global re-positioning, funds allotment and asset allocation : funds will find their way here as we are the last 'safe haven' conduit for Asian wealth.

I am concern of a late turn-down towards late 2016 as the 4-Year cycle low falls in. In the longer term, the 10-Year cycle low comes a-calling in 2017

Enjoy and experience the short term reliefs.

Good luck; happy investing and trade with extreme care...When you make your bucks, please spare some to the less fortunates

Thursday, December 10, 2015


...lie the down oddities

The world is as convoluted as ever...
The US/Nato years of bombing of ISIS & their positions did not produce the same (or better) results as what Russia did in two weeks

A Russian's aircraft was shot down by Turkish air defence outside her airspace
Now, Turkey, a known member of NATO, is protecting ISIS from Russian airstrikes
By extension, ISIS is protected by NATO

Omigosh! The West couldn't think straight
It's Politics without principle

Martin Shkreli, 32, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals  while working for Retrophin;  he tried int increase the price of Thiola from $1.50 to $30 a pill and now, Daraprim $13.50 to $750
Business without ethics and Science without humanity is destructive 

Why talk of God ending the world when men can easily self destruct
Complaints of climate changes and the need to control emissions are hollow if the larger consuming nations are reluctant to cut pollution
The Burqa is fairly suitable outfit for desert conditions and shield them from the desert sands and storms but to wear it and to walk through border check-point...how do I know who are you just by looking at your pairs of eyes. 
Omigosh! Knowledge without character is oddities indeed

Singapore was built upon hard work, common sharing and care & share
The deep sea harbour along the strategic East/West routes has enable us to ride the growth of entrepot trades
We were not totally hopeless
If history was correct, by the 1960s Singapore was the second best country in Asia with Japan taking the lead
The then leaders plot the future while the people slog & support them without questions
Housing were provided for cheap and jobs were created
The leaders were recognised and their powers unchallenged
Peace and prosperity manifests

But now...
There seem to be a huge gap (a gaping hole) between the 'Have' & the 'Have-Not', coupled   with a dwindling mid-class
The Gini-Coefficient is growing
Are the mass forced to eat out of the hands of the Elites? Or, were the results coincidental
Can the rich live in a 'sea of poor'

Can the proletariat and the Mid-class co-mingle with the Elites to manifest growth? Yet, an oddity

I guess I have no answers and neither will i have sleepless nights over this
"To survive best when others survive worse..." is my motto
I can't change, nor intend to change, the world

To succeed, you need to read and understand the situation, immerse into it, learn the ropes and outdo the shrewd and schemers  

If Providence is fated, then attitude changes Fate
As Singaporeans, we are born and shall grow up here until death do we part
It is not about some snobbish-elitist remarks that "if you don't like it, you can migrate'
Mind you, you need money - MONEY - to migrate
It is equally ungrateful to leave the less fortunate, poor, old and sick to fend for themselves
So long as you are born a SINGAPOREAN, you enjoy equal rights from your  'Soil of Birth'

I have faith that the ruling class will care & share with the Mid-class and proletariat

We swim & sink together; GOD has a way of ensuring that, oddity aside