Monday, August 15, 2011

Singaporeans First

Foreigners are referred to as :

Orang asing in Malay = alien
Gaijin in Japanese = outsider
Walh in German = stranger
Firangi in India = not of the same color
Gringo in Latin America

Some of the terms used border on derogatory - read more

In Singapore, we call foreigners "Foreign Talents"; omigosh! Why did we find them so talented when the World at large grade them at best 'foreigners' if not other terms that clearly signal 'not welcome' or derogatory!

Furthermore, (with due respect) how talented can a clerk, waitress, factory workers, cleaners, entry-level administrators be? I accept that we need some foreigners as not all the skillsets are available here. (I always wonder is it true that Singaporeans don't want such jobs or is it because the pay is so poor that you have to slave it out?!)

If you care to open up your door wide, as in our more liberal immigration policies, you will have 6.6 billion people to choose from/ walk-in. If only 1% decided to come, our tiny island will sink.

It is quite unimaginable, when the guests misbehave, the host has to adapt; its quite the contrary. Must we stoop so low as to 'kowtow' to any foreigners? Also, cheaper doesn't always mean better.

If immigration policies can replace natural (national) births and booster population, then we should call ourselves UnitedNationals not Singaporeans. For better or worse, every nationals will return to support their own/home country when the need arise (as the Chinese all over the world supported China against Japan when she was invaded by Japanese) or returns when prosperity arrive.

Singapore is a country not a corporation. Instant gratification and solutions are deceiving and will self destruct in the long run. I hazard to guess; for every 5 persons in Singapore, 2 are foreigners. Of the 3, if one is a PR, then we only have TWO pure Singaporeans; I stand corrected.  

Why are we so happy to say the foreigners love (or love to come to), Singapore? Is it really for the love of Singapore? I guess its purely economic;

i. There are lack of jobs in their own countries and with exchange rates advantages, they will slog it out (being cheaper) and compete with locals in Singapore because the pay they are getting, and finding a job, is a 'dream' for a start! By extension, this depressed wages for Singaporeans.

ii. By sheer numbers (1.1bil in India, 100mil in Philippines and 1.3bil in China) competition for jobs are very, very stiff in their home country; competing here is a breeze.

iii. Coming here for economic reasons will also mean that when the tide changes, they will return home or leave for greener pastures. Like migrating birds, the will leave in droves when food is scarce.

iv. Many wealthy and prominent families around the World send their families and children to Singapore to study, live (and move on later) because we are stable and safe. There is no sense of belonging; its purely convenience and affordability just as rich and prominent Singaporeans do.

Following the opening up of China in the 80s, many bright Chinese were sent overseas to study and learn; today, they are returning home in droves. Its the same everywhere. When the home is prospering or prosper, its time to go home.

I can only wish and pray that we, Singaporeans, and those who choose to be leaders to lead Singapore, remember that

i. Singaporeans are here to stay.
ii. Going away is not a choice (only available to the wealthy and those terribly deprived or forced to move).
iii. We are not a nomadic tribe and cannot be removed, replaced nor 'topped up'! If importing "cheaper, faster and better" (young not necessarily committed) is a solution, then the Singaporean race will be extinct in due course.
iv. We don't need foreigners (Singaporeans must stand up to lead your fellowmen) to tell us how to lead our lives. Sure, we can, and will, take good/sound advises, if any.

Care and share. Make the lives of our fellowmen lighter and easier.

When war breaks out, Singaporeans will be the first to fight, defend and die. I am sure no one reading this article is naive enough to believe that the foreigners will defend us. If you always take care of your neighbours' children first, how do you expect your own children to take care of you when you are old. ceteris paribus?  

Singaporeans must be FIRST because we are Singaporean and this is Singapore. 

Anyone still doubtful?

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