Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eclipses - Lunar & Solar


Lunar Eclipse (LE) and Solar Eclipse (SE) have been observed through stories, mythology and astrology throughout human history. How, and to what extent, does an eclipse affects human behavior and is there any material resultant changes?

I have followed and observed the effects on general behavior (on stockmarkets too??) and found that i. in a LE, people are generally negative, lethargic and has less drives; interestingly the stockmarket drop/plunge. ii. In a SE, the reverse is true. They are more positive, driven and motivated and the air is generally one of happiness; henceforth the stockmarket turn up. Coincidence?

The timing and degree of swings vary but the correlation is uncannily high. 

Will the future be any different? My gut feel tells me not, except for the degree of effects. Afterall, mass behavior (herd instincts) and mood changes are dynamic, rightly or otherwise.


LE - 26June - Partial
SE - 11July - Total
LE - 21December - Total 


SE - 4January - Partial
SE - 1June - Partial
LE - 15June - Total
SE - 1July - Partial
SE - 15November - Partial
LE - 20December - Total 


SE - 20May - Annular
LE - 4June - Partial
SE - 13November - Total
LE - 28November - Penumbral

Looks like 2010 still has loads of good harvest but the reality is when the bubbles burst, be it property, stockmarket, commodities or political, we will be affected. For those who knows when to stop, their lives will be blessed. For others who continue, you reap what you sow.

Aboveall, be charitable, magnanimous and generous and help your fallen men. 一种米养百种人。希望你是“人中人”

2011 through 2012 is gonna be trying. You cannot go on 'borrowing from the future' to spend 'today'; too big to fail is a fallacy. Tomorrow is not promised, make good use of today.

I am not foretelling the future; I am merely drawing empirical conclusion to my (own) time-tested observation.

I trust my observation but hope I am wrong.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The World - A Dangerous Place

Living in this world is not a choice...

There are times when I ignore logic and help others
The result is I am being accused, insulted and ostracized when they loss or did not get what they wanted

There are many times when people rather believe in what they hear than what they see
Innocent lives are sacrificed and good men are sidelined; the result is societal decay

There are times when I am taken advantaged of and suffers unnecessary setbacks both financially and emotionally
I have no choice but to expose the ill will and motives of the perpetrators

Survival of the fittest is a norm
Unfortunately, lives are made worse by the 'Animal Farm' conditions prevalent in today's world
When the pigs stand up to talk and lobby, millions suffer
Its best to make bacon and sausages of pigs

Only real man will stand up to the pigs

I no longer accept the world is a dangerous place
Neither can this be the playground of the Pigs and their cronies for "If to be cruel is to be kind, I shall be"...

I am not here to judge but I am here to act

When General Schwarzkopf was asked if he will be forgiving to the terrorists, he answered "Forgiving is the job of God. My job is to arrange the meeting"...

I do neither! Whatever is mine, I will take in part or whole
Whatever is not mine, I will not even has a roving thought of desire
My conscience is clear

I will make the world alittle safer, for me and for all. I will no longer be mad, I seek to equal  

Friday, May 21, 2010

View From The Top

The Unblock View...

How do you know pain and suffering if you have never gone through
Will you ever understand a child's cry of poverty and malnourishment
What good is education if the highly educated think and group themselves as elitist
Will the powerful and the powers-to-be be able to emphatise with the pains of broken self-esteem and indignity of unfulfilled dreams

Man seek to fulfil basic desires and dreams
They want to feel 'belonged' to their peers and be part of society

When the chips are down, we fight to overcome the common enemy and challenges
We strive to be better, today, tomorrow, anyday
Harmany manifest and growth blooms
There are more to share

It will be divisive and sad if we evolve into a "We" and"You" society
Where the "we" takes the cake and cream and the "you" share the crumps

Society will decay and country will collapse
Maybe not now but sooner rather than later rebellion will undermines stability
Civil disorders are driven by empty stomachs; a hungry man is an angry man
History is filled with examples

The "Why me?" syndrome drives man wild
The Generals do not win wars partying; they win because they live and die with their men in the trenches

Care and share with your fellow beings
False prophets will face poetic justice
Be real, be sincere; Lighten up the soul and ease their woes
You can because you have a view from the top

You have made it... and to be able to give is a blessing

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will I Live Again

Dying is never a problem ...

When a person dies, his problems lapsed
His family inherits his problems for the better or for the worse

When you make a mistake by choice or accident
You make amends and move forward
Nothing sticks on you unless you allow it

When you help others and have slime and slanders pour over you
It is easier to fight back and resist
But the best defense is to refract and relax

I wish I can be patient, relax and let time proves my innocence
But, alas, again and again, I am being taken advantage of
I pray that the false prophet will repent before he faces his D-day

Whenever I retreat, I am seen as weak
I worry that my punch will kill a charging ox and my moves will decimate a life
But who cares and worries for me? My tolerance has its limits

After I go for the "KILL", will I live again? Yes
In heaven or hell, I will face judgement
I believe in fair fights and death is the fairest

I fight to win
I will live in glory and whoever sees me through will celebrate with me my sweet victory
I will maim and destroy if that is what I need to do to survive

I will live again and again and again...
Like the many soldiers who returned from their tour of duty
I know how to live well

Everyone likes a winner

And I shall be... and am... the WINNER

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stockmarket - mayday..mayday...

The genie appears again and reminded me of April 11, 2010...

"2ndQtr - Going forward, it will be "Sell in May and go away"; reflecting profit taking and accounting for uncertainties as market retests previous heights. Also, some of the EU's members’ deficits and sovereign debts will shake market confidence. 

Aboveall, the persistent challenges against the wisdom of Yuan(Rmb) fair exchange rate and protectionism will cause further creepiness in the market. The desire to withdraw previously instituted stimulus measures is unlikely to happen with any significance as more, rather than less, need to be done to keep the global economy 'roaring'."

With a spell 'Hakarrahoomara!!' he said... "a temporary relief is near";

Indices                             NearTerm     WorstCase

Hang Seng                        18800           15000
Nikkei                                9800             8400
Shanghai A                         2700             2400
Dow                                   9800             8200
Bursa KLCI                       1280             1200
STIC                                  2700             2200

It is not the end of the (financial) world; it is simply that 'the game is old but the players are new' and a 'fool is born every other day'.. got it?

Trade at your own risk. In this rocket age day, I find it hard to believe genie exists.

Trading on rebound sounds like searching for the Pink Panther ...

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Priceless Leader

Every constructive action, and word, counts..

Why do I choose to fight for the rights of the weak and less fortunate? Uumm..
Afterall, I am not Ultraman nor Superman
If everyone thinks likewise, the weak, the less abled and the handicaps would have been gassed
Nordicism would have been the norm

The dominance of one group or race over others is a make belief
In the world of the blind, the one-eye man is the King
Nobody is superior to others in everything; thoughts, actions, sense, feel, lead...
At any one point and in any era, a 'King' is born

The leadership is not a birthright but one bore out of circumstances
He emphatises, understands and is willing to be the sacrificial lamb should his cause be debunked as unworthy and not relevant
He not only face challenges from his opponents but also the very people and cause that he is fighting for

Rewards and recognition are accidental by-products of his victory
Passion is his drive and realisation of his cause is his motivator
No amount of dollars and cents can fuel the movements

Are you game enough to fight for a cause? Be altruistic...
The poor, the underprivilege and the less fortunate need you  
To be able to help is a blessing; Be counted

Be the Volunteer and you are the leader in the making; if its not you, then who? Help make the world a better place to live in and the hearts lighter..

You ... are made to lead 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Dream World

i am still dreaming of ...

Gentlemanly approach

I cannot dictate what you want to do with your life but I can try to influence you
I do expect you to face the facts
You can run but you cannot hide

Suicide is not for you

Two things you can never decide; life and death
Do not try committing suicide and maimed yourself instead
Since you are not afraid of dying, the world is yours to conquer

Failure is not permanent

Look around you and you will find only successes
Nobody plan to fail; try again, adopt different methods, apply 'cut & paste' approach
You fail only when you give up, that is, you FAIL to give yourself a chance to Succeed

Loose tongues

Everyone wants to talk you down and walk over your dead body
Rumour mongers relish on your negative reactions and breakdown
You are feeding the fire by reacting; it is best to ignore and let it die down

Forewarned is forearmed

Everyone wants to make money but few want to do their homework
They shoot the messenger who brings differing or bad views
When the game is over, they count the "I Should have.."; its water under the bridge

Making money

There is nothing wrong with making money; just make it honestly
Without money, little or none can be done
Do not spend your life making money and paying with your life


Do not live to regret; own up and repent any wrongdoing
Time and facts will catch up with you sooner rather than later
Give yourself a chance that no one will

Man proposes, God disposes

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Money - evil or angel

Money makes the world goes round... does it?

How much is too much and when will one ever be satisfied? Simple questions without straight answers
Money; without which little can be accomplished
Be it Wall Street or Main Street, greed rules the roost

How do you quantify the worth of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Corazon Aquino? They are motivated by a cause not money

Mr Lee Choon Seng, Mg Director of Ho Hong Bank, the predecessor to OCBC, used his wealth charitably to benefit the less privilege
Mr Lim Bo Seng, the hero of Force 136 plotted and fought the Japanese in WWII with intent to liberate and save the population from further torture and suffering
Mr Tan Lark Sye believed in the value of, and contributed to, education to improve the mobility of the lay and sundry
Making money was furtherest from their mind

Can we find the same today? Are we so self-centred, self-serving  and selfish that 'no money no talk' & 'you pay premium to get an honest day's work done' are the norm? Do not despair and be disappointed with the materialistic world that we live in

I am sure we still have many great and noble among us who willingly sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the common folks

Start with yourself. Give alittle and contribute your time and efforts to help the less fortunate
Blessed are the fortunate who are able to give and help

Count your blessings; the more you give, the more you get

The selfish can make their millions and keep whilst the world suffers; but he definitely cannot bring along with him when death knocks
Any money not used is not your money; spend it wisely and charitably

Money, power and fame are perishable...someday we will all be equal; rich or poor

Money is neither evil nor angel

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day - The Worker & The Leader

My salute to the workers and leaders...

May day, may is not a distress call but Labour day
A day that allows workers to down their tools and rest

Whether it is May day or Labour day, the underlining theme is 'work and efforts'; although rewards do not necessarily commensurate with efforts expended
Some are paid meagrely, others luxuriously but the majority are paid equitably
Equity is a function of market forces

Wages can sink to despairingly low level when supply overwhelms demand
Similarly, wages are higher in a/any protected industry

George Orwell wrote in his book 'Animal Farm'; "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
Hard work and good work must be rewarded and laziness disincentivised
We must not evolve into a "I", "You" society; it is unsustainable
It is like putting an egg in a microwave oven - it will 'explode'; sooner rather than later

From 1819 to current, from fishing village to financial and entertainment centre
We are the salad bowl of migrant-centric metropolis
Regardless of race, language or religion and country of origin
They came, they saw and rooted; today we are Singaporean

Our leaders, current and past, may have differing views on the paths and strategies, not only to survival but, to prosperity
Policies may not be popular but short term pains are traded for long term gains
Nobody plan to loss
Let us rally together to build a stable, prosperous, caring and enlighten city-state called Singapore

General Collin Powell considers his men in the trenches equally, if not more, important than his fellow officers; for without them, no plans can be efficiently and effectively executed. General Powell choses not to run for Presidency after his tour of duty

Lech Walesa, despite not having a high school education, was a motivated trade-union organizer and human-rights activist, succeeded in leading the workers out of a repressive regime to become the President of Poland (1990-95)

Likewise, everyone has a choice
You can be the follower; you can be the leader
You can stand for office and lead the boys or be the passive, but constructive, contributor
If you can help, go ahead with your heart and soul in full throttle

If you think you are a better leader, stand up and be counted

Just do not spoil nor poison the game; building confidence takes time...alot, alot of time
There is no 'one glove fits all' solution but be nimble and honest, to yourself and your fellow workers

Change is the only constant; adapt well and you will rise to the challenges

Let the Best Man lead