Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Positively Today

when there's nothing to say...

It's great to be a good listener; listening intensely & deeply is an art
Where you allow the person to pour out all that is in his mind ...like emptying a bucket of sludge
But, with an empty mind, the person must be prepared to change, refresh & adapt
A Zen Master once said "If you are like a completely filled cup, nothing can go in.." Ummm
Another said "Give me a baby and I can make him an angel or evil" ~ conditioning
Many can get pass stress with minimum impediments
But, one life lost is one too many

Can the monk, priest, pastor ~ the religious man ~ resist temptation? Sure, most can
Ice melts when heat is applied; water froze when temperature drops
Day turns into night as the moon draws the tide
Every drops fill the ocean ~ as flowers do bloom in the desert
The ecosystem is balanced
There is a solution to every problem
Fear not; somewhere, somehow, someday ...you will find your ideal

How does one work himself to a corner and feel trapped? Constant resistance drain one of energy
The best swimmer can't make it by swimming against the tide
It is easy to say 'Yes' or 'No' but it is never easy to 'do nothing'; remaining calm & unmoved is Zen
Long after everyone is gone, the last man left standing is the winner
The bullies, the dictator, the scums, the perpetrators fear most is 'the eerie silence of non-reaction'
Deng XP said "...remain cool, calm & keep low but be ready to pounce when opportunity presents"

Can you?

I always thought I can & I still think I CAN
Until I am being challenged with one leg over the cliff
The mind is a loose instruments filled with emotions ~ the fear to loss
The loss is not restricted to the self but a 'show hand' deal
There is nothing to loss if I am alone; being born & dying is not my choice
I am acutely aware of my temporary existence
No moment is lost ~ I live in the currency of time

Help others as you will help yourself
Make room for others and make their lives a little easier & yours will be too
Harmony can be harnessed through compassion & sharing
The good will triumph over evil in due course
Slow down, rest but don't quit if you are tire
Everyone will achieve his/her ideal and goal ~ soon


Tomorrow is not promised but it shall come
What good does it make if tomorrow comes and you are gone? Live to see the next sunshine
Call, do not wait for others to call you ...
If you want anything really badly, you will just have to DO IT
My heart lightens with every smile however bad the day is
I'd live long enough to have my last laughs

GOD willing I will find my goal


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Changing My Life & Turning My Fate

from a 'nobody to a legend'...

Everyone is born naked & returns empty
The glory, fame, money and power ceases when one dies
Only legend lives on & there a few and far in between
Fine lines separate a genius and a moron
Fools come in bagful while geniuses are a handful
The successful never need to brag while empty vessels make the most noises
Whether you are new or old, it's the classic that remains; cherished, loved & desired
The moment of truth is a litmus test for many
Fools bath in warmth & overstayed only to self- destruct
The fool & his money will soon part
The wise walk away to victory & safe abode
However, 真金不怕火 only the genuine lasts
Victory separates the boys from the man
We must stay long enough to enjoy the last laugh
Bricks & stones break bones, not words
Nobody dies from poverty or another's ostracism; be yourself
When there is sharing, there are no living poor
The spirited environment lifts everyone's Souls
There is no fear nor threat
Freedom & rights are the Rule of the Land where suspicions and betrayals are unheard of
The surroundings are cherry, charming & festive
No begging, no ostracism, no class-divide, no animosity...
It is Utopia on Earth

Forever & ever, it is Faiths & Beliefs that smooth routes are built
It a stairway to Heaven

Leave all your worries, grouses, disharmony & misfortunes in the old year ; leave them all behind

天时地利人和 - The new Year 2017 is your LUCKY start

Man - why doubt if you can fill your heart with glee & your journey with smiles & successes

Thursday, December 8, 2016


the newly mint may not be the best...

Every 'new' whatever starts with expectations, desires, hopes & promises
It all starts with "I Can & I Want..." but many loss their way & ideals as challenges surface
The magic of 'Beginnings'
Deeply committed, surely can, no problem... these are words, not actions
Everyone loves a winner; there is no room for failures
Speaking loudly are just empty cans; it's noise 虎头老鼠尾

Reality is cruel because it only reward the successes & successor
Winning & coming in second is hardly recognised nor acknowledged
Before you feel stressed out, the Human world is ruled by the 'Laws of the Jungle"
The Red Indians were marginalised, the Maoris were cannibalised, the weaker citizens were gassed
A small sunny island's citizens are 'diluted & sold-out' with more foreigners than citizens in numbers
Equality & fairness are empty words

New does not always mean better & so are empty promises and slogans

Brick & mortars build houses, not homes
If you con't take care of your own, who will? Opening your home to all others is a moron's wisdom
Buying support, like buying respect, never last - for soon everything is forgotten
Nobody is a born leader; most a made & someday ~ death the leveller triumphs
Be kind & good to your fellowmen for they supports your ideals & goals & seek a simple living
No wealthy man can live happily, safely & in harmony in a 'sea of poor'

One GrandMaster told me "when you help everyone or most, everyone will pray for your well-being, good health and prosperity. When you curse, dominate, usurp power & control, the same crowd will return you likewise"

Every day can be the beginning of a new life
We become what we think
You can immerse in misery, live in darkness & continue with self-imposed decay ~ & die some day
I'd rather swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain & dive from stratosphere
A wholesome living indeed

Every day is NEW
Every NEW brings hope
Write your NEW resolutions ~ fulfilling is another chapter
Find NEW directions ~ getting lost is part of the game
And aboveall, stay young & NEW

The Going Is Getting Tougher ...But

the onslaught of harsh wintry winds 寒冷的冬天...

Almost every December I have to moult & leave behind certain bondages
The illicit joy of care & comfort will have to end
Expect the unexpected
The price of enjoyment is doubly painful ~ when sweetness evaporates, bitterness bites
The harshness of reality cuts; alas...
Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. 
Do not let pain make you hate. 
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness
Beautiful statement warming a frozen hope

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your Soul on fire

Be the energy you want to attract
Focus on the good
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination
Be gentle with yourself
You're are doing your best you can
Just because my path is different doesn't mean I'm lost
Kind heart
Fierce mind
Brave spirit

Go easy on yourself

I have been harsh on myself as I know tempering a sword requires extreme heat
Heat it until it turns dark blue and then immediately remove it from the heat source. 
Cool it either rapidly or slowly, whichever you prefer
However, if the blade warped during hardening, straighten it while it's hot from tempering
A good sword matches a great man 人在剑在 剑没人亡
Nothing can be achieved with a weak heart & a weaker mind
To be cruel is to be kind

After moulting, a new image is formed
A rejuvenated, remodelled & slick new 'me' manifest a brighter future
Daring & willing
You only live once; live well & live to the fullest
After December, a new year is born
After winter, Spring returns with a splash of colors
I shall lie low, hibernate & returns to splash the rainbow of opportunities

Nobody can take victory away from me
My partner is GOD & my power is Faith

Monday, December 5, 2016

December Is Not The End

...as the day draw to a close, the last page of the calendar drops

31,536,000 seconds is not too long ; 365 days to be exact
December is the closing month of the year and the preparation for everything new ... again
Those Resolutions at the beginning of the year is in need of dusting and review
Many are off targets and few are complete ~ repeating and renewing is a norm
This is the power of "HOPEs"

Nature send layers of cool, cold snow to envelop rough,dirty, unkempt surfaces
With the sunshine reflecting clean, white surfaces; alas! magically the pains and ugliness disappear
The cold winter 寒冷的冬天 forces everyone to slowdown
Seeking warm, galvanizing friendship, building togetherness, reflecting on the past over the fireplace
Suddenly ...the disappointment, the setbacks, the sorrows, the unachieved; all melt away

When streams froze, fish survive under warmer waters
Trees de-leaves and stand nakedly to retain water and warmth
Birds seek refuge & migrate miles away to protect their offspring and continuity
Animals dig in retreating into the wilderness
While Man harness & blends into the harsh demands of wintry winds

Since the dawn of Mankind, Man has adopt and adapt well into the environment
There is zero fear of/in climate change; it is indeed changing continuously
The advent of Mankind has manifested a speedier climate change; for the worse
Greed, selfishness and envy translate into indiscriminate pollution of the land,see and air
GOD has no reason to end the world but it happens, it will be man's own doing

I love December & all the more Winter
Like it or not, the old is departing and a 'layer of whitewash' cleans the tired feet,soles & Soul
You are forced by the cold to slowdown, take stock and reminisce
Recollections give many "...I should have..." which will never return
Time and tides wait for no Man

Everything changes

The new shall arrive; not necessarily better but surely newer
The lost shall be found; may not be the same but fundamentally unscarred
Day turns into night as the bad shall turn good & better
Luck returns
When Spring comes, all shall be bright, flowery & everything nice

Only those who pass on, tomorrow doesn't matters

This world is made for the living
From dust to dust ~ 生老病死 
Everything replace, replenish, reform and reworks
Only the form may be different
With HOPEs & FAITH, we shall prosper

Thursday, December 1, 2016

When Dying Was Not A Choice

animals die in faraway places not to be seen ...

When animal dies, it either die alone & lonely or die with their flocks
Carps die after spawning, female praying mantis eats up their male during mating
Elderly eagles break their beaks to strengthen and maintain their sharpness as they aged
Lion rules the jungle but when aged, even the hyenas dominate and eat it as meal

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty - Pauline Philips

The hospice caters to the terminally ill who knew their time is limited and seek a painless delivery
Their pains, irritations & sufferings cannot be quantified nor easily relieved
Living may not be a choice but must be dignified
Their will to live is, more often than not, their Faiths in GOD

The rich but sickly has no use for money; you cannot pay someone to suffer your illness
The dead poor is not nearly dead but must struggle to find his next meal
The young trades his health for money while the elders use his wealth to 'buy' health
When sickness hit, dying is never a choice however terminal

Parents struggle to bring up kids and when kids are grown-ups, it's an empty-nest syndrome
In this moneyed world, without money, little to nothing can be done 有钱不是万能 但无钱万万不能
When you are old, immobile, sick and penniless and help is not available, dying is a choice not readily available
The need to survive is all the more demanding and trying

Are the old really insignificant and discardable? They are not digits in statistics
To the successful people who disowned and discard their parents, your Karma isn't far
Nobody wants to be sick and dependent 生老病死 ~ The Laws of Nature dictates
Spare a thought for the aged & unwell; dying is not a choice

When death comes a-calling, there must be dignity
No one should die unwanted, alone in the wild & with death as a choice
Euthanasia ~ should be available for those who suffers overwhelming pains and scourge
A dignified exit is what every man deserves without having to make a choice

If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before and people continue to disappoint them - Jodi Picoult

When Winter Comes

cool, cold, freezing ...

What have I done for the last 11 months that slipped away 'like a moments breathe'
The last breathe is always the final not unlike time
Time shall never return ~ time and tides wait for no man
Whatever hopes, fears & aspiration of yesterday remains ~ not fulfilled yet

As I look back I have gain little materially but experiences aplenty
I have had unending challenges and uninvited troubles
At times, the tides were overwhelming and chocking
Giving up was the best solution ....but

The smart stay on the wayside and let the backlash flows
Swimming against the tides is an impossible; Nature is ever overpowering
Get up and get going was not the choice; it's best to immerse & blend into the environment
Live to fight another day

When you were young, there were abundant energy but little experiences
When you are old, there is little latent energy but plentiful of experiences
But...if "it must go wrong, it will go wrong"; fighting Murphy is chasing our own shadow
If Fate is predetermined, then 'sit-by' & wait

Alas, I have wasted no effort but continued my moves forward
Where there's a breathe, I battled on
Not for fear of losing out but you really do not know if you are near success ~ nearly succeed is nil
Struggles are only possible if you are well and alive ~ keep going

If tomorrow comes

Winter is a time to relax, recharge, recuperate and relieve the pains
Many resolutions are 3/4 empty and many hopes are... just HOPEs
I had many misses; always hopeful & never felt hopeless
There is nothing that cannot be achieved 心有多大 舞台就多大

天时地利人和 ~ 天助我也

I never wait for the new calendar to arrive
Everyday is the best day
I fight to gain in every challenge ~ it's the fight in the dog, not the size
Am I scared & discouraged? Discourage, perhaps, but never scare

Rest if I must, but never quit
Tomorrow, I shall shine & rule
Today, the hurtful and tire Soul is under repairs & maintenance
With God's input & blessings ~ the latent me shall resurrect 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Every Dog Has It's Day ~ yours soon

sick and tired of those vertebral-less people  没骨气

There are many who complain and, in the same breathe, say 'don't quote me ya!'
If you don't want to stand up and stand out for your rights, why should others shoulder your cause?
Beggar thy neighbours is not commendable nor noble
You either have a case or you fake it until you make it
What good can come out if everyone complains and no one make an/any effort to institute changes?
The world collapse because of blind loyalty and selfishness...

When the ship sinks, nobody is any smarter in a selfish and greedy environment
Your benefits and acquisition are as good as when there are peace, harmony, care & share
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor just as the wealthy cannot store all the treasures at home
The elite few must share the fruits with the working class & the peasants
Hoarding breeds contempt ; the hungry man is an angry man
The poor are not begging for handouts but for dignified living

The poor, less educated and working class must not emulate an attitude of indifference
"What doesn't concern me, is none of my problem" is correct until it hits you
Do you expect your village of compatriots to stand with you for your inertia? No! Do not even dream
Give a helping hand when you can
Stand up to the bully and be united in numbers; it's not the big dog but the bite in the dog that counts
There are plentiful of theories but few practitioners and adopters

Friends, lesser friends and acquaintances
In this dog eat dog society, made worse by discriminate distributions of economic rations, Man betrays readily
Man cheats to prosper & ethics and integrity has gone down the drain
The courier of bad news faces the guillotine
The smart and righteous die fighting while the cowards and cunning prosper
And Man shall self-destruct

Law of Comparative Advantage creates  more out of efficient deployment of resources
Law of Competitive Advantage allows more out of higher productivity
From dusts to dust and Man comes naked and returns empty handed
The need to hoard, betray compatriots and be selfish is a Law of the Jungle
But, and, until Man repents and care & share the world is moving towards ...the end
As for those who let others suffer while they feast, their endings & death will be more dramatic

The next time before you betray someone or cunningly set entrapment, ask again 'will I do this to one of my own loved ones?' If YES, you deserve to succeed

Every dog has its day
Perhaps, yours will be ... soon

Friday, November 18, 2016

Today I Shall Change For The Better

...I shall shine

I have been trapped by my overeagerness to move forward that I was paralysed
I was re-counting my blessings that I lost the fire to fight & to move forward
I indulged in dreams and almost forgotten to awake ~ dreams are plans-wannabe; being awaken executes the dream
I was lost but now I'm found

Success did not drowned my fire to fight but fear did
Compounded by repeated failures I became timid and stressed
My mind was clear but my thoughts & actions were muddled
I am awakened to my weaknesses ~ I am only a human like everyone else

Now, I shall change and the would will change with me

“Dream big and dare to fail.” ~Norman Vaughan 
There is only one option; get up, get going and work on your dream. Failure is not an option

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~Lao Tzu 
Sailing without a compass will land you on no-man's-land, not your intended land

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi 
The coward relies on others to realize his dreams & it seldom happens

“There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.” ~Christopher Morley
You either write history or repeat others history

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” ~John Muir 
Ya, True! But, get out of imagination and start doing ...

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” ~Charles Kettering
Never entertains failures; it is the beginning of downtrend

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” ~Jimmy Johnson 
Its like the genius and the retard; a fine line indeed

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” ~Babe Ruth
Be mentally and physically ready for results ...

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~Napoleon Hill
For me, TODAY is the right time

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ~George Eliot
Health willing; everything is still possible 

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” ~Elbert Hubbard
You will end up "Nothing"

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” ~Dalai Lama
Life was made to be miserable but lived happily

“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.” ~Ben Hogan
Work smart & be streetwise

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” ~Arnold Palmer
Move the frontier, push the corners and think out of the box. Blow up the box if all else fails

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill
心有多大 舞台就多大  Whatever Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Osman of the Ottoman Empire, Napolean. Emperor Ching Shi Wang achieved were 'impossibles' during their time. They did it 

I CAN too

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lies, Propaganda Or Gullible?

many died without knowing they have been fooled...

Why is it politicians can 'hold the populace at ransom' & make them submissive the world over?
Propaganda, lies, misinformation & ...
Why the sheer numbers of population cannot displace a small group who commands like a Lord?
Elites, smart, shrewd ....
Why the majority willingly suffer while a small minority lords over them?
Naive, fear, misinformed, blind loyalty, simply lame...

It's not fear that kills but selfishness and greed
By making some more privilege than others, 'animal farm' rules
By making many hungry, few dare to revolt
Relationships were put to test and many are stretched mentally
Brutality, indifference, 'divide & rule', deprivation, unknown peppered with uncertainty 'lock' men in
Men are weak when deprived...

If only Man is not selfish and less self-serving

Charles Dickens 'quote' ~
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
Reflect upon your present blessings -- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

George Owell 'quote' ~
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.
Political language. . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

The psychology of winning is to make deprivation out of Man & they shall remain subservient & biddable - this is the act of a selfish leader
A true leader leads but a leader-wannabe commands
Why must many suffer under the hands of the few? Alas...
Suffering manifest where costs is shared and profits and revenues are retained
Stop being gullible
If the many do not stand up and be counted, there can be NO complaints
Where many love sweet little lies ...life becomes more bearable and rich-poor gap widens

The cycle of sufferings continues ~ its cyclical

Lies, propaganda, gullible? It's the acceptance, not the meaning
The sheep willingly and willfully walk into the abattoir
When death strikes, sufferings end
But, many are barely alive, let alone living  活生生的 不是生活
You decide your Providence but you also affect others
Everyone has a choice 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Emotions & Bondage

when Man is rid of emotions, life becomes ...

However impactful and moving one treats you, it shall all pass
The overaching feel diminishes over time as new persons and events overtake
Or, when one has enough of you; 'tire' is the word
When parting is sudden, the pain is bad
Alas... nothing is permanent

In Christianity, dying is a passage to be with GOD
In Buddhism, dying is a delivery against bondage & obligations 生老病死
There is no regrets in passing but the living need to live on ...& live fruitfully
Material well-being evaporates with death; you do not bring along
From dust to dust

Helping others and being helpful have their attendant risks
Being taken advantage of, being made use of & being accused of ...are loads of negative rewards
We hardly see the need to be rewarded but vanity sweeps some off their good intent
When help is rewarded 'in kind', it has a tendency to become emotionally destructive
From time to time, a little help is the catalyst to recovery

We must rid ourselves of emotions ~ the bondage of boy-girl relationship undermines peaceful coexistence
It fills life with jealousy, envy, self-denials and undermine trusts
When love departs, hurt returns; why bother to have any love-hate relationship? It's an undoing
Vices like 吃喝嫖赌 emotionally disruptive
Have faith in GOD; humanly emotions are temporary

When the last breathe stops, life expires
The quarrels and tussles expire in godly cases but strives continue to plague those in material squabbles
If life is temporary, why squabble & immerse in sadness & misery? It's Providence
Unless, you unleash calmly and 'let go' your grasp of disgruntleness, disharmony prevails
The kink in your heart is for your to untie, not cut

There will always be feelings of inadequacy, however much you have
The human race cannot be sustained unless human follies and selfishness are minimized and eliminated
The world shall end in the hands of foolishness, greed and denials
It can be STOPPED if, and when, Man repents and restore 'care & share' to humankind
Life need not be miserable; it's all sugar & spice & everything nice

Live your best today & everyday
Free yourself of emotions & bondage
Smile; this lightens up your heart and manifests positive vibes
Stay healthy & harmoniously balance into your environment
We are TEMPORARY; borrowed time, borrowed resources ~ the last breathe is your finale

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2017 - Opportunities Abound

Eclipses - lunar and solar 2017/2018 ...

10 Feb 2017 Penumbral Lunar
26 Feb 2017 Annular Solar
7 Aug 2017 Partial Lunar
21 Aug 2017 Total Solar 

31 Jan 2018 Total Lunar 
15 Feb 2018 Partial Solar
13 Jul 2018 Partial Solar
27 Jul 2018 Total Lunar
11 Aug 2018 Partial Solar

The cannibalization of globalization is in progress [Brexit is only the beginning] and countries are looking at protecting the vested interests of their citizens from jobs to income, from housing to food, from medical to transportation.. & the list flows.

Cheap funds and money-printing-funding have caused the excesses of a bloated global economy magnified by property-play, commmodities-exploitation, environmental pollution and and political gamesmanship. As in all illusions, the music must come to an end; the world is suffering from excessive obesity of production in a declining demand scenerio.

Many countries are stifling their terms of engagement and negotiation, Smart politicians exploit their need to dominate and trades favours with 'adversaries' to gain economic favors. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" becomes the flavor of the season.

CASH is King ~ for the time being

Between now and the next 6-8months, cash/money rules and can buy plentiful more units per dollar as recession and declines cut deeper. Government will practice 'zero-sum' growth & milk their people for more funding via increased taxes to fund expansionary policies. This is not sustainable and will crash in due course triggering a panic and the loosening of contractionary policies. The last sell-down will be substantial...this is manifested by protectionism, debts due and lack of loans/credit.

Short term growth from the lows, aka sell down, will lead to a rebound by mid-2017. Governments, the world over, will pass the blame of economic collapse to past policies and global economic weaknesses.

Gold will shine in an uncertain currency crisis.

Selective 'Buy/equities' in 1Q/2017 sell-down with a view to exit post August/September. Traders are discouraged from taking excessive risks.

Be prepared to cash out and rest as 2017 draws toward the close

2018 will be an economic quagmire ; from the ashes shall rise the Phoenix

Monday, October 24, 2016

Opportunities In A Crisis- 2017

...history repeats itself

1987 - The Black Monday - 1986/87 were watershed years. The stockmarket crash (Black Monday) was the largest one-day drop; DJIA lost 22.6% or $500bil on October 19, 1987

1997 - The Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98The Asian financial crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of the Thai baht in July 1997. Asian economic miracles became Asian Financial Contagion. Interest rates hit 32% in the Philippines and 65% in Indonesia

2007 - It was called the Global Financial Crisis 2007/08 although it was US-centric spilled over effects. What triggered the meltdown were subprime (high risk) loans then bundled and sold to quasi-government agencies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and traded as mortgage-backed securities. The result of "high risk, complex financial products; undisclosed conflicts of interest; the failure of regulators, the credit rating agencies, and the market itself to rein in the excesses of Wall Street.

Will 2017 be any different or the same? If "Yes", what will trigger the crisis?
Many theories have been forwarded from currency & banking crisis to global slowdown to military gamesmanship to a 'freak election results in US (anyone can win and the result is final, NOT freak)'.
It's probably DISTRUST, greed, selfishness and the need to dominate that will trigger the next crisis. The global economic slowdown will trigger the cannibalization of global trade Blocs as trade Blocs crack and divorce.  
This is further aggravated by repatriation of non-citizens and the need to protect locals against unemployment & underemployment thereby setting forth a tit-for-tat protectionism. 
The military gamesmanship by US/NATO and Russia/China and the quagmire of need to dominate geopolitically will undermine the global banking system and the confidence in the respective currencies. Without trust, the global trade will collapse; we will be witnessing a situation worse than the 'Great Depression'.
The excesses of globalisation will take years to consume and food & water will be the 'trade currency' and bargaining chips. The madness of war and threats of an 'all-out nuclear' war will hamper recovery. Unless, and until, TRUST is restored, little can be done to rebuild the damaged split-global economy. Brexit is just the beginning. 

Prosperity happens where there are trusts and mutual gains can be built.

However, it will not be all 'doom & gloom'; war reparation triggers economic recovery. A new world order will surface and a new form of economic exchange shall rise. With TRUST, recovery, rebuilding and growth returns. Watch ASIA & Gold

2017 will still see plentiful of opportunities in the stockmarkets

The Demise Of Local Stockmarket

...work for the sake of working without initiatives and nil judgement calls

Material Impact On Stocks Trading In SGX

I was in stockbroking from 1986 to 2004 and had seen my fair share of market gyrations. From the days of Pan-Electric to the 1987 Stockmarket Crisis, the Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98 through to the US Contagion 2007/08 and more. Although I have exited the stockbroking industry, I am proud and hold dear to my heart of 'Singapore as a Financial Centre'.

However, there are certain policy matters that were adopted but left unintended handicap and is decimating trading (volumes) in SGX. Perhaps, the Society of Remisiers (Singapore) - (SORS) - and/or the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) - (SIAS) -care to support or  disagree with the following views.

1) Micronising Bid/Ask quote -

Bid/Ask quote were reduced to $0.001 with a view to increase trading volumes and to act as 'fastfeeds' to algo-trades. It was well and fine until SGX mandated that main board companies must trade above $0.20 failing which the shares must be consolidated. What was the underlying principle for this?

Over time, it has been proven that if the ListCo is a 'dog', the price will still decline to below $0.20 after consolidation. Minority shareholders bear the brunt as their shares collapsed in value and trades were scarce post-consolidation.

2) Board Lot Size were reduced -

There was good intention when board lot size were reduced from 1,000 shares to 100 shares per lot. This is to make the higher value, more qualitative stocks available to the small investors. However, nothing was done to require a 'minimum dollar size' for each trade but there is a minimum brokerage fee charged. 

It is comical, for example, that a trade of 100 shares at $10.17 (SIA) is $1,017 and the brokerage charged is $25 - $40. Another trade of 100 shares at $0.001 (Annica) is $0.10 and the brokerage charged is also $25 - $40. Shouldn't there be a discrimination on minimum dollar value instead of a blanket application to all ListCos? 

3) Doing away with lunch breaks -

It was hopeful that more trades will be generated by ceasing lunch breaks for remisiers and dealers. But, over time, it has been proven that this is a myth. For the sake of health and good practice, lunch breaks should be restored. Remisiers and dealers need to meet clients and prospects to cultivate and generate interests and share investment ideas. 

If machines alone can proliferate trades, 90% of trades would have been executed through the internet but it is the reverse that is true.
This is not a fault finding note but I am hopeful that the unintended ills are redressed. I trust the relevant authorities will expeditiously rectify the kink.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The World Shall End As Selfishness And Self-denial Manifest

...time and tides wait for no man

如家佛教道教 Confucianism, Buddhism & Taoism are philosophy taught by learned teachers, Confucius, Buddha and TaiShang LaoJun.
They did not create nor prophersize fresh theories but relied on their knowledge, understanding and wisdom of grand old 4000 - 6000 years old philosophical theories.
Their intent is to share their wisdom and to share, educate & impart knowledge and henceforth forestall the end of mankind.


The world of 7 billion are lead by selfish, self-serving and greedy politicians
When the wealthy grease the politicians and they craft policies to ringfence & hoard wealth within their inner circle, the mass suffers.
Why should the West decide who rule the Mid-East natons?
If clean energy can sufficiently supply global needs why are there still resistence to deploy them?
If climate change is going to destroy the Earth, why does US produces the most carbon?
Why can't US/NATO coexist & share leadership with Russia/China peacefully for the good of humanity?

No one! No one can escape unscathed from the next WWar; it's MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction

The wealth of the world centres around banking & armaments; medicine & food come next.
Money makes the world goes round  有钱能使鬼推磨 and coerce & extract obedience
Arms coerce & extract obedience
Medicine & food in the hands of the powerful coerce & extract obedience
The poor & weak are made weaker by coercion and submit to 'command and control', not by choice but submission

The richest 1% of the world's population now owns 50% of its total wealth - Suisse Credit
62 richest billionaires control 50% of the world wealth - Oxfam

If only the sinners (non-religious context) and sinful regret, remorse and repent, the world will never be able to recover as the decaying globe self-destruct.
Money cannot repair the globe but good behavior & repentance will slow the 'murder' of the globe
When Earth is contaminated [nuclear fallout], polluted [pollution of water sources, air and environment] and tainted [overused land], no one will be able to escape this armageddon.

The belief that GOD will save you is nothing more than an ILLUSION when all hell breaks loss.
When high waves, raging fires, breaking earth and darkness arrive, MAN shall hallucinate & seek GOD's forgiveness and salvation ...
Have your seen GOD whichever religion you belong and believe?  NO
Whether you are capitalist, communist, socialist or whatever...when the Globe explodes with poison, we all go - rich & poor

If you are never wrong or never believe that you have done wrong, then there is NO need to repent.
If you do not change, how do you expect the world and the environment around you to change.
Continuous self-denial is the surest way to desttruction.
The wealthy will be less willing to part but parting is only a "WHEN" for the poor - its deliverance
Death the Leveller

Be compassionate, be kind, care and share
Slow down and spare a little time to yourself and your fellowmen
If...If you want more peace and blessings, reflect of your past, correct your misinformed intent and repent.
There are peace and harmony in Mankind & this starts with you

Monday, October 17, 2016

Life Is Like A Boat In The Ocean

...when the tides come in

The 5 oceans and 7 continents
Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Artic ocean, Indian ocean & Southern ocean
Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America
Man lives on land and are connected by waterways
75% of Earth is filled with water but drinkable waters are few

Modern days connectivity has made the world smaller, communication faster & time compact
Many believe that technology assists mankind and make life easier
But, but...the reverse is obvious
There are 7 billion + people on Earth; an Earth made smaller by crowd & technology
The challenge to rule and dominate the world become all the more urgent

The richest 1% of the world's population now owns 50% of its total wealth - Suisse Credit
62 richest billionaires control 50% of the world wealth - Oxfam
The gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger
We are like boats when we were born; sampans, tongkangs, yachts, catamarans, cruise..
We ride the economic waves like that of the seas

The UPs & DOWNs - many venture into the voyages onto the unknown
Small boats cannot ever try the high seas while larger boats fear the stormy seas
Even cruises have to avoid the 'eye of the storm'; the Titanic did not make it past her maiden voyage not because of storm but an iceberg
The Blue Navy rules the world but none can survive the wrath of Nature
Like many of us, we grow, are empowered, gain strength, knowledge and wisdom to venture into the future 

Always sail with a compass and live with a goal
The newfoundland are few in a world of 7 billion
Instead of cannibalizing the world economy, we should adopt the 'Blue Ocean' strategy; the need to carve a niche in a crowded market place
There are opportunities if everyone care to share but it's getting scarce
For each, his own; tomorrow is never promised

Our live journey is one that begins and must end 生老病死
Like the boat, it shall wear & tear over time and decay in due course & return to dust
Victory and glory are nice but short and sharp; many are forgotten and cast into the annuls of history 成仅拥有
Have compassion, empathy, care & share
GOD will relieve you of Earthly bondages

So long as you are contented and willing to share - the world will be a better place
The 'wealthy one' cannot live in a 'sea of poors'
A General without Soldiers is worse than blunt knife; useless
The selfish and self-righteous will not dominate & rule in due course
Death - the Leveller

Be a 'Love Boat' basking in the peaceful environment rather than a aircraft carrier caught in the midst of battle - deception self-destruct

You may be born poor but need not remain - the world is yours to conquer
But, choose your waterways for the small boat cannot sail into the open seas
Be Contented
Be Compassionate 
The more you share the further you shall sail

Monday, October 10, 2016

Limits of Life

there's a limit to ...

How fast to go, how swift to get results, how determine you're to gain or defeat your opponents..?
Every decisions come with a price - take him down at all cost or walk away like a wounded dodo!
There is a time for everything and doing nothing is the hardest - 发呆 - lying low and waiting!

I have been used to fast life, high tension, high stress jobs; anything less is a deliberate act to manage, wait for the perfect time 天时地利人和 ,be ready and ...Pounce!
But, the waiting can be killing; suicidal at times.
I never wait for the 'perfect time' as I believe anytime is good time.
But, but... I have hit too many obstacles such that I'm weakened but alive 不是生活而是活生生的

When the going is tough, the tough keeps going
Positive thinking is great but it's tonnes of bullshit if 'YOU" are simmering & swimming in it
There is light at the end of the tunnel; what if it's a train coming?
Tough people lasts, tough times don't is another bullshit; how is it humanly possible to face defeat again, again & again?
The caregivers normally die ahead of the patients!

I am a lighthouse to many ...so they claimed.
But, who is to know that I have my hurdles and challenges?
Do I complain? NO
I can only do my best & leave the rest...easier said than done.
When I am completely down, I switch 'OFF' completely

If there is GOD, then GOD is responsible for my well being and blessings.
I always believe there is GOD & he is always with me, by my side

Over the years, I have been learning to stay away from negative people, including the compulsive complainants.
They bring nothing but loads of problems to you and do not seek solutions as "everything is also 'CANNOT & unable'; they seek to drown you in their problems.
Alas, they beggar thy neighbors
Stay away from them if you are down; that is Survival

It's that much I can do!
It's that much I can tolerate and 'push the frontiers'.
Having no friends is not a problem; it's having 'problemed' friends that kill.
I ...I need to unload my burden to someone & the someone is "GOD"

Like my data plan, I have almost reach my limits.
Overdrafts and added costs must be avoided at all costs.
The time is due for a reset.
In GOD I trust

The only greatness is 'if & when you are alive'.
If you are dead, nothing else matters...the smart 'live to fight another day'!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The World Loves A Winner

winning is everything...

Singapore's swim star, Joseph Issac Schooling, made news when he won the Rio olympic gold (swimming) with a record 50.39sec
The lackadaisical intent to provide live telecast on the games spoke volumes
Nobody...no Ministers corrected the earlier intent to provide delay telecast of the games
Suddenly, when Schooling made it to the finals of the Fly event, every/the "Who's Who" all spoke up
Alas! What an afterthought! Everyone loves a winner

More than $300m were spent on the YOG which ended with a whimper; a cost over-ran of >$200m..."...exceeded its original budget of S$104 million by three times...!" 
No one took wink yet $6m to pay for live telecast was an after-thought...omigosh
Well, everything turned well after the WIN
This WIN was better felt & loved than the winnings by imported sportspersons

It was a WIN that we can call our own ~ by Singaporean, for Singaporeans

The FB pages were flooded with Schooling... ***WIN*** Everyone loves a winner

Only the First will be remembered
- the first man on the moon ~ Neil Armstrong
- the first man to swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aids ~ Capt Matthew Webb
- the first man to climb Mt Everest ~ Sir Edmund Hillary
- the first Black as President of USA ~ John Hanson 1781 [Modern day is Barack Obama]

Schooling was not exactly favoured; hence the reluctance to telecast the Rio Games live
But, with this win...many will line up to cheer him & sponsor him too
Let those who had doubts to be schooled in "For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans, With Singaporeans
The elite is still in their ivory tower
The commoners are here to cheer with our very own Singaporean, Schooling, with their hearts

Perhaps, it is overdue to stop importing (foreign) sportspersons
It is also overdue to stop giving away free scholarship to foreigners
If you do not give our young a chance to learn, train, be encouraged and motivated, how in the world will there ever be a pool of local talents? Do not ask others to dream an empty dream
The elite cannot holed up in the ivory tower...toooooooooo loooooooooong

Cheers to the winner
For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans, With Singaporeans..,with a heart of truth & compassion

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Harness The Energy Of Time

when the night is young...

How young is young and there're limitation of what the young can do
There're are constraints as time flows continuously & unconsciously and nobody can stop it
Somehow, the young night turns into day when dawn breaks
Time and tides wait for no man
Young are filled with energy whilst the elders are blessed with experiences

A giant tree can make millions of match sticks but one match stick can burn down the forest
Drips and drops fill the ocean but there are insufficient (drinkable) water for consumption
Gold are dug from the ground and stored in security-tight vaults
Vast stretches of farmland & greens are unearthed and raided for urban development
Animals, flora & fauna are forced into extinction while zoos and orchards are built to exhibit them

Great civilization come and go
They do not collapsed because of Nature but died in Man's fallacies & foolishness
History has no lack of fools
There was the League of Nations before United Nations
Self-interests will undermine unity & perpetuate distrusts ~ leading to war & destruction

WW1 & WWII came and went with minimum destruction to mankind
WWIII, if happens, will be MAD ~ Mutual Assured Destruction ~ where mankind will be nuked into oblivion
Man's need to dominate another is the most potent pill for suicide
Compassion, care & share and the willingness to resist dominance will extend lives
All/Any GODs cannot stop 'the end of the world', but Man himself

I am a positive and I believe we will live forever until such a day when Man self-destruct

I am not here to judge nor to listen to others criticism and bias opinions
My life is dictated by myself, for myself ~ GOD willing, I will succeed
Today is the best day as tomorrow is never promised
I will make my day shine, warm & illustrious ~ Victory is mine to keep
Worry not; for worry do not solve anything

The sun will still rise & the moon shines

Be the best today ~ be Healthy & Happy

Monday, August 1, 2016

Conformity Is The Surest Way To Failures

success ~ the elusive chase...

A research involving 100 persons, aged 25, showed that, by the time they are 65 years old, One succeeded, Four are financially independent & 95 didn't make it.

Amazingly, all started zealously but why so few make it?

Everyone were brave and adventurous at start but failed along the way, not because they turned coward but they conformed.
Conformity narrowed their choice to decision making and divert away from their dreams. People succeed because they have a goal & they know where they are going.

Like a boat that set sail, the destination has been decided.

We become what we think about; You reap what you sow. You cannot expect to harvest mangoes when you planted rambutans, can you?

Everything & every dreams and wants begin with an idea. Jack Ma didn't let his lack of funds sink his dream. He make globalisation seamless and borderless & connects the supply chain via internet. It was a dream few believed in...

Li Ka-shing made a few strategic decisions to leapfrog into the forefront of commerce from making plastic flowers to properties to warehousing to internet & telcos. He feeds on the fad of the day.

Everyone of us is the 'sum total of our thoughts'.

Jackie Chan was a stuntman and an extra before he hit the box-office big time. He differentiated himself from the then famous, Bruce Lee. Conformity is the surest way to failures.

Focus on the positives & do more than what you are required to do. There is no excesses but surpluses ~ the reserves that you have built will return to boost your fortunes.

Ask & you shall get
Seek & you shall find
Knock & the door opens to you

Life winnings are there for you if you care to move towards your goal
No one but you shall harvest your fruits someday
As a person ages, his choices narrow and his winnings wane ~ he become satisfied as the sun sets on him

August - Illustrious & Distinguished

august - the eighth month ... respected & impressive, distinguished, illustrious 

It's the change of the seasons
Autumn is near where the old are shed, energy conserved and time to slow down
Slowing down is not quitting; it to recharge for a longer journey
Nature has a way of "bloom in Spring, build in Summer, conserve in Autumn & relax into Winter"
But... I have not achieved anything in the last seven months except fire fighting

The economic landscape is challenging
Costs of living is still increasing and obstacles mounting; alas! when will these abate
Live we must
Like August, it's time to spend less, eat less... maybe, also work less
The rush is over; do not rush to the end of life

Why is August distinguished & illustrious? It's the season ~ golden leaves, aura of gold shedding
When you shed in order to survive Winter
There is the balance of Yin & Yang 阴阳
I want to fill up August with gusto & complete all that I had not done for the first 7 months
The Power of Positives beget positives

Will the next half year be any better
I don't know but I'm not letting up; came rain, sunshine or thunderstorm
I do not believe in giving up nor giving in...surrender is not in my vocabulary
When I win, I win handsomely
I shall enjoy the golden shedding into the whitely Winter

If tomorrow comes & many will know I am the rain maker

What count are achievements, results, ultimatum ...I shall be there

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Winning With Luck

winning is everything ...

How come I hardly win or make it despite every conceivable efforts spent? Guess, I would not make excuses; make results ...waiting for better days

I have been dreaming big, taking every opportunities that come: A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

I have been patient, suffering from disadvantages quietly and taking 'punches'. It's to win wars & forgive battles...

I win most times; either I win or I gain experiences. Sometimes you win; sometimes you LEARN

Do not quit; rest if you must. Effort & attitude win & overcome all obstacles

The best and hardest work do not necessarily translate into desired results: Winning is 90% hard work & 10%  Luck; without luck little can be achieved

Winner takes all: When you win, nothing matters

The way to peace and harmony is to humour the challenges. Everytime you find humour in a crisis, you win ~ go with the flow

To stay afloat, to continue the journey and to seek a harmonious ecosystem, I stay simple. You are born to win unless you give up...simplicity is also a win

I fight to WIN
With luck, I win easily
Effort, determination and attitude do change the situation
But, ...I need LUCK...plentiful of Luck

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Success - Methods

....live to fight another day

There are no living heroes
There is no point in gaining recognition posthumously as a dead man will soon be forgotten
Are we to fight for recognition for everything we do; perhaps yes but you can never demand for it
The best reward is to be able to extend help and relieve others of sufferings...they'd remember you
In death everyone is equal...the grave is as big and you bring nothing along

Man seeks recognition not for fame but dignity, value and worthiness
The social classes and divides are permeable as many can float through the stratas
The good, the bad and the ugly wants to be recognised and belonged
We are all social animal
Our ability to reach the apex is limited by the thickness of our hides & the shrewdness of our moves

Cars and houses are status symbols & so are jewelleries
Food and water are basic staples that feeds the 'Haves' & the 'Have-Nots'
It's the poor that work the fields to supply food but it's commerce that enriched the upper-class
Then, why so are there poverty? It's the result of selfishness and greed
When food is hoarded, people suffer

Success has no fixed formulas 

The power to succeed and success lies within
You can fight to win [the powerful and well endowed]
You may submit to win too [the physically & materially weaker ~ fire weakened the steel]  
You...& YOU are the determinant of your own success
Of course, failure is easiest; Do Nothing

I am who I am
I live as the blade of grass swinging & bending in the breeze, not the grand oak tree
The spirit of freedom, conquest and free from bondage transcends all
Let you not be tied down to material allures nor be emotionally cringed
You only live "ONCE"; live the best

Man proposes; God disposes
But, for most times, Man proposes beyond their ability & capabilities
"No expectation, No frustration" is a notable phrase; just try your best
Wishing for the best and always be prepared to push the frontiers
Umm, do not fell off the cliff
Nothing Succeed like Success                                                                                                                                                            
Rest if you must but don't quit
Be there when the good times return ~~~ dead man tell no tales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Share & Let The World Be A Better Place

old but reliable...

There are many who think 'old' is synonymous with uselessness, dependence, immobility and 'discardable' ~ kinda of a sin
The situation is exacerbated by some Government's perception and representation of the old as dependents
Strangely, the world over, politicians are valued higher as they aged but not the working class
Wisdom is not a monopoly of the political class

Why would the world that dismantle the class-divide be divided again in this age? This is the problem of a hugely differential income-gap
The Gini Coefficient is getting larger
The Pareto Principle no longer exists [see below]

Just 62 people, 53 of them men, own as much wealth as the poorest half of the entire world population - or 3.6 billion people - according to a report released by anti-poverty charity Oxfam. 
And the richest 1 percent own more than the other 99 percent put together.Jan 17, 2016 

Are you poor or are you made poorer due to a clenched-up tax system and a less accommodating ruling class?
Are the commoners electing Reps to lord over them?
Are we living in a make-believe world where promises are made but seldom delivered?
Can anything be done to un-do the situation?
There are no clear answers...

Look at this photo ; an ancient river still thrives with high rise buildings in the background
Ancient is old but without water, there's no life
Without the elders and aged, where do you young & younger ones come from? The old exists for a purpose & are an oasis of experiences

Today's elders are generally healthier, better off and more mobile
The poor are not beggars and always prefer to lead a simple life
The rich & powerful attempt to dominate the commoners but this will last as long as there are enough to go around
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor

The poor may suffer willingly within their endurances & take the punches
The middle class just look toward 'alittle' luxury after much struggle
Why would the elites and ruling-class think they can overrun and dominate the mass? There must be empathy, fairly equal sharing and plentiful to go around

 No man's an island

This world will be a better place if everyone 'care, share and give' instead of hoard
The youths have time and energy; go forth and multiply and 'conquer the world'
The Mid-ages are holding the forte, growing the pie and supporting the ecosystems
The elderly are an oasis of experiences & a guidance to preempt untimely failures

Whether its Ruling Class, Working Class or the Commoners ~ you come naked & can never bring along whatever you hoard
Man proposes; God disposes
Be fair; take what's rightfully yours but leave plentiful to others
Rich or poor, you cannot bring along & nothing is absolute

Live & Let Live