Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Winning With Luck

winning is everything ...

How come I hardly win or make it despite every conceivable efforts spent? Guess, I would not make excuses; make results ...waiting for better days

I have been dreaming big, taking every opportunities that come: A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

I have been patient, suffering from disadvantages quietly and taking 'punches'. It's to win wars & forgive battles...

I win most times; either I win or I gain experiences. Sometimes you win; sometimes you LEARN

Do not quit; rest if you must. Effort & attitude win & overcome all obstacles

The best and hardest work do not necessarily translate into desired results: Winning is 90% hard work & 10%  Luck; without luck little can be achieved

Winner takes all: When you win, nothing matters

The way to peace and harmony is to humour the challenges. Everytime you find humour in a crisis, you win ~ go with the flow

To stay afloat, to continue the journey and to seek a harmonious ecosystem, I stay simple. You are born to win unless you give up...simplicity is also a win

I fight to WIN
With luck, I win easily
Effort, determination and attitude do change the situation
But, ...I need LUCK...plentiful of Luck

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