Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012 - Flood Of Opportunities

Whatever must go, shall go ...

You only glance at your rear view mirror and never stare into it
Just as you look back momentarily but look forward steadfastly

You may have lost 2011 or earlier years
2012 is yours for keep if you start NOW

There is no looking back

Who cares if the World must end in 2012; its everyone's problem
And we will meet again in the next World
Live the best today and now

The World will still be around long after we are gone

Today next year; I hope you won't ask for another fresh page
Its here and NOW

Good luck...
The journey has just begun

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 - A Year Of Opportunities 危机

Change is the only constant but fear of changes still persist...危机

The US is in a quagmire, EU is rescheduling and forgiving debts and China is plotting a soft landing and managing an ever-vocal populace hit by perceived, or real, discrimination and an 'engineered' decline in property prices.

Singapore - being a small nation, cannot but be plugged into globalization.

Can anyone deny that CASH is king?

Euro-area banks parked 445.7 billion euros ($576.8 billion) with the Frankfurt-based ECB yesterday, up from 436.6 billion euros a day earlier. Deposits reached 452 billion euros on Dec. 27, the most since the euro’s introduction in 1999 - Bloomberg. Why? Simply because even the big boys cannot trust each other's credit standing!

Although US's unemployment is declining but, like in most countries, unemployment fatigue forces the unemployed and/or under-employed to opt out of dole, live on their reserves, accept part time contract or piecemeal work or simply fade away from the statistics. Q-on-Q growth are insignificant and not able nor wide enough to offer mass employment. With declining earnings, demand dries up.

Asia, especially China, may be the only sparks around. But, domestic demand cannot replace international trade, aka weakening global demand. Banks are bloated with governmental-link companies (GLCs) loans, properties and non-productive loans which could potentially result in explosive Non-performing loans (NPLs). Matters may get worse if property prices decline sharply (soft landing? unlikely) and social discontents surge - a lethal combination!

ASEAN as a whole is still filled with opportunities; post-flood reconstruction in Thailand, business resurrection and a more organized Philippines, Johor's Iskandar, opening up of IndoChina, a more stable Indonesia and repositioning of Brunei and Singapore.

A united Korea (not necessarily political) and an awakened Japan will provide abundant opportunities.

Whatever happens, smart money and hot money have to find safe havens.

The World has seen enough industrialization. Commodities, especially hard commoditieswill take a back seat.

Cyclically, its time to get back to basics. Food production and agri-business will shine and medical and medicine will be the new engine of growth. Gaming and gambling will revert to the norm after phenomenal growth as new centres are opened and Laws relaxed.

The misfortune of calamities have silver lining too; reconstruction arise. Major wars are unlikely but proxy wars seem inevitable.

2012 is about opportunities and timing.    

How well, or how bad, will stockmarkets perform going forward? The tricks to identifying winners may be industry-centric rather than the market as a whole.

Typically, stockmarket experiences a cyclical quarterly low in January (Capricon effects), April (post-results), July (mid-year portfolio realignment) & October (Jupiter dynamism)

May you prosper in 2012; please spare some money to the less able, underprivilege and the poor thereafter. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Down But Not Out

Waiting for an opportunity ... 

When you persist and dig-in, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail
But, if you give up, you fail absolutely
Success goes to people who try, adapt and changes their tact dynamically as the situation demands and not waiting or chasing blindly

Waiting for windfalls without efforts is 守株待兔 waiting blindly and mostly ends in vain

Life is cyclical; there are UPs & DOWNs, LULL and BOOM like the faithfulness of day and night
Capitalize on your strengths and manage your weaknesses
Use the lull period to upgrade, enjoy a hobby, expand your networking reaches, review and change your approaches to fit into the 'new-age' and newfound push
When boom returns, charge ahead!!!

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

There are frustrations and setbacks on the journey to success
There are downtime, distractions and disconnect
Gains without efforts have minimum or zero utility

But, what if I have worked hard, spent a lot, a lot of efforts, tried different approaches and still success is far and unseen from the horizon? I have no answers for this but I do have a solution
- put everything aside and walk away from it all
- take a break and if the mind wander, let it wanders
- go chase a hobby or do what you have always wanted to 
- be free of bondage

When your mind is free and refresh, new shoots of ideas bloom

Because you have been trying very hard does not warranty success
Has it occur to you that you have been knocking on the wrong door? Don't just work hard, work smart
You will be pleasantly surprise how success slips in unaware and the answer props up from the blues in free minds

I may be wary and worn
But, my free mind floats in the breeze and dance in high spirits ...
... towards success

Forgive & Forget - Help The Fallen

For a better tomorrow ...

More should be done to allow least resistance re-integration of ex-offenders into society, not just token efforts.

When you have a brushed with the Law and had paid your dues like doing time, caned and/or a fine, shouldn't society at large be more magnanimous and allows unimpeded integration; saved for offenders of heinous crimes.

Just as a person who faces capital punishment is hanged for his offence, he is done with it. He should not, and (in this case) cannot, be hanged again. This is applicable to both criminal and commercial issues.

It must be noted that not all brushes with the Law are callous disregard for Societal norms, Statutory expectations nor intentional breaches and character flaws but possibly due to a moment of folly or ignorant of existing 'Do's and Don'ts', some would termed these as the grey areas, in Laws. Some will also argue that ignorant of the Laws are no excuses, but like 'dark spots', and if Laws are applied and enforced extensively and strictly by the book, many will be found wanting and infringements will be as common as common flu.

The presumption of innocence (innocent until proven guilty), Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat, can be an expensive experience where few can afford. I hazard to guess that many simply pleaded guilty due to the high costs of engaging lawyers to defend their cases besides the stresses and stigma attached to it. It is notable to know that there are free legal services and advices but how many really qualify? 

Moreover, although there are already provisions in Laws where restrictions are lifted after certain number of years, why wouldn't these be expunged from their records? Do offenders have to carry their past all the way to their graves? 

Of course not.

Support groups and programs such as ISCOS (*Making Tomorrow Better), SCORE (*Building Bridges,Changing Lives) and Yellow Ribbon (*Help Unlock The Second Prison) are trying to re-integrate and help ex-offenders and, by extension, their families to live lives as normally as possible. Even bankrupts are given a second change to make a come back.

It is disheartening to note that many companies, including Government agencies, are still shying away from employing persons who had brushes with the Law, however miniscule, but had paid their dues. They are just paying lip service and not walking the talk. 

It is overdue that institutions fighting the cause for ex-offenders be proactive and engage and speak out against discriminations through moral suasion and, if necessary, lobby for changes. As able and capable leaders and catalysts of change, you have to fight for the cause that you believe in and action it. The fallen need their anointed leaders to champion and lead them out of darkness; just being present is not good enough. 

The recent case of the property agent whose past caught up with him almost cost him dearly. Until today, I have not seen or heard anyone or any institution speaking out for him or address the issue of time bar or the expunging of past records. Justice must not only be seen to be done but has to be seen to be believed (J P Morton); ideally this phrase also applies to expunging of past records.

It is hopeful that agencies involved in championing re-integration will walk the talk more vigorously.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Help ... I Am Second Best


Any brilliant ideas hatched but not tried is like pregnancy undelivered
if you wait for others to endorse and support your dreams and plans
You will be searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There are no sorrows in defeats and failures; only experiences gained
There are no victories without sacrifices
'Tears of Joy', 'Nearly Didn't Make It'; are words uttered by winners, not losers

Losers says 'I missed by a little', 'Didn't expect it'. 'I could have done better' ...
Omigosh, a loss is a loss by any other definition!
The World remembers the best, the winners

Either you race to win or you don't
Don't expect sympathy
Why bother to send second stringers or off-par players to the Olympic? For experience? Save it
Only the best need to be present and be presented

Steve Jobs make slaves and addicts of you (and the World) with his iPhone, iPads, iTunes
The World has forgotten and forgiven him for the supposedly ill-working conditions in the production of his iProducts
Look and be clear; he make you remember the prefix "I"
I am Steve Jobs... written as iSteveJobs

Winner Takes All

Before you join the race, accept defeats with grace; NO excuses, NO regrets
Glory and Victories are for victors and Winners 

You may be born poor but don't stay poor
Don't blame your parents and others for remaining status quo

Scraps are second best to natural resources; are you? Go, chase your dreams and follow your heart
The World is yours to keep if you dare and succeed

Do everything within your means; we have a distinct role
And no two person are the same
Be the best you can

I am the Winner
The best in my category; happy, contented and victorious
Fortune and Fame goes hand in hand

You CAN too


I Decide My Life

Will the egg turn into a chick or an omelette ...

I will never know what my future holds for me
But, I know what I want for my future

I have my goal and my ideal
I gravitate towards the ultimate; along the way I am guided by my heart
I flow and dance to the breeze; the winds beating against my sail
I shall arrive to my destiny; set for me, by me

Staying healthy, fit, knowledgeable and ready is my modus operandi
Being aware of my weaknesses helps me waddle away from the mines of life
Exhibiting my strengths allows recognition while taming exhibitionism
I shall shine

I shall conquer the World with my charm
And arrive at the destiny of my Life
A choice where Providence has inscribe but I decide
My preferred choice and my chosen path

Whoever lives in fear and on others command arrives in others harbour

Come rain or sunshine, day or night
I have my dreams or nightmares, my successes or failures
Aboveall, I will arrive at my own Port of Call

December; the last month of the year
The wintry winter with cold bites sending cold reminders
Another year will be out soon; how many 'one year' have you?

I don't need many but prefers qualitative, healthy years ahead

Man proposes, GOD disposes

Whether the egg will become a chick or an omelette, I Decide