Monday, June 15, 2015

A Country, A Home & You

When men fight to defend their fellow men's dignity...

The days where everyone is hungry, they share the same destiny
Together they will fight for their future & share their dreams, fears & aspirations
They will guard against intruders & outsiders
The able plots, the brawns work while the homemakers make meals
Everyone moves in one direction & economies of scale ensure efficient production & distribution

Food were scare but sufficient
Life was tough but happy
It's a classless divide where the weak were protected & the less-abled cared for
Every neighbors are eyes for the neighborhood
It's as peaceful, harmonious & prosperous with little to nil complaints

As selflessness turns selfish
When the able & well read turned against the brawns & trustworthy mass
Where tricks & trickery, propaganda & misinformation spread to cover lies
The mass suffers
Half truths replace truth & Neighbourly unity becomes 'divide & rule'

Rewards were not unlike bribery
Blind loyalty is rewarded & lies spoken were encouraged & espoused as 'gospel truth'
Distortion & fears are the order of the day
Trolls & keyboard warriors roam freely to manufacture 'truths' & to fearmonger
Many are deprived economically to break their souls

How long can the mass hang on? You need the slightest catalyst to ignite a revolt

Nobody wants disorder & anarchy
It was unheard of that there is a rape case reported every two days
Scams via media, cell phones & wires top the S$1 billion ~ also unheard of previously
The Riot@Little India, the PRC@Strikes, even choking pollution like haze; were imports
Orchard Road is closed once a month for foreigners & tourists but enjoyed by Pinoys mostly

Costs of living is up..up...& up again

The care & share is a past Order
Elitists dominate
Many are still convinced by lies & half truths
Few dare to stand up, voice out & be righteous
How long will this lasts? For as long as ......

Some day soon
Truths shall prevail
And the false leaders & prophets shall be unearthed & seen
The dignity of the person, the home & the country shall outlasts the charlatans
It better be soon....

Friday, June 5, 2015

No Expectations, No Frustration

somedays are drag...

The best fighter fears falling into illness as even the best prepared person becomes gullible
You train, get ready and be prepared only to succumb to elements
This the X-factor in life; the unexpected
It could be a 'blessing in disguise' but it could also be the 'deal breaker'

Many complaints about flights delays, about not getting on board the ship, the inconveniences
But, when the plane drops or the ship sinks, did they wonder or were thankful for their 'misses'
We are always walking towards the end of time
Do Not rush

Many parents want their children to 'reflex' their dreams, their unfulfilled achievements
Have they realized that the kids 'bring along their own fortune' and destiny? A new frontier
Anyone who lives and breathes his own world and aspirations is happy
Anybody who lives on others' dictates, dies as a 'Regret'; they live for others

I am trying to overcome the 'bad' habits of being prepared; over prepared, at times
I am trying to fill myself with the fullest hopes 满夫过海 but zero expectations 走回上级
Age? Growing old? Setbacks? No. It's wisdom
I came naked and crying and when I return, I shall returned, clothed & cried by others

Without expectations, I shall have lesser to nil frustration

I am beginning to take the road less travelled
Alone but Not lonely
Retreat and observe, minus all the 'noises' around
Just being Myself

I am, and have been, abstaining from the limelight

Tomorrow is never promised