Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nobody Cares

Feeling down ...

Whether U are dead or alive, not many people bother except your love ones
U may feel ecstatic, miserable or lost but nobody's care
The world is filled with examples and U have met many
Why do U expect or need someone to care? When U were born, the doctor was hopeful U will cry
If U didn't cry or can't cry, his job is to pronounce U 'dead on arrival'

Will the wealthy and elite bother with the poor and proletariat? No, unless they need U or U are of value

Feeling down is not a sin
Feeling lost is simply directionless not desperation
As night will turn day, feelings do change
When U are down, lie low; many survive when bullets were flying by ...lying low
U are as good as when U have life; dead man tell no tales

Someday, somehow, somewhere everybody gets his due recognition

I saw this man with deformed hands
He was walking around the crowded food centre with a bag hanging around his neck, bowing to diners & wishing them well with a smile
Many gave him money; is begging his profession? He was smiling all the way to the bank

I saw another aunty asking for money from diners in another food centre
Many gave & when she approached me, I asked 'Are U hungry & I can buy U dinner'? She shook her head, walked away and continued with her begging
She didn't need the money, at least not so much, but she persisted
Hunger was not her problem; not having money is

Poor or rich, nobody really cares - everyday, someone is laughing to the bank as some will die along the wayside

Everyone, especially those higher up the food chain, will tell U 'what I am doing is good for U'

Forego your ego and U succeed better; Like the professional beggars

Friday, January 25, 2013

January - The Beginning Of Hopes

'I am going to the moon' is no longer just a dream...

Humankind lives on hopes and aspirations
However challenging, there will always be continuity and prosperity because of "Hopes"

The depressive years of 1930s, the World Wars, the Bubonic Plague...didn't end mankind

Every beginning of the year, resolutions are made
Every spring brings hopes; tomorrow will be better

The world is made smaller because of compression of time and space

FBs replaced penpals. What happen miles away, we know within seconds
Excessive speed of communication blurs & blinds thoughts causing information incontinence

There is hardly any secrets! You can run but you cannot hide

While many make new resolutions with the turn of a year; you can make many with the turn of a day
Don't despair. Day follow night as after bust comes prosperity

Whatever works, whichever suits you

Nobody can take away your happiness as U never allow it
If there is Destiny, it's all in your hands

You can be the grand oak tree that fights the storm or the blade of grass that dances in it