Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Perfect World

Perfection is personal...

Everything we set out to achieve does not have a singular outcome; the satisfactory result is achieved if it falls within the range
like... the best sprinter seeks to achieve first place, if possible breaks record
like... the Michelin (chef) Master achieving recognition for being the best in culinary skills in say, French, Italian or Chinese food; seldom recognized as the best in any/every type of cooking
like... an economic growth of 16% and a growth rate of 5% is still a growth 

We must do our best and be the best but not necessarily perfect; perfection is, like an ideal, a moving target
if... everyone has a perfect look, cosmetic surgeons will be in the annals like the dodo 
if... there is one acceptably perfect GOD, there wouldn't be/have many religions
if... there is a perfect country, we needn't still think of Utopia 

There is no monopoly of knowledge nor solutions
as... the rich will not understand what hunger is
as... the elite cannot accept why others are 'mediocre'
as... seemingly brilliant people turned terrorists in the name of a certain Beliefs

“To understand that hardship is a matter of fate and success is a matter of the times; and to able to face enormous difficulties without fear or terror is to have the courage of a sage.” 知穷之有命,知通之有时,临大难而不惧者,圣人之勇也。Confucious
... everyone is given a chance to succeed, within his abilities and capabilities, but few know nor grab when opportunity knocks
... some succeeded but succumbed to greed, emphathy or plain arrogance
... only in fairy tales do we find perfectly happy ending 
 ...everyone needs some space in this crowded Earth

We are walking on the sands of time and nothing will be remembered as we passed and time passes
Do whatever you want, within your abilities and capabilities, and achieve fame and glory
Your little empire and ivory tower is yours to built and keep

Blaming others for your misfortune or setback is not a solution
If you can't dictate changes, be the change agent

Make your decision to change for the better NOW or tomorrow will be the same or worse as you resist the change agents dwelling inside you

If you don't give yourself a chance, NO one will
... forever you will be humbled, thumbed-down and enslaved

What is graffiti to some, is arts to others; fashion, like arts, is personal

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If We Do Not Help Ourselves FIRST Who Will (Help Us)?

The Best In Life Is Yours To Keep...

You smash things up when you are angry
You hurt yourself when you are depressed
You blame the whole world except yourself when things go wrong
Your negative power empowers you to self-destruct

If you had positively rein in on your 'misfortune' with ZENness and level mindedness, you reap the Goodness of Being and turn self destruction into growth; like a Lotus

Rest if you must but never quit
Just as the car needs refueling and the radiator needs water/coolant
It is not weakness to slow down nor stop; its a recharging process

There are TWO types of problems;
i) You have too much of a good thing and you don't know what to do except Indulge

ii) You are flooded with problems upon problems and you don't know what to do and your mind is filled ... with the problems, Not solutions
Fret NOT; both will pass over time .... good or bad

Better stop your journey than to reach a destination least desired...

There is no point in complaining that others are taking advantage of you as if you do not allow it to happen, it can never happen

You may be born rich but nobody is born poor as the fool and his money will soon part
Everyone arrives with nothing, naked and a scream
Fortune smiles at the eager, earnest, willing, able and capable person

You blame the system for belittling you, milking you, making your life miserable, downtrodden and self-serving
Yet, you oblige and opt not to change
The earlier your realize that the fault is in You and not the system, the earlier you salvage your destiny

We cannot change others

We can only change ourselves

I color my own life...the rainbow in the Buddhisattva 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My World

Birds of a feather flock together...

Eagles fly and hunt alone and they are deadly accurate when zooming in on their target... the prey has no chance - you can hide but you cannot run
Eagles roam the horizon with commanding views, keen eyesight, razor-like powerful talons; ready for the kill

The Elites rule and seek comfort, companionship and progress in the protected circles of "Who's who"; in their ivory tower, high and almighty, they detest any slights and complains... my word is your command, you can neither hide nor run
Mine is a world where heaven takes place on earth 

Geese fly in V-formation to conserve energy and ease communication
To fly long distances, the birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired
They are non-hunters, they are hunted

The compatriots and comrades ensure the food-chain is smooth runnning and iron out the kinks
Not of scholar grade, with a heart for all but not sundry, with an ambition built on dreams, hopeful, thoughtful, driven, full of fire and ideas but also 'down to earth'
Helping to even out the unequal chain and make living lighter, smarter and smoother 
Mine is a world filled with hopes

Domesticated, ducks and chickens, birds are food on the platter

At the bottom of the food chain, its 'damn you do, damn you don't'... every day alive is a day earned
The tomorrows are poetic, the future is bland
Mine is a make-believe world

I am none of the above; I like my fairy tale world
I am the ugly duckling and, one day, I shall be the graceful SWAN

I dare to dream and I make my dreams come true... if not now, tomorrow... I am a daydreamer