Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father The Provider

Father - the father figure never seems to have a position in 90% of families

This World is made for women

When the baby is born, they asked "How's the mummy?"

When the woman gets married, the asked "Is the bride pretty?"

When the man dies, they asked "How much did he leave behind for you?"

All women wants equality; pay, status, recognition ...
When it comes to moving heavy things or making painful decisions, "Hey, where are all the Men? Where have they disappeared to?"

The Father is the Hunter
He hunts and provide for the family
But, like the King of the Jungle, he is as lame and vulnerable when old and ill
Alas, anthropologically speaking, Man dies ahead of woman when his energy ()is used up; have you ever wonder why Emperors die young?

There is a song that honor Mothers "世界只有妈妈好"
How lucky & how honoured?"

Fathers are here to Provide, to Give and to Depart when all duties are fulfilled

Mothers are here to Protect their young and the 'youthfulness' and the 'baby-like' of every Man; alas, Man are but grown up babies...

Asked any happy families; "Who is the Boss in the Home?" The answer will surprise you...maybe!

They say all Men fall into the category of MCP....
How true!
Mummy Controls Papa

Happy Father's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Family Get-together

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten Years At A Time

Life is full of twists and turns...

Ten years is a long time but its not that long really
Like it or not, at every TENth year of your life
You reach a turning point

I can attest to it
Its my FIFTH tens

I cannot recall much on my 1st TENth years
Like all kids growing up, its directed by parents; alas primarily its about studying

2nd TENth years was full of fire
Coming out to work, eager to move forward, wanting to achieve plentiful in compressed time, seeking recognition and belonging, young and restless

3rd TENth years was achievement and recognition
Spending plentiful of youthful capital to achieve material well-being, building a career and family

4th TENth years...omigosh
Health was traded for material achievement
Late nights, booze, entertainment, overwork, networking
The spirit is willing but the body is weak, the knees are giving way and the physique of the 20s are, but, history

5th TENth years
Physically able and lengthy maintenence
Mentally supreme and financially stable
But, alas, internally some of the organs cannot agree with one another, imbalances and imperfect...

6th TENth years
I wouldn't know yet...
But, I have many friends who are there - look healthy, seem healthy but not exactly healthy
Dependent of drugs/medicines and corrective and restorative needs

DO NOT use Youth to gain Wealth & use Wealth to buy Health 

Pursue your dreams but strike a balance between youthful restlessness and health expectations

No amount of money can buy Health

7th TENths...nearer grave than you would like

Sunday, June 12, 2011

House Versus Home

I once lived in a cave, hunt for food and neighbours were far and few. My threats were wild animals but they were also my food ... hate them, love them!

Over time I moved to the village and ploughed the land for food and the sea for fishes. Heaven willing, we survived  and prospered...

When we started, it was a fishing village and sparsely populated. Sea and river boats were our mode of transport whereas bullock carts and rickshaws served on land.

There was this place call 'Home' and there were plentiful to share! There was little, or no, conflicts as there were minimal contacts. Happiness, fairness and calm rules the Land. A house is a home where warmth is!

As more people settle down, population increases and stress built up, socially, physically, structurally and mentally.

Today, we not only have to 'fight' among ourselves for housing, food, jobs and survival, we have foreigners who walk in as the door was deliberately left wide open.

Worst still, whatever their qualifications, they come in branded as "Foreign Talents" (FT); now we have talented labourers, waiters, cleaners, not to mention entry-level grads as well.

Fortunately some gates to higher offices are locked, otherwise we may be able employ higher-up civil servants, professionals,  others for, maybe, 35% of what they are currently paid!

Unfortunately, these are the same persons whose positions are protected and who decide that our door must be left OPENED and theirs CLOSED; fairness in the Animal Farm is also fairness in the Animal Land! But, omigosh!! we are humans!!

I have yet to find God, Fairies and Immortals on Mother Earth...

We lived in a house which is no longer a home.
We struggle to built a career yet we must fend off consistent challenges for these hyenas  who flood our shores waves upon waves (with a World population of 6.6bil today, there are no lack of FTs). Even the King of the Jungle, the Lion, is food for the hyenas when its down and out.

It is academic to say that we can, and must be, better, faster and cheaper. We are NOT machines neither are we digits in the system.

To all decision makers, let us make this place a home; a home with warmth and belonging. 

Sure, there are some jobs that Singaporeans want and can do as there are some that we shun. It is NOT just about economics, its about the sense of belonging and a place called "HOME".

Foreigners are welcome as our forefathers were! But, when it is a grab and a 'Free for All', its time to stop before the 'extinction of a race called "Singaporean"

Love story - Andy Williams

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

StockMarket - Up, Down, Flat

You can increase the probability of making money through technical & fundamental analysis, topped-up with plentiful of commonsense...

Stockmarkets move in cycles. Guesswork & gut-feel rules; Everyone wants to make money but few spend time to do some homework.

Chinese companies that were listed in the US had brought hopes and hype, once upon a time, but are becoming nightmares - Puda Coal, Longtop Financial Technologies Ltd, China MediaExpress. Singapore and Hong Kong has a fair share too. From time to time, local companies fail too.

Capital markets are greased by liquidity as much as by hot money.

Of late, there were little, or no, leads to drive stockmarkets in either direction. Most were hopeful but cautious.

The shadows of US slowdown and deficit, Euro debt issues, Chinese banks overexposure to loans, the reining in of property markets in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, unemployment and underemployment issues globally, the Middle-East political uncertainties - you name it, you find it...

Guess, stockmarkets have 'overlived' its rebound from the 2008/9 financial crisis; henceforth challenging.. However, this is not fatalistic. It is NOT unexpected for the markets to experience a spike down (worse than expected numbers, debts/political failures, gamesmanship, others) anytime soon. By extension, a re-rating shall follow.

The Game is OLD but the Players are NEW.

A total lunar eclipse will take place on June 15, 2011; will this be the time honored turning point of the market? I will NOT be surprised!

Hot money must find safe haven; have fun wagering

A Fool & His Money Will Soon Part

Monday, June 6, 2011

Being Compassionate 人在做,天在看

Experiencing the 'life of the less able, destitute, less well-off, less fortunate...

I have friends who are rich, very rich indeed; poor and some, indeed very poor
Most are helpful and friendly despite the wealth gap
Some with wealth that can last a few generations while for a few the next meal is a problem

This is the real World

I have met many who are selflessly helpful yet some whose help comes with strings attached
Fortunately, the former are superior in numbers
Sad? Yes, very sad! I am sad not because there are more helpful persons around; i am sad because there are hypocrites whose masks remain
Guess, they are hoping for, and be recognised as, the fame, 'powerful' and be identified with the 'who's who'

I call this 'Vanity'

Be compassionate
Give your time if you have time to spare
Donate money if you can afford it
Serve personally; your efforts will win hearts and move mountains

I am not here to say 'Who is right or wrong?'
I am no moral judge
Like everyone else, I am not perfect neither am I looking for perfection
Let us not blame anyone, any system nor anything, nor to lay blame on whatsoever, 'cos we are all made unequal, with unequal abilities and opportunities

You may be born poor but you can live 'rich'

Help others while you can with a mind/heart wider than the ocean
Offer help to the needy,the less able and the less fortunate; your Soul will brighten and rise higher that the Himalayan
Do not seek advantage and fleece others around you and your Mind and spirits will soar to the sky like that of an eagle taking flight!

Its good to pray
But, its no point praying yet doing all the evils that harm mankind
When Providence seek you out, that's fairness
When your seeds of evil are reaped by your descendants thats punishment

When you are immobilized and bedridden with all the wealth you have, its too late ...
Too late to say sorry, too late to know you can't enjoy all the material collections you have accumulated
Its known 'We come naked and shall/will return to nothingness'

Spare a cent
Spare some thoughts
Lend a hand

SOMEONE/He is watching you up there


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Soul searching --- please spare a thought for me

Its June ...stock taking time.................

June - name of a month
June - a person's name
June - almost half year has past since January arrived

What have you achieved after 150 days gone by? Time flies, mortals die

Election - The deck of cards have been reshuffled; wager your bets, show hand time

Housing - More housing, speedier housing; you order, you pay, I build

CPF - Oops! more in the tills, longer time to get back yet smaller amounts.

Medical - Stay healthy as its very costly to be sick; some said 'you can die, but you cannot afford to be sick!' The costs of treatment and medicine is skyrocketing. The are budget hotel, budget travel, budget meals...why no budget hospital?

Cost of Living - Up, up and (more) ups. Omigosh, Its not just here, its happening all over the world except/maybe Japan (deflation) and USA (recession-type). ERP, Carbon-tax to be, water tax, GST, fuel tax, tax upon tax ... two things in life you can never run away i) taxes and ii) death. After death, I need not pay taxes but DON'T tax me to death

Foreign Talent - Lets call a spade a spade. Foreign workers is the correct term. How much talent, or talented, do you think these people possess : food court cleaners, sweepers, nurses, IT data-entry, waitering jobs, machine operators ... the list goes on. We welcome talent but NOT everyone that comes to Singapore is talented.

Jobs - While there are unemployment all over the world, we are opening the gates wide to foreign workers. A fresh grad from India (S$1=36.5Indian rupees) or China (S$1=5.35Rmb) or Philippine (S$1= 35 pesos) will take a job for S$1,500 - S$2,000 because he cannot find an equivalent paying job, let alone jobs, back home. Multiply by the exchange rate, they are in wonderland.  

Public transport - Come August 2011, when the Authorities enforce to safety rules on ferrying workers in lorries, many will switch to public transports further aggravating and stressing the already inefficient MRT/bus services. The sweat, the smell, the shoves; the sardine-can MRT/buses will be in overdrive!

When I write again in June next year, I hope I need not repeat above (copy & paste) because the issues are still well and alive.

 Spare a thought for the less fortunate and less able and make their life alittle lighter and living easier. The Able and the Power & Powers-to-be must look after the less able and less fortunate. 

You CANNOT win a war if you have all generals and no foot soldiers just as the wealthy will never sleep soundly and peacefully if he is surrounded by massive poor and hungry; right?

Care & Share