Monday, August 29, 2011

If you are going through Hell, keep going...

Nobody stays in Hell, work your way out ....

Keep going, keep smiling. It's not how good you can punch, it's how much punches you can take; it's a journey. When you get out, you will be the Winner...

Strange things happen when you least expect...

Mirage - mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. Its like an omen pointing you in the direction of Success. Believe the unbelievable - you CAN! 

Nobody knows nor share your dreams, your inspirations, your goals; Yours is as unique as yourself. We are made to succeed; no "BUTs," no "IFs" ...

Don't wait for miracles. Life is tough; thats a given. Go create your own miracle (miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention). When enough is put in, miracles happen. 

Unexpected, unforeseen, surprising, unbelievable - these are challenges that you will encounter and must overcome. The sweet taste of victory comes after the test; only the best will rule.

When you are:
Sick - you shall be well again; when sickness strikes, fight back
Poor - you shall be rich; if you had hit the base, the only way is UP
Lame - you shall stand up and walk; the mind shall powered up the limps 

I am writing this to record my life's ebb, its not a bottomless pit. It passes after I publish this post...and I shall be back to my WINNING paths.   

(Defeats and failures never come alone, they come in batches; failures here, failures there. Well, guess such deaths blows are meant to be impactful and destructive! Blow by blow, punches after punches)

There are NO losers, especially YOU, unless you allow 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The New Economic Order

Time flies and changes occur but ...

The USA owes the world money.

The USEurope struggles to save fellow members from bankruptcies and collapse.

Asia - the lenders - lending in a big way to stall a total collapse and jumpstart the recessionary West; stalling for time and also hoping the West will recover and turnaround.

The West are used to spending while the East are used to saving.

Western cultures preach philosophical ideals, democracy, freedom & rights unlike the East that strives to keep hunger at bay, with unison response and social 'responsibilities' and 'to save for rainy days'.

The US$ is not back by strong reserves nor gold but by the sheer strength of bullets - sole superpower with ability to respond militarily; henceforth the Confidence大哥大!

The Euro$ is as stable as the unity of The European Union (EU); an economic and political union of 27 member states which are located primarily in Europe. Recent soverign debts within its member states are causing extreme strains and challenges骑在虎上,下虎难.
- the strongest link is also the weakest link.

Asia is still as divided as they are united by circumstances. Lending to the West to create multiplier and demand to fuel growth at home is a nightmare. With declining growth, unemployment, underemployment, corporate and soverign failures, rising non-performing loans and other ills, the West's ability to pay is evaporating by the day.借钱难,换钱更难。

Soverign debts, corporate failures, protectionism, 'social unrest', self-interest and weakened political will will lead to economic war; a war where most will loss and few, if any, gain.

The question is not whether will we get into a 1930s-type depression, its an implosion of the financial system and globalisation; it is the degree of restructuring, and the birth, of the New Economic Order. 

With declining to negative growth, demand falls; demand for commodities also fall. 

As global economies contract, demand decline and social disorder rears its ugly heads as jobs evaporate. 

The Stock markets and commodities markets will not be spared by this downswing. It is not the end of the economic world but it is a gross adjustment of excesses and greed built up over the years; pain will be felt, bitter medicines fed and unpopular actions employed. 

The days of easy money/credits and mutual assistance will give way to nationalism and self-serving political will. Any willful and selfish policies by the dominant economic entities will force further degeneration and sufferings. 

This (the economic adjustment) will not happen tomorrow but its sooner rather than later - a New Economic Order is in-the-making!

Cash is King有钱不是万能。没钱万万不能

The immediate recovery in the collapses of stock markets are things of the past as the cyclicals indicate major turning points with weak economic fundamentals and weaker political wills.

.Beware and be forewarned; you have been told
This is not an economic doomsday projection but the tsunamic changes that will re-balance exiting economic and political alliances.

Capital and commodities markets will recover in due course but do not be whipsawed and drowned by its volatility.      

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Singaporeans First

Foreigners are referred to as :

Orang asing in Malay = alien
Gaijin in Japanese = outsider
Walh in German = stranger
Firangi in India = not of the same color
Gringo in Latin America

Some of the terms used border on derogatory - read more

In Singapore, we call foreigners "Foreign Talents"; omigosh! Why did we find them so talented when the World at large grade them at best 'foreigners' if not other terms that clearly signal 'not welcome' or derogatory!

Furthermore, (with due respect) how talented can a clerk, waitress, factory workers, cleaners, entry-level administrators be? I accept that we need some foreigners as not all the skillsets are available here. (I always wonder is it true that Singaporeans don't want such jobs or is it because the pay is so poor that you have to slave it out?!)

If you care to open up your door wide, as in our more liberal immigration policies, you will have 6.6 billion people to choose from/ walk-in. If only 1% decided to come, our tiny island will sink.

It is quite unimaginable, when the guests misbehave, the host has to adapt; its quite the contrary. Must we stoop so low as to 'kowtow' to any foreigners? Also, cheaper doesn't always mean better.

If immigration policies can replace natural (national) births and booster population, then we should call ourselves UnitedNationals not Singaporeans. For better or worse, every nationals will return to support their own/home country when the need arise (as the Chinese all over the world supported China against Japan when she was invaded by Japanese) or returns when prosperity arrive.

Singapore is a country not a corporation. Instant gratification and solutions are deceiving and will self destruct in the long run. I hazard to guess; for every 5 persons in Singapore, 2 are foreigners. Of the 3, if one is a PR, then we only have TWO pure Singaporeans; I stand corrected.  

Why are we so happy to say the foreigners love (or love to come to), Singapore? Is it really for the love of Singapore? I guess its purely economic;

i. There are lack of jobs in their own countries and with exchange rates advantages, they will slog it out (being cheaper) and compete with locals in Singapore because the pay they are getting, and finding a job, is a 'dream' for a start! By extension, this depressed wages for Singaporeans.

ii. By sheer numbers (1.1bil in India, 100mil in Philippines and 1.3bil in China) competition for jobs are very, very stiff in their home country; competing here is a breeze.

iii. Coming here for economic reasons will also mean that when the tide changes, they will return home or leave for greener pastures. Like migrating birds, the will leave in droves when food is scarce.

iv. Many wealthy and prominent families around the World send their families and children to Singapore to study, live (and move on later) because we are stable and safe. There is no sense of belonging; its purely convenience and affordability just as rich and prominent Singaporeans do.

Following the opening up of China in the 80s, many bright Chinese were sent overseas to study and learn; today, they are returning home in droves. Its the same everywhere. When the home is prospering or prosper, its time to go home.

I can only wish and pray that we, Singaporeans, and those who choose to be leaders to lead Singapore, remember that

i. Singaporeans are here to stay.
ii. Going away is not a choice (only available to the wealthy and those terribly deprived or forced to move).
iii. We are not a nomadic tribe and cannot be removed, replaced nor 'topped up'! If importing "cheaper, faster and better" (young not necessarily committed) is a solution, then the Singaporean race will be extinct in due course.
iv. We don't need foreigners (Singaporeans must stand up to lead your fellowmen) to tell us how to lead our lives. Sure, we can, and will, take good/sound advises, if any.

Care and share. Make the lives of our fellowmen lighter and easier.

When war breaks out, Singaporeans will be the first to fight, defend and die. I am sure no one reading this article is naive enough to believe that the foreigners will defend us. If you always take care of your neighbours' children first, how do you expect your own children to take care of you when you are old. ceteris paribus?  

Singaporeans must be FIRST because we are Singaporean and this is Singapore. 

Anyone still doubtful?

Friday, August 12, 2011

In The Land of the Equals

Respect and care; the more you give, the more you get...

What did Hitler and the Japanese Red Army have in common? They built their dreams from scratch. They indoctrinate, built, inculcate and thoroughly changed their people's mindset with a "ME superior" first attitude.

Nationalism? World domination? Whatever, but they believe that only a fairly homogeneous race, through unity, can be a force to reckon with!

Unity and common goal were what made Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexandra the Great and Genghis Khan walked the globe almost unrestrained.

We need a common goal and a unifying figure to unite Singapore and Singaporeans; not to conquer the World but to consolidate our strengths, our fundamentals and our identity. The disenfranchisement, the misplaced loyalty and the unmet material needs will slowly, but surely, dissipate if we strive for a common goal.

A goal where many differences are immersed as one, where the commoner reclaims his livelihoods and dignity, where the leader sacrifice for his men, vice versa, and work with and not 'talk down' and make demand of/from his fellowmen.

We were happy then, less happy now but shall, and can be, happier going forward.

Spare a thought for the common man and have his welfare at heart. He is not seeking fame and fortune but merely asking for meaningful and dignified living. Help make everyone's life as pleasant and light as possible; a stressful nation of restless youths and displaced commoners will implode.

There are enough to go around for the 'have', the 'have but inadequate' and the 'have not but seeking'.

Integration of the populace must start now and dilution stops. It takes time, patience, tolerance and plentiful of commonsense to unite and integrate. Any further influx of foreigners will ultimately destroy the very fabric which we have built over time.

'Survival of the fittest' are for the animal kingdom. As human, we need one another to survive, live harmoniously and live for, and with, one another. A/Any selfish leader who surrounds himself with 'yes man' will be displace and replace in due course for his 'yes man' will lead him to self-destruction.

Spare a thoughts for the common man and make their life easier and lighter. If you cannot, please do not make it any worse.

...thoughts of a tiny army ant 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's in the game of life...

Only two things that we cannot decide, life and death. We didn't come here by choice neither can we delay nor choose the mode of leaving when the time is up...

During the Japanese occupation, it was a trying, torturous and challenging environment unimaginable to mankind. Most made it but many were sacrificed.

Before the plane crash landed onto the icy Hudson River on US Airways, 155 people reflected on their lives and recalled and 'wished they had done ... many things' - everyone lived to tell a tale.

Steve Jobs made Apple an arch rival to conventional PCs, created iPhone and iPads despite challenging health conditions; a rare achievement for someone fairly ill.

Someone I know was held against his will in a faraway land by some burly men, negotiated with them, signed some documents, convince them to let him go ... he returned alive and continue living a happy, healthy life and try not to leave things undone until tomorrow.

Its better to live rich and die poor than to live poor and die rich. Whatever money not used does not belong to you. Are you happier that someone signs you a cheque for the balance (total estate) unused money and bury it with you?

The most inspiring moments are normally done by ordinary people leading normal life. Did Dr Sun Yat Sen wanted to be the ruler of China? History indicated he was a leader by accident.

How did Alexandra the Great, Genghis Khan and Napoleon conquer and rule half the globe when its quite an impossible task to accomplish today despite advancement in technology and firepower?

Its all in the mind.

You can live luxuriously happy or poorly rich; its not about money. Its a state of MIND.


The poor worries about his next meal while the rich worries about making the next dollar. It will never be enough!!

David Agus: A new strategy in the war on cancer | Video on

David Agus: A new strategy in the war on cancer | Video on

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stockmarket - Anomaly or Normalcy

What goes up must come down as what goes down will come up... its just when

When US raised their debt ceiling, market caught a chill

- If US debt negotiation remained in deadlock, the reaction will be worse. The fact is US will, and have, approved the creation of more 'monies' (fiat money is the opposite of honest money) for continued survival.

When S&P downgraded US debts, market went virally down

- S&P downgrading of US debts is only normal as the quality of debts have decline with more 'fiat money' (currency that a Government declared as legal tender, not necessarily backed by gold or reserves)!

The writings were on the wall for some time and when reality strikes, adverse reactions occur. Its simply 'buy' on rumour and 'sell' on facts.

Hot monies will move into rising and/or appreciating currencies and by extension, their stock/capital markets and Asia and other emerging economies will be the main beneficiaries.

There will be a flight to quality.

In the short to medium term, there is no 'safe haven' currency. The stronger currencies are not back by gold nor growth; its back by a sense of security - its the strength of the bullet that walk the talks! What else, love it or hate it, but US$. People fear changes.

The volatility of the stockmarket augurs well for traders. As for long term investors, its a time to 'buy cheap'; what happened to US has been waiting to happen for some time.

Everyone wants to make money but few wants to do homework.

The capital markets are not casinos and you need to do homework and be prepared. If you are rushing in and out like everyone at rush hours, chances are you are neither bullish nor bearish. You are a plain sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

How do you reconcile the argument that when commodities prices decline, recession is imminent as rising commodities is inflationary?

These terms are coined to keep research analysts right, either side of a coin; got it?

Did the dramatic fall in the markets come early? Cyclically, it is not totally unexpected. The reaction in stockmarkets is a reflection of mass psychology - 'the herd instinct'. You better be the shepherd than the sheep

The underlying problems - US debts, Euro bankruptcies, Mid-East spring uprising - will take time and political will to clear; in the meanwhile, hot monies will slug it out in the capital markets.

Trade at your own risks 危机 - there are opportunities in the eye of danger!

If you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen. Do not gamble for the stockmarkets are not casinos...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple Yet Complex : Simplex

What a wise man see as simple but many find confusing...

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be - Albert Einstein 
- thats the difference between an excuse and a reason

A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough - Bruce Lee 
- many regrets cannot be rectified

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear - Buddha 
- the stoic house of the Soul 

Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another - Plato 
- selflessness versus selfishness

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for - Socrates 
- learning painlessly with the right choice

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney 
- achievements are actionable

When my mind is blank, I do not attempt to fill in; rather let it be than to fill with regrets - PK

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Choice

The bucks stop when we stop breathing...

Every challenges we face are relative;
If its too big to handle, maybe it was not meant to be handled.
If its too small, chances are it was never a problem (in the first place).
If its something proportional and manageable, nobody's need to complain.

Education, like living, is a lengthy affair; either you learn from books or from experiences. Books will help you minimize, not necessarily avoid, pitfalls and costly errors, whereas experiences are what you learn along the way, painful at times though!

The roads less traveled are not necessarily the toughest.

When life is tough and the going is rough, you learn faster because of survival穷人孩子早当家

Once I was in a two-man canoe in the open sea. On the return journey, the wind was strong and the current was against us. We did all we can to paddle home against all odds; suddenly my buddy stopped paddling! He gave up!
I doubled my strength, tripled the strokes and with a cool, enhance spirit, I journeyed on. . . soon we were back on shore. 

Lucky? Yes. Its also because I decided NOT to complain but to move on.

Providence may have defined your endpoint but you can plot your journey and choose the your routes. 

Be happy, be healthy