Saturday, February 25, 2012

P K - Player Kill

Winner takes all ... reality is cruel. Why not?

Only the best survive
The best shall prosper
Only the best (Number ONE) will be remembered

Rudimentary, mediocre and half-done work are never enough
What respect and recognition do you want as second best? Its a forgotten battle
There are simply no room for runner-up

Everyone is expected to outwit, out perform and out-gun the next
The rostrum only has room for No 1 - numero uno
Champions are made, not by chance, but by grit and determination

If you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen
If you want to build your empire, nobody can stop you
The Mind is an awful machine; it separates winners from whiners

Super Mario, Pachinko, Angry birds
Simple games requiring undivided attention
Only winners get onto the next stage

A win is a win by any other definition 

I fight to win and shall bask in glory
In any PK, the winner is definitive
I shall, and will, win in all PKs because I am nothing but the BEST

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Helping Myself In Times Of Need

Expectations are made of ice ...

What are dreams made of? Dreams are reality living in our sub-conscience
You may be born poor but never lives poor
The world is yours to keep if you set your sight on it

 I don't live for others as others will not live for me
Being poor is not a problem, remaining the same is
You may have your wealth and money; I am sure you will not part them to me

But, some day, I will live better, be healthier and conquer new frontiers
And the some day is NOW

When I first begun my working life, many said "I look promising"
My manager quipped "Everything is promising until delivered"
I never look back

I never promise; I just deliver  

I don't want to let anyone down
I don't want others to have any expectations of me
Similarly, I don't make promises

The higher the expectations, the higher the setback
But, I don't want to live my life as a mediocre
I set my sights high and far and I chase my dreams

Tomorrow is never promised

Your encouragement motivates me
Mother Nature empowers me with the catalyst to self-motivate & the word 'failure' is not in my dictionary
My mentor lives within me and I am self-motivates

I draw strengths from Mother Nature

Expectation is like eclipse, sometimes good, sometimes bad

May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse
June 4: Partial Lunar Eclipse
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

But, mostly neutral

Today Is My Day

Only the best will do ...

What's memory made up of? Happiness
Only when I leave behind doses of happiness that everyone will miss my passing
My smiles, my positive traits, my ever-ready stance against challenges
I take punches well and can deliver better

I manage my weaknesses and build on my strengths
I have setbacks which I allow easy passage but I dwell in my successes
Success begets successes
My physique is my facade; my mind is the decider

When I looked back to my younger days, I see many missed opportunities ... many, many "I could have ...!" Hindsight is always 20/20
Regrets I have few but I have my fair share of successes and admirers
More importantly, I must, MUST, remain healthy

All that I have is health
With health, I can find wealth
Do not have all the wealth but no health to enjoy 人在天堂,钱在银行 
Wealth is relative; a contented man is a happy man

I am a commoner, your neighbourly boy, the village kid
I did not grow old though I certainly age naturally
My mind is youthful, my thoughts dynamic and my presence is current; an ageless being
Deep inside me, I suspect I am a youthful imp

My life, my Providence is within me
I will live best today, tomorrow, everyday ...
When I take my last breathe, I leave behind nothing but smilingly good memories
It's really nice to be healthily alive 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


The weaker sex is ...

Man and man quarrels over money and women
Woman and woman can quarrel over anything
Woman can live on nothing when in love
Man need to be able to provide everything before falling in love

Who rules the World? Women
Behind every successful man is a woman
A man can give up an empire for a woman
When a woman gives in and plot an acquisition, even the brainiest man looses his smartness

Women live longer than man; it's no coincidence

Man is from Mars & woman is from Venus
How sad!.
Martians are aliens and Venus is God or Godly
Man suckles from a woman ... since a baby and eats out of her hand

One thing I am very sure; NO one has seen God 
Is God a man or woman? Is there a God? It really doesn't matter

Money can buy man but not a woman
But, with money he can keep a few women
From cradle to grave, there are no saints
If admission equals forgiveness, lives would be lighter and the World livelier

It's a make believe World

I will continue to enjoy every moment of my life when I am alive and kicking
It doesn't really matter if Man is powerless or Woman is dominantly superior

... I will continue to write my own epic, my views and my dreams