Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Choice

The bucks stop when we stop breathing...

Every challenges we face are relative;
If its too big to handle, maybe it was not meant to be handled.
If its too small, chances are it was never a problem (in the first place).
If its something proportional and manageable, nobody's need to complain.

Education, like living, is a lengthy affair; either you learn from books or from experiences. Books will help you minimize, not necessarily avoid, pitfalls and costly errors, whereas experiences are what you learn along the way, painful at times though!

The roads less traveled are not necessarily the toughest.

When life is tough and the going is rough, you learn faster because of survival穷人孩子早当家

Once I was in a two-man canoe in the open sea. On the return journey, the wind was strong and the current was against us. We did all we can to paddle home against all odds; suddenly my buddy stopped paddling! He gave up!
I doubled my strength, tripled the strokes and with a cool, enhance spirit, I journeyed on. . . soon we were back on shore. 

Lucky? Yes. Its also because I decided NOT to complain but to move on.

Providence may have defined your endpoint but you can plot your journey and choose the your routes. 

Be happy, be healthy

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