Sunday, December 30, 2012

There Is GOD

For the first time since 2008, my December post is hollow...

It's quite unimaginable
It defies logic

I was chasing the rainbow for my pot of gold
I was taken for a ride; afew rides
I was determined; on hindsight it was blind determination - more obstinacy than determination

Silly was me

If there was a GOD, He was truly missing
I was left to fend for myself - alone
I felt betrayed

All my faith & beliefs were gone

I detested the abandonment
I fought with all my mortal strengths
However and whatever I tried, its all in vain

There was an immediate divorce between me, the mortal, & God, the Almighty

Today ... I am alone but not lonely
I still need, and will harness, the strength of/in GOD
We are not alone; there is a GOD - the guiding force

The world did not end - which I never believe it will ever
My December is about to end and to begin with a New Year
But ... me?

It's the drive to succeed and to see successes ... that I survive into prosperity, peace & harmony

With ... GOD
We are NOT alone

Friday, November 30, 2012

What I Need Is LUCK

I am motivated ...

I have fire in my heart
I have raging fuel encircling me, the burning guts that's spoiling to burst
Such feelings were rarer than striking Toto in me

I am drowned in defeats
I have not seen success for awhile
I am still struggling; burdened by obstinately rough hurdles, challenging changes & doubts
The body is weak but the spirit is spritely brilliant - raring to go

Sometimes, I doubt God
Somedays I walk alone in isolation & retrospect
Nothing haunt me more than the recollection of past successes
Such tortuous thoughts yet motivating ...

I ...will break new grounds & conquer new frontiers
Not that I am a man of steel but I believe I will move God's resolve to reward only the best, the sincerest & the honest lad

Man proposes & GOD disposes; tomorrow shall come & come with abundance & blessings

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing Is Permanent

Everytime I looked back, it is almost the same as before ...

Life isn't a bed of roses
Everyone faces different challenges
A close relative was fighting for his life last night battling advance stage cancer
The doctor told the family 'to be prepared'
He live to see sunlight today ... maybe, there will be many more 'todays', even months

I discovered that the Association that I am helming & serving had made decisions against better wisdom many years back
I tried to reverse it but something just do not have U-turns
The bright spark is 'it's getting better since I joined' although their old habits die hard
I am sure it can be better but, alas, my stamina is running low

I see my country's politicians trying hard to convince the people that they can deliver what's promised
I also hear them say 'Their decisions is/are for the good, if not better, for the people'
I like what they have said but ...
Many are feeling
- the heat of increased costs of living
- the incremental and incidental taxes
- the uncertainty of jobs & income
- the 'lack of belonging' & the feeling of being less wanted
These are serious cries & feelings of abandonment and unrequited commitment ... whether true, casted or imagined! Omigosh - DO NOT take away his dignity

There are people who die for their country
There are people who die for love
We will all die finally; but we have to make our living wholesome & worthwhile
Different people, different statures and different class with very different aspirations
But ONE country - the country of birth

The world is a stage and we are all actors

There are no fools on Earth; just people who think they are smarter
When the time is up, we face the Creator
We account for our acts and thoughts
Whatever is yours shall be yours
Whatever isn't, even you knifed someone in the grabs, it shall never be

Let's live and let live

I am walking into winter, cold as always & hard as ice
Some day, my hardness as ice shall melt into the melodies of water

I am human

Friday, November 16, 2012

The King & I

Everyday the majority ...

This is a strange world of humans;
7 men in China decide for 1.3billion people
1 man in USA decides which button to push
88 persons decide what's good for 5.3mil in Singapore

Laws are enacted to govern
Rules, By-Laws and Regulations to guide 合法,合情,合理
The Government govern with Laws & enforce with Guns (police, soldiers, securities, detention)
In an ideal world, the people (although were bosses) entrusts & gives up their 'rights' to the Government (leaders who swear to serve)

It's an honour to serve
Although some invited ones think they are sacrificing
When an/the honourable office is equated into, or as, dollars & cents, the honour is voided
With power, comes fame and money
When the leaders care for the country国, the people家 prospers

Why do minority (small group) lord over majority? It's this six letter word "Leader"

The mass is almost always happy, indifferent to 'who's governing', getting by day-to-day
A little irritant is fine, some taxes is manageable; even if some freedom is clipped
But, if every, or most, policies favour the rich & elite
Sooner, rather than later, the opportunity is planted for a fresh leader to surface

People complain, make noises and voice their differing views but No One will revolt as nobody likes disruption and anarchy

Nevertheless, a/the rich cannot live in a sea of poor
If the mass only receive lip service, soon distrust will sink in

The smart minority will try to please the majority
The kind minority will spare some thoughts and share with all (majority)
The majority are not blind nor deaf but can & do take some punches
The majority is like a sleeping tsunami; when emotions run wild, logic & reasons are buried

You shall be the King
But ... the King cannot live & enjoy without the support of the mass; let alone a hungry and mistreated one

Care & share

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Is The Boss

Sometimes, people forget 'who's the boss'?

In the world of governments, the minority is selected, appointed & elected to lead their flock
But, instead of service, care & share with the flocks, many lord over their 'masters' - the very people who choose them to speak, fight, negotiate and design a better life

In the world of employers, the employers pay the employees wages & remuneration in exchange for efforts, commitments and contribution. Most will work diligently and deliver their best but a meaningful lot will 'work enough', 'seen to be working', 'talk their way up', 'ringfence their positions' & delegate everything, including responsibility. If it's at the lower ranks, work is slow & seldom done. If it's at mid-management, meetings are the norm with minimum execution. The worst if it's at the top: nothing gets done, lots of talks and no action with the mass suffering

In the world of employees; when you pay them enough, they work well. When you reward them fairly, they take initiatives and work better. When you reward them luxuriously, they needn't work but spend time guarding & protecting their position - this group behave like they are BOSSes

Familiarity breeds contempt

When the boss is too trusting and 'signs blank cheques', his subordinates rise to dominate
There must be checks and balances; not that there are distrusts but there is a need to check that variances are within manageable range and we don't sink like the Titanic

Who's the boss is not the most definitive as without accountability, transparency, fairness, with care & share, the system will collapse due to ill-will, selfishness and greed

Down Days; High Days & Every Day

Like the weather, changes affect us however well plan ...

I am happy on most days but my down days can be quite a struggle though. Even the best execution plan goes astray when you thought nothing can floor it/you. I learn to ...

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

I have seen people gone busts. I have seen my friends becoming 'rags to riches' folklores. I have been a fall guy not by choice. But, whatever happened, it's almost always a lonely journey ...

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over - Tony McCollum

Being alone is not loneliness. Life maybe empty but it's not void. Greed has caused the downfall of people and Nations yet it's well and alive. Living simply isn't an isolation; somewhere, somehow, someone will want to cross your path ...

When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.

I live a simple life. My past trails, not necessarily influencing, me and the future is for me to explore. I have friends and lesser friends but, more importantly, nobody will leave me alone even if I wanted to ...

Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always, always join you for a walk in the rain.

Bosom friends are far & few in life & one thing is certain; Not everyone will leave you alone 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Well In A Stressful Environment

Stress is useful; it pushes you beyond your norm
Lay your heart open, keep the brain cool
Soon you will enjoy the positive neutron of stress

Deadlines, targets, timelines, schedules
Do well, fine. Miss by a mile, the next window is exit
But, to date, nobody dies because of this failures

If you want out by committing suicide, why not give all your working organs away? Two kidneys safe 2 persons from dialysis, two lungs keep 2 persons fresh with oxygen, two eyes give vision to 2 blind persons, your spine can save someone from leukemia, your liver will save several too. The best thing is many people will remember you.

You live again happily in others bodies; Go exchange your misery with happiness & the World will shine with you (inside them)

Nothing is absolutely bad or good
Tomorrow will still come long after we expire
If the world must end we will meet again in the next world

Take it easy
Relax your mind
If you are hitting the trough, you can't go any lower

Nobody dies because he is poor
Everyone dies because his time is up
Being born & dying is NOT a choice

Follow your heart if you can afford it
Follow your guts if its necessary

I never live worrying about tomorrow
I live the best today & any day

Some days are bored, some are taxing
Most are challenging ... I always long for a better tomorrow

Friday, October 5, 2012

Surviving The Stockmarket

Everyone wants to make money but few will do their homework...

Most major markets have enjoyed their good run since July; are we at a crossroad of turbulent Jupiter-influenced October?

What have changed fundamentally? Nothing really; alot of talks and still plentiful of talking without actioning.

USA - Growth is stable to slow with Presidential election in tow. If market/DJIA is reflective of Obama's chances at re-election, its been positive. With QE3 and enhanced QEx, money is not a problem.

Euro - ECB warranty of buying any amount of bonds is not unlike QEx; flooding the system with enough monies to re-float the ailing comrades.

Asia - China's growth has slowed but she has been releasing more funds to grease their system/economy.   With a change of Guards in sight, China will likely ensure that the economy is 'healthy' and pumping. Japan is on the road to recovery; slow but steady. ASEAN bathes in the shadow of the larger economies like a boat in the ocean. Mid-East is riding on their oil dominance and, when peace returns, oil prices will ease to a more earthly level.

Russia is always the X-card, swaying in the horizon looking for gainful alliances.

Generally, the larger aka more influencial stockmarkets have priced in the excess supply of currencies by their national bodies like ECB & Fed. Cost savings from declining raw material prices, natural attrition and retrenchments have boosted their earnings.

As the fundamentals have broadly remained unchanged except of printing more money, the problems are shifted forward. Physical and paper assets are inflated in inflation.

When stockmarkets are unsure, uncertain yet flooded with hot monies but hopeful, they rises. Further gains are seen when those lag behind jump into the wagon, not convince but cannot resist the returns. As caution thins out in the air, the market shall turn. 

We are at or near .. As caution thins out in the air, the market shall turn .. The correction will be deep, sharp & fast. 

After the storm, the good days shall return but many may/will be left licking their wounds.

It's smart to lighten your investment load on a rising market or when the market challenges her previous high without any change in fundamentals. Sit out and buy into sharp dips, then ride the rebound.

Possible? Sure. The market goes in cycles but everyday a fool is born.   

You can either be BULL or BEAR but don't be a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

I am the farmer ... a lot of hardwork, plentiful of commonsense and discipline; like you, I reaped what I sow. You wouldn't disagree.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fair & Equitable Compensation & Opportunity For Singaporeans

There is no hates just dislikes and righting a wrong ...

The Irish and Scottish welcome the PRC/Chinese and Asians as they are more hardworking, contribute to the economy and value-add to societal development.

Nonetheless, they are concern and wary of the east europeans, in particular those from the ex-Soviet satellites because they don't, or are not accustomed to, work and live on handouts and welfare; adding to the strains on the country.

Contrary to assertions, Singaporeans welcome foreigners or foreign workers but not an untamed influx of foreign workers of all walks and from every corners of earth, skills or unskilled, yet crowned as Foreign Talent (FTs). With slowing growth and increased unemployment globally, if we care to open our door wide, Singapore will sink under the weight of people seeking, and given, work!

What's good for the goose must be good for the gander!

When the flood gates are opened and free flows of FTs are allowed into the country, wages are depressed. Why does this not apply to those higher up the food-chain who are supposedly more talented; rarefied perhaps. They are equated to the Mandarins and the Aristocrats - a class above ivory tower indeed.

The sandwiched middle class, the working class and the less educated peasants live from hand to mouth; struggling to make ends meet, combating rising costs of living amidst uncertain job prospects and purposes. Their woes are exacerbated by too many foreign workers seizing their jobs, including entry-level jobs. Even fresh graduates find it hard to get an interview let alone finding a job!

There are living examples of foreigners & foreign workers flooding banks, filling MNCs, shops in shopping centres and even NTUC (a national body representing the diverse unions of workers' unions); if Singapore cannot care for Singaporeans, who will?

It's not the fear of competition that causes disharmony and anxieties, its a gasping disequilibrium of efforts versus rewards on the one hand and earnings versus costs of living on the other.

Singaporean workers are also becoming, or had become, less competitive with NS-reservists obligations and the freshly minted 4-months (proposed 6-months) maternity leave.

It is not too late to stop, turn the clock back and give Singaporeans the support, dignity, care and share, and a semblance of belonging.

Singaporeans are not lazy nor choosy but seek equitable and sane compensation for their efforts deployed and employed. Our MTI made a balanced observation: "Foreign manpower also complements the resident workforce by taking the jobs that Singaporeans shun, or the jobs left behind as Singaporeans move on to higher-skilled jobs".  

While some may think that earning $2,500 as a fresh graduate or $1,000 for those with less to nil education, aged 60 - 76 years old are good and fair, may I suggest a re-think.
i) Is $2,500 an equitable compensation for FOUR years of studies (6 years for guys who served NS)?  
ii) If you are fairly well-off or can afford it, will you want to work for $1,000 when you are aged 60-75 years old?

Disagreeing or taking a view doesn't make me any more rebellious or non-conforming; it's because I care and am concerned.

There is no monopoly of wisdom and I will be glad to be proven wrong or, better still, I am a minority and my opinion is just a baseless shout in the wilderness!

I can agree to disagree. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life As A Human

Some days, its impossible to remain positive and cheerful....

When you are so sure that the deal will be sealed but client's have other priorities
When you have the cheque for the order but there was simply no stock
When the donor was about to pen his will but he had a heart attack
When every phone calls you make were never answered

Life has its limitation

Being positive does not mean there will be results as per desired
The days are longer
The time is stretched
The wait is excruciating

Life makes no promises

Man proposes, GOD disposes
Why do bad people get rewarded & why are the good suffering? Sadly, there will never be any answers
Seemingly good deeds go unnoticed
Alas, this is the real world

Life is fate turned inside out

I have done all I needed to do; more importantly, I have done all I wanted to do
I never look for rewards nor gratification
But, I cannot live on hopes alone
I still need to meet the material demands and the daily needs that require financial capabilities

I am, afterall, a human

Friday, August 17, 2012

50-years housing loan

As published in the STforum, 16 Aug 2012:

I DISAGREE with the criticism of 50-year housing loans by National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan ("50-year home loan a 'gimmick', says Khaw"; Aug 6).
Such loans are merely an alternative commercial possibility.
The offering by United Overseas Bank (UOB) is imaginative.
The bank not only provides a longer loan tenure, but also takes its services to prospective customers' doorsteps, that is, the sales and site offices, offering them the convenience of assessing their credit standing and the chances of loan approval.
Besides, the extended tenure frees up more cash for the buyer, which could come in handy.
There is no need for government intervention as some critics have urged, because the offer is a commercial decision and involves no coercion.
If buyers find 50-year mortgages unattractive, the offering will remain on the shelf.
So hats off to UOB for daring to be different.

My original:

Is there anything wrong to offer 50 years mortgages? Absolutely not; it is just another alternative commercial possibility..

Such moves by UOB Group (UOB) are creative and a 'first mover' in loans structure and origination. UOB not only provides a longer tenured loan but also brings their services to their prospects' doorstep, that is, the sales & site offices. 

Prospective clients have a chance to assess their credit standing and the success probability of their desired loan. Besides, the extended tenure, if chosen, frees more cashflow which could come in useful.  

Some have voiced concerns over the longer tenure and thought it was irresponsible for the bank to come out with such a scheme. Others even exhort the government to intervene to stop such loans. 

Please spare for a moment to think! This is a commercial decision between willing buyer (borrower) and willing seller (lender). Why must the government get involve? If the terms are attractive, viable and acceptable, the borrower will bite, otherwise there will be no takers; it will be nothing but remains an alternative.

Singapore is already 47 years old and it is overdue for all to be matured instead of expecting the government to nanny them from cradle to grave. If you do not like the tenure, terms and conditions of the loan, you have every right to stay away from it.  The government need not tell you so.

As for UOB, it's an added feather in the cap to 'dare to be different'.

Friday, July 27, 2012

NTUC - Brilliant Or Silly Ideas?

Why make our woman workforce less competitive?

"NTUC believes that with 6 months paid leave for working mums, more storks will fly". Is this a smart move or just an academic exercise?

With the current 4 months paid maternity leave, a Singaporean woman who gives birth to two kids in a year effectively works for less than four months in the year as compared to a foreign female worker. She is not only price competitive but less disruptive. 

Given a choice the employer will employ foreign female worker, who cannot get pregnant during her tenure of work here. Why proposed a half-baked solution? 

Perhaps, NTUC should craft and support ideas that allow the men to earn enough so that the women have a choice not to work but have babies instead until such time when she is ready to re-join the workforce.   

Why did NTUC, a national representative of workers, recruit foreigners to work in Singapore? Whose interest is NTUC representing? Wouldn't NTUC do some in-depth research and soul-searching why they cannot find Singaporeans to fill the posts? Is their supposedly fair pay too low to attract locals? 

Spare a thought for Singaporeans and Singaporean workers. It is probably the pay is barely enough to provide for equitable and reasonable standard of living given our high & rising costs of living. 

NTUC has done well fighting for workers welfare and rights and should continue to do so instead of scouring overseas for cheaper workers. It pays to stop behaving like a private enterprise and protect workers rights and well being.

Profit maximization must never be your goal.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stock Market; Where Are We Heading?

Where is the market heading ...

Various indices as at current:

DJIA            12,617                        S&P              1,338         Hang Seng    18,844
Nikkei             8,388                       Shanghai                 2,147        STi                 2,987
KL Bursa        1,647

If the stockmarket is the barometer of the country's health, then the signals of recession may be over soon (not so soon though & no miracles) but not until after a major sell-down.

Unlike the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) 1997/98, where Asia bore the full brunt of the onslaught; distressed assets were sold and restructured, inefficient economic entities collapsed like a deck of cards, bankruptcies rose, currencies were dis-aligned and/or fixed, IMF-aids came with decimating demands and expectations, less decisive leaders lost their authorities and were replaced, limited but definitive social chaos exploded but 'from the ashes rise the phoenix'.

The European Financial Crisis (EFC) 2007/08, like always, did not suffer the same brutalities of AFC. Instead of allowing failed entities to collapse or fire-sold, they were provided with soft life-lines and bailouts. 'Too big to fail' become the slogan! The West did not apply what they applied to the East!

Why was bitter medicine good for the East but not applicable to the West? The world of economics and econometric models have universal application and are not race nor regional bias. The West are selfishly protecting their lifestyle, extravagance and assets against the foreign acquisition 'on the cheap' aka protectionism. They are mired in self-denial

If it's 'Too big to fail', then why do you need IMF bailouts (Asian nations are a big contributor to the Fund) without the bitter medicine that were applied to Asia? Self-serving and protectionist.

US growth is low, Europe is engulf in endemic debts, China has slowed down substantially, Japan is at a standstill (deflationary turned minor inflation), commodities prices have eased and unemployment and underemployment is rampant; globalisation and greed @capitalism have peaked and will take a hit before cures can surface.

We (the World) cannot live on borrowings and handouts and the rich cannot live in a sea of poor.

Will the World experience and survive a 3rd World War? Unlikely but an economic war is inevitable. Protectionism, interventionists policies, proxy wars and regional conflicts, social unrest, uprisings and revolutions will be the norm before order return after massive elimination and sufferings.

Coupled with above, natural disasters and diseases will add further damage to an already depressed globe. Why? You can't prevent natural disasters while Nations selfishly deny existence of diseases, when happens, henceforth allowing it to spread across border. It could be an act of selfishness or deliberate.

2012 is still hopeful; nobody blinks, nobody sinks. 2013 is going to be a tough year with sights of rebounds and recovery. Complacency, greed, selfishness and military gamesmanship will prolong global sufferings; until we accept the interdependency of life & living, sufferings continue.

The World will see its worst by 2016 (economic wars can be as trying as any military adventures).

The World will not end, just that sufferings will increase.

Stockmarkets will take a few hits before recovering,  Its not when! We are in the midst of some major correction; hold tight and make sure you survive this whipsaw! Similarly, the property market will be affected; negative equity will be a norm for some years to come. 

It is not how long or how bad, it is the going through process; can you take the punches?  

Be forewarned. . . there will still be spots of hopes and profits. Everyone wants to make profits but few are prepared.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Casinos & Singaporeans

After denying a license for casino operation for so many years, why did Singapore changed her mind and issued two licenses instead? 

Was it tourism, economic restructuring, job creation, efficient utilization of prime land, a combination of factors or simply, we were at wits end?

Whatever the reasons, any impact study would have highlighted the evils and damages of gambling, gambling addiction and its attendant social ill-effects, including broken families, gangsterism and prostitution. While you can control and manage criminal activities, families break down, and breaking up, due to gambling losses and addiction is fairly unavoidable. 

Except for voluntary debarment, banning Singaporeans from the casinos is not a good solution, not even collecting S$100 entry fee. Like suicides, there will always be a minority who will gamble away their lives. Why should we have beautiful resorts built only for foreigners to use and enjoy? Have more faith in, and trust, Singaporeans to be disciplined enough to enjoy the facilities without gaming side-effects?

How do you grade a person as 'financially at risk'? Whose conclusion was it that the poorer, lower income earners should be banned as compared to high to higher income brackets? The evils of gambling is blind.

The Casino Control Act and/or the National Council on Problem Gambling CCA/NCPG need only to decide if Singaporeans can or cannot visit the casinos once and for all. Revenues aside, this is not about controlling and limiting smoking, and independently thinking Singaporeans are able to decipher what's good or bad for them. The State should stop nannying into every angles of our lives. 

This is not the time to argue about the evils of gambling but to decide if Singaporeans should or should not be allowed to go into the casinos. Why discriminate against some and leave bitter after taste? All other incidental defences and preventive measures against the ill-effects of gambling, like counselling, are useful but symptomatic treatments.

Trust your people, trust your citizens and trust Singaporeans to be able to manage their own lives. Surely, this trust was evident and was one of the comfort before we decided to issue gambling licenses; it cannot be an after thought.

Article published in STforum, 10July 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Singapore - A Nation Divided

 ... the division is getting clearer and more stark as those 'who thinks Father knows best' approach is the best ... 

I am born a Singaporean and shall die a Singaporean.

When I was young, I experienced the tension during the racial riots but 'that was a way of life' then!
I grew up in a village whose peace was broken when drugs were introduced to the teens & 'growing-ups' and gangsters fought for their turfs.
These didn't make me 'one of them' but I have certainly learnt to be smarter and more streetwise.
I am proud and enjoyed the many times I participated in our National Day's parades; thinking and feeling every bit a Singaporean. The belonging that seems hollow nowadays.

My growing up years were filled with challenges; poor but happy, struggling to make ends meet but daily meals were available, however, simple, hawking and finding jobs were easier, costs were manageable, queuing for communal water supply cuts utility costs yet built comradeship and a sense of belonging.

As Singapore moved from labour intensive to capital intensive and value-add industries to service-centric banking, hospitality and health domains, Singapore lost her Soul in the rush! It is not rash to say 'it is for each, themself'! **SAD**

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”  Mark Twain

I can accept changes as part of social and economic evolution but I cannot accept elitism, class division, favouritism and blind loyalty.

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?” Mahatma Gandhi

During tumultuous times, a hard driving independently-thinking leader unites a nation (Suharto @Indonesia, Lee Kuan Yew @Singapore, Marcos @Philippines, Tunku @Malaysia) 国家:为国才为家 The people rally behind their leaders as 'we are one' forging ahead into a promising albeit uncertain future.

Most succeeded but some failed when 为家才为国;没有国那会有家哪?)successes get into their heads; when meritocracy gives way to favouritism, selfish agendas and clanmanship, the Nation decayed and collapsed. It not when, it's how soon?

What is in store for Singapore?

Surely, my 5mil fellowmen can give me enough lessons, opinions and lectures to last my lifetime. There will always be two sides of any arguments and I am not here to change anyone, but I can agree to disagree. We cannot change the past but we can make the future better if forward looking solutions start with "Us" and not "I" (lording over You). Some contentious issues that were not glaring before 1990.

Population - including transit population, we have more than 6 mil; let us make economic sense, gains and multiplier to create jobs and income. What is the point of bringing more people here to feed on a meagre meal?

Talents - it augurs well to correct this misnomer; not everyone who comes to Singapore is a talent. There will always be some jobs that Singaporeans do not like or want, or simply not having the skillsets nor attitude to do; foreigners are welcome to fill this gap. If you keep insisting that your neighbours' kids are more talented than yours, soon they will be calling them 'dad', not you!

Education - education arms the people with skills necessary to climb the social ladder. More should be spent on, and more spaces should be made available to, locals at affordable fees. Let's be real; how many foreign scholars stay to help build Singapore? Like defence, it's nothing like one of our own. Can you safely rely on foreigners for defence? Does it pay to bring in second rated foreigners as scholars only to have them leave? Worse still, some speak ills of Singapore & Singaporeans! 

Jobs - it is fairly hard for a fresh graduate to get an interview let alone a job of their choice. For the 40s - 50s PMETs, it is almost impossible to get a job of similar status and pay, if you loss your job! Anyone care to dispute? When wages are suppressed and the population live below their decent breakeven point, there can only be disquietness and stress. 

Housing - the State must continue to do what she has been doing well all these years, that is, providing affordable housing vis-a-vis the income levels of our aspiring growing-ups and leave the private sector alone. With a roof over the head and a fairly stable job, comes a peace of mind. Storks and creativity shall fly when the mind is less stress. If you cannot even provide enough affordable housing, why worry about shoebox homes developed by the private sector? 

Health - there has to be some assurances that health costs, health care & specialists treatment are affordable to anyone, rich or poor. Shortages of beds and doctor-patients ratio imbalances must be addressed immediately. What comfort can the State give if these problems are recurring; the buck stops here. If everything can be solved by money (assuming everyone has money), the State is redundant. The State does not exist in a vacuum. 

Infrastructure - the supposed talents and powers-to-be miss this by a mile. The lack of maintenance and expansion amidst glaringly sinful profits at our public transportation sectors reek of indifference and profit 'at all cost' like any monopolist, without regards to commuters' welfare and safety.  

Costs of Living - rising inflation, increased costs of essentials and utilities and GST hit the poor most. Why do we need to reinvent the wheel to collect first, then give rebates; Job creation or just creating work to safeguard their jobs? 

If you are in the privilege class, you can enjoy an $8 open heart surgery. If you can afford it, you can buy a $2,000 bike or a $1,200 chair. But, for most of us, we are just living (human) digits in the system, longing for fairness, equity and a sense of proportion.

What is your value proportion?

The cries of the laymen is not a cry in the wilderness. A good leader leads his men to victory and comfort. An excellent leader eats and shares his men's aspirations, feelings and longings.

You can fool all the people sometimes, most of the times but NOT everytime.

A Nation divided will drown into the trash of times. When was the last time you feel belonged and united?

For Singaporeans, by Singaporean

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The World Shall End

Many have tried, none were successful in predicting the end of the World ...

Why worry about end of the World or the 2nd coming when U don't even know if it will rain tomorrow?  The weaknesses of human alas!
The basic of life and living is air, water and food
You came naked and shall return likewise; from dusts to dusts

The glory, the material comfort, the fame, the accolades, the powers
It come and go
Stock markets rise, then collapses. Riches were found and lost
Empire comes and goes

Live well and live fruitfully; live to the fullest
Tomorrow shall come but you might not be around
You may have your money stacked above your height but if you are sick and immobilized, counting your days; is it of any use?人在天堂,钱在银行
We are here but once; when I past this place, I may never return again

The scams, the con jobs and the lies will never hurt you if you are not tempted nor greedy
All promises are, but a, promise until delivered
The glares of fame, showmanship, illusions are porous and hold no water
Everyone claims to be doubly clean, even sanitised! It's a world of 'do whatever you want but don't get caught'

Why worry if the World will or will not end? You will be long gone before anything of such happens
With today's madness and selfishness, the World will self-destruct with our tonnes of nuclear and nuke-powered plants,
The supposedly oppressed, though minority in numbers, will find equalizer-games like 9/11 & Aum Shrinkyo; what will it be liked if they obtain nuke, dirty-bombs and potent viruses
With persistent pollution, we can't have a healthy Earth

Change; we shall
Adapt; we will

Keep your smiles, think positively, live healthily and have a purposeful living

If the World ends, we may meet again in another world ... in another form
I am sticking around

To all GOD loving, GOD bless
No one has ever seen GOD - He could be an imaginary Being bathing us with clouds of peace, sanity & harmony

I always feel He is around ... do U?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Success Vs Failure

The distance between success and failure is ...

How many times did I fail; the many times when I change courses and decided to alight
How many times did I succeed; innumerable as we often did not count successes but harped on failures
What about the near misses or near successes? Nil as these are likely to be unimportant that they became 'nearly done' but were never completed

If failure is miserable, success must be estimably fortunate

Why are poorer families blessed with more children, warmth and belonging
Does it necessarily mean richer families usually have lesser children and are bogged down with material pursuits and chasing their goals? Higher expectations equals higher disappointment
The denominator for happiness are satisfaction, contentment and recognised sufficiency

Having enough doesn't mean no ambition; it's simply recognising the shortcomings and maximizing your strengths
Being satisfied is not laziness of the mind but that the mind deems the rewards are equitable and sufficient

The rich strives to be richer and are frustrated when they fell short of their goals
The poor strives to be rich but are satisfied and recognised their personal shortcomings yet maximizing & stretching their efforts to crystalize their goals

Everyone of us set out to achieve our goals, our mission

Most will end up happy but some will wallow in self-pity and self-destruct

Winning or Losing is a mind game 

So long as you try, the door to success is always open
If the doors are closed, I will use the windows

Nobody can stop you from succeeding but yourself

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home Grown Talents

Everything happens for a reason ... so they say

The Power & Power-to-be starts with a good, noble intention
He fights for a cause and unites the divisive
With one view and one dream, they achieve

With success, comes rewards
When you are rewarded adequately, you strive to excel
When bonuses and ex-gratia payments are given, you go beyond the call of duty
When you are rewarded luxuriously, you ring-fence your job and protect your fort
Nobody will deny that money makes the World goes round
Too much money will bring 'devils and ghosts' around

In early days when Singapore was poor, we resolve issues within our 'poorness'
We build and welcome help and grants
From labour intensive to technology pushed; moving into high-tech, value-added and services
Singapore prospered from the contributions of all; locals, aids, grants and technology and knowhow transfers

All were talented, driven and committed

Today's results : Singapore is the blood and sweat of our immediate past; citizens & foreigners alike - Nobody can nor will claim monopoly of credits

With prosperity, the face of Singapore today is 'a facade of faces'
She is further divided into the 'Haves' and 'Have-nots'
The gap was widened by the rich and poor, the elite and the layman, the islanders versus the heartlanders
Like the Merlion; we are neither a Lion nor a Fish

Singaporeans are NOT against paying for the best
But, it's a different story when the promises are, but, misses. Silence can be more deafening than noises and excuses, unlike reasons, is the death nail for non-delivery

Singaporeans are NOT against foreign workers or foreign talents
But, if everyone who comes to Singapore is a talent, then it's a dime a dozen; sweepers, cleaners, hospitality staffs, croupiers, general grade admin officers, telcos sales and support .. the lists go on

Singaporeans cries of stressful living and gasping runaway costs are not wilful acts of a malingering child but deep seated crisis where the Souls and bodies are living apart
Economic uncertainty, an unending free flow of foreign workers including foreign PMETs, a crashing infrastructure and low wages add to miseries
If price is the only determinant, then very quickly those higher up the food chain can be replaced cheaply too

A good leader leads his men; an excellent leader eats, breathe and shares his men's dreams and aspiration 

If leaders and corporate honchus have no faith with our fellow S/Citizens and do not prioritise Singaporeans ahead of foreigners, someday Capitalism will become Socialism by circumstances Not by choice

Every Singaporean is a TALENT, has potential and is a gem in the making; did YOU give him/me a chance? Charity starts at home; a beloved leader choose from his flock

Supporting Singaporeans and Singapore home-grown companies is the beginning of happiness and prosperity

In the book, "The Good Earth (House of Hwang)", Mr Wang Lung would rather feed earth to his children when famine strikes than to sell any of them ...

If you forsake your fellowmen in times of need, how would you expect your fellowmen to support you at the box? Like Wang Lung, we may have lesser to eat but we are happy and take Providence by the horns...

This is the same philosophy why we have a strong, robust and powerful military; we DO NOT depend on foreigners ...

For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Will The World End?

Someday, somehow, someone's world will end ...

Era end
People end
All good & bad things must come to an end

Decline, bust, growth & boom are cyclical
Capitalism (survival of the fittest), Socialism (you get to share) & Communism (everything is shared) shine and fade as people's choices changes with time
Selfish capitalist will make way for socialist. When the socialist finds the going tough, the communist shall reign

Leaders come and go
With an altruistic heart, the Nation prospers 国家- 有国就有家
With selfish thoughts and self-aggrandizement, nations decline and disappear into the annuls of history
History will accord the great man his title and recognition long after he is gone

History is filled with empires that stretched from East to West as well as an empire that the Sun never sets
But, no one can ever demand recognition nor dictate that his subjects served him selflessly
Such despots and dictators will be served their due desserts and recognized as such - a Failure
The end of their rule is the beginning of freedom, happiness and harmony for Main Street

The World is filled with IQs-centric academics but few with EQs & RQs
Being knowledgeable but without application and street-smartness is like an automobile without gas
The arm chair commander and leader who leads in the ivory tower ends in the tower - dead & forgotten
The populace cannot, and must not, be digitalized; that differentiate a thinking-human from animals

There are enough nuclear warheads that can, and shall, end the World through foolishness
Globalization has also made the World over-dependent on one another; there is zero tolerance for errors
The World can only be a better place if the North/South Gap is narrower
Just as a rich man cannot survives in a sea of poor

In time of troubles and chaos
In time of crisis, a new leader is born
Born to lead his flock to safety, prosperity and harmony

No leader is indispensable; when one ends another rises

The World will not end but most of us, our little Kingdom in time shall end when we take the last breathe

Let's live happily, healthily and with zest today & everyday

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stock Market - Dilemma

The double proposition of which neither is practically acceptable...

US is enjoying growth albeit small

EU - Europe - is an economic and political union of 27 members with tonnes of problems; the rich North supporting a poorer South
The excessiveness of some EU's members is emptying coffers and banks and their refusal to force sell the affected assets, whose value had reduced substantially, is nothing but hollow hopes

The West bullied the East (Asia) in the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis and bought cheap into Asia; why are they preventing the reverse from taking place? Protectionism? Selfishness? White superiority? It's a bundle of jokes and self-centreness

China, the workshop of the East, is shedding its low cost image and struggling with internal disquietness brought about by years of disproportionate distribution and a widening rich/poor gap while India is embroiled in internal politics and democratic gamesmanship

Japan is struggling to break out of years of deflation

Globalization and internet has brought about global problems which cannot be singly isolated nor quarantined. The World is more vulnerable; a declining or sub-normal growth will breed massive unemployment, disharmony and hunger

The Middle-East is the playground of geo-politico gamesmanship and distraction from localized problems

Russia will be the game-broker  
Commodity prices will correct from their multi-years high and go into a tailspin vis-a-vis declining growth and collapsing demand.

However, the saving grace is "Hot Money"!

World Wars I & II were fought for political and geographical dominance; by extension economic superiority and control ... there will not, and cannot, be a World War III as we have enough nuclear to MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)

However, proxy wars are not totally unexpected

The World will have to shed her excessiveness and enter into a recession and/or deflation phase

Nevertheless, due to compact time and space, changes will be speedier, more painful and impactful. Brave for sudden and acute changes, both natural and man-made

After the collateral damage, comes recovery & growth

CASH is King

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Graduate Hawker

Phd (Food Engineering), BSc(Foodfare), Dip in Hawking...

The last bastion of free enterprise and creativity is now under Government control. It is fine to regulate hygiene and health issues in relation to food centres but to require certification for hawkers is uncalled for. 

"Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to set up hawker training centre and to built a pipeline of skilled hawkers". It's really stretched on imaginations to expect our hawkers to hold a Diploma in Hawking or Degree in FoodFare or some form of Certificates! Its an academic oversell!

In early days, hawker stalls and stalls in school canteens were given to financial hardship cases to help them eke out a decent living. Most of them have little or no education. I know many famous eateries and hawkers who take pride in their skills and food knowledge that no amount of formal education can harness. 

Such approach is not unlike an agency creating jobs to self-preserve their relevance and usefulness.

Food preparation and making involves some degrees of risk and skills. The argument that disadvantaged people and/or persons with disabilities can find jobs in hawking or hawker centres simply ignores the risk factors like boiling broth, hot water, fire, sharp objects, quick response and limited working space. 

I do not expect the Authorities to change their mind with this letter but I am hopeful that the Government will leave some areas to entrepreneurship and creativity alone. It's best that the Government do what it does best, that is, to govern with broad guidelines, compassion and meeting the crying needs of the people. 

There are many things that our Government has done well and I pray they will continue to do so. But, there are also pockets of issues that should be left alone to evolve.  

Not everyone can study nor achieve some level of certification but there is definitely many exemplary examples of uneducated and less educated people who made it and punching well above the headlines.

Surely we cannot be a nation of scholars without farmers; we will all be famished. A tertiary graduate may become a hawker (his intelligence, passion and willingness to learn) but its almost impossible for a hawker (he is a skilled 'craftsman', crafting meals) to become a graduate. 

I remembered the person and/or company who created his 'meals on wheels concept'. He was fairly successful. But, after he shared his idea with the Authority and the Agency tweaked and deployed a fairly similar concept, it did not last many years. 

I am concerned that we have given education and academic pursuit too much, almost exclusive, weightage.  

Published in the Straits Times 22/05/12

THE plan by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to set up a hawker training centre to 'build a pipeline of skilled hawkers' should be reconsidered ('Centre to train future hawkers'; last Friday).
It is a stretch of the imagination to expect hawkers to study for a diploma in hawking or a degree in food fare. If anything, the idea smacks of a bureaucratic oversell.
We should remember that hawker and school canteen stalls started as an informal trade for people who had to earn a living or were facing financial hardship. Most hawkers had little or no education. Those who turned their stalls into foodie haunts had little or no formal education, but that mattered not a jot as they taught themselves the requisite skills and crafted the recipes that made their food famous.
Hawkers are more jazz artists than operatic soloists.
The approach that the WDA is contemplating tries to encourage a creative trade through the rigid confines of bureaucracy: form an agency to create jobs that are self-fulfilling but may have little impact or relevance to the way hawker fare is crafted and enjoyed.
Food preparation involves risk and skills. The argument that disadvantaged people and the disabled can find jobs in
hawking or hawker centres ignores the physical risks of boiling broth and water, fire, sharp objects, swift reflexes and tight working spaces.
The Government should leave well alone some aspects of entrepreneurship and creativity.
It should do what it does best, which is to govern with broad guidelines and lots of patience and understanding.
Not all who excel in what they do best should study or be certified for their skills.
Philip Kwek

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Down Days Are Invasive

Some days are simply dull, invasive, uninteresting and down ...

Do you find that some days everything seems incorrect
The trains are down, the buses are late, the flowers fade and the favourite laksa tastes bland
That the body is weak and the bones are aching
There seem so much to do yet you cannot pen anything worth reading nor meaningful

When every phone calls go unanswered or engaged
When the cellphone seems to to be spoilt and without incoming sms  
Where have all the urgent calls gone to
The vast network seems to have terminated your number

I am tired and sick
Down with severe running nose and aches

It's not just downtime, it's a complete knock out 

I hate to be sick
I hate it more when the biorhythms is low; a deadly combination
There are so much that I wanted to say but no one to listen
It's tired being a winner, a champion and a 'never say die' mentor

Tomorrow will be better
When I have fully recovered
I shall conquer new frontiers
I needed to move far ahead so that when I am down, I am still many paces ahead

My dream, my rainbow and my future
Are waiting to unfold
I shall be the butterfly amongst the flowers; sharing my beauty and my colours

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changes Or Indifferences

While change is the only constant, many things did not change; it only gets bigger...

JPMorgan loss US$2bn in hedging, an instrument that was suppose to insulate, or hedge, against losses. Capitalism or laizze faire without care, responsibility and prudence, sprinkled with greed, is the perfect route to financial armageddon.

Rank Group, owner of Mecca Bingo, is the biggest casino operator in UK, It owns Gala Coral and Grosvenor Casinos, with a total of 58 casinos. Rank is owned by Malaysia's GuoCo Group; the rise of Asian touch in the West.

To prioritise your posts on FB, FB is testing a 'pay to post' scheme whereby your posts is made more visible if you pay; FB is laughing all the way to the bank.

If nudisism or naturalism has a champ, nobody can beat the Germans; a country where nudity is not about sex - its attitude.

A Dutch scientist experimented and engineered the avian flu virus and make it deadlier and easily spread through air; the experiment is funded by US Government. The World, aka human race, is nearer complete destruction with or without nukes. Why fund medical gamesmanship instead of channelling the funds to cancer research or other life threatening diseases?

When we change for the better, our well-being and living are a little further from absolute suffering.

Is there a basis for the disquietness, unhappiness, discontent and challenges that Singaporeans are experiencing lately or were these fanned by anti-establishment movements? Or is this called 'political awakening'?
Generally, as in most countries in the world, citizens are apolitical. They go about their daily lives and living in a clockwork, peaceful and routine manner. The catalyst of the/an awakening, if any, is almost always economics.

In 2009, the elderly suicide rate per 100,000 for men was 28.7 & women 19. It takes more than bravery and silliness to commit suicide and preventive measures must be taken; it must not be seen as an easy way out to ease dependency.

Changes or indifferences? 

The World is getting smaller and more explosive. The majority who, if suffers in silence, are the tsunamic force that will change the world; not that they love anarchy but they need to survive - and to carry on their daily, peaceful routine.

The rich cannot lives in a sea of poor!

Change cannot be acutely sudden; its like anger ... a letter before Danger. You can ignore the pleas for change and the screams of pain. But, it will never be the same again when change finally comes, not by choice but by circumstances.

When the Earth rocks, the Ocean swings ... and live will never be the same again! Dinosaurs can attest to this.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Was Once A Foreigner

From the rough Southern China coastal town, I boarded a junk for my journey into the future
An unknown future 我的明天 filled with uncertainty, danger and opportunity 危机
A three months journey into the unknown except destination was some distant land in the Southern shore下南洋

I left my motherland, a poor pauper
But, not leaving was never a choice; its between famine, poverty and the deep blue sea
I may starved and drown; I may find new shores - that's enough motivation for me to board the broken junk to journey into the unknown with hopes shining brighter than the summer sun

The journey was harsh, food was scarce and water rare
If there was a chance to die, this was it! But, the intention was to survive not to die
Dying or 'to die' 生死由天 was not in the dictionary; we escaped from the clutch of death to prosper not to perish大难不死必有后福

南洋 the southern seas was a sea of hope

I toiled and toiled; it was sweat and tears
Every cents saved was remitted to my home town to feed the dearest at home
Distance and loneliness did not break my spirit; its not about survival, its about prosperity

Nobody will risk their life just to survive; for that you need not leave home

Swiftly prosperity sweeps in and a new era begins
There is always hope if you survive; waiting to die is more trying than finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Nobody can be any smarter nor wiser to believe the World will end because it just won't

Don't, and never, give up

I was once a foreigner in the newfoundland
Today, I am the Kapitan, the indigenous, the founder ... in my own dreamland

I make my bed and lie on it; You have a choice

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Am Caged

Freedom comes with responsibility ...

Freedom, responsibility and accountability moderate the outcome
The variance is a product of willingness to face eventuality
The challenge is to create newer frontier and drawing wider boundaries

When you are very capable and focus
When you have everything going for you
But, there is simply no result, no achievement, no reward, no desired outcome
... only frustration

Patience has its limit and my drives may dry up
Creativity is finite and hope alone cannot sustain my journey
Hard work and determination melt and dissipate over time ...

I am afterall a human; With humanly needs, weaknesses and disappointments 

I am cracking under constant non-achievement and thankless jobs
I have walked through many walls, overcame many challenges but without even a slight pat on the shoulder I am emotionally defeated and crashed
Rewards are seemingly illusive; my journey is getting less and less assuring

I am standing at the edge of the cliff
My Providence hangs me precariously and I have no answer to all that I had betted on
My tomorrows are hollow and the future bleak

I am caged

Will I get any better? Will I be lucky? At this very moment, I am a living zombie
My faith in GOD is evaporating like water in the desert sun

Today & now; my spirit is low ebb    

What will tomorrow brings? I will know ... if tomorrow comes


When I almost give up, when the body is weak, I ...

The spirit is willing but the body is weak
The heart is determined but I am simply distracted and lack motivation
My mind wonders ... floats in the breeze and lost in the cosmos
I knew my success is within reach

Between being smart and lucky, I would rather be lucky
Winners are not always the smartest, fastest nor the brightest
Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

I am, and have always been, self-motivated
I may be born poor but I shall live rich
Rich in mind, calm in action and wise in reaction
The Soul shall conquer new frontiers with ease

I am almost a spent force

I struggle within
I struggle along
But, I shall NOT sink

Many a times, I almost reach shore but ... fate wouldn't accede
I almost give up when lighthouse beacons and hopes abounds
It's the challenges that make the victory sweet
But, the sweat and tears, the wear and tear, the seemingly impossible; can be tortuous

I fight to win and its 'all or nothing'; the stakes is in the stakeholder
As It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. ― Mark Twain

I may be tired, I may be challenged but I live to fight another day

I will win; if not now, soon...

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Sun Tzu

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am a Coin

There are two sides to everything...

There is day and night, black and white
There are good and bad, pretty and ugly
Brightness hurts the eyes just as its quite impossible to manoeuvre in total darkness

The sick shall heal as the healthy may falls ill
It's easier to challenge the victor than to remain in victory
I climb upwards towards my goals and expectations only to reach my peak in due course; after the peak, it's down-the-hill, definitely not downhill

Life and living can be quite nonplus

The world worship a winner
A win is a win by any other definition
Being second or almost there is NOT there; a near miss is a miss

I will not show my weaknesses when I am weak and down
I will never show the meek, sadden, broken soul that sometimes strike
There is no place on earth for any weakling

The real world is cruel and has no room for errors
Failures baked in instant hell and defeats cut through steel
Never expect mercy nor compassion; these are divine acts beyond the reach of an average human

 Whatever you do, where ever you are
The side that shines is the RIGHT side of the coin to show and be shown

There is no sympathy for losers, for me and for you

The truth is nobody remembers the loser, the near-winner or the almost 'make=it'

I will be the lighthouse to my Soul

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Victory & Memories

I like to reminisce ....

Memories are made of sour, sweets, bitter and spice 酸甜苦辣 & everything nice
Shattered dreams don't hurt as dreams are subconscious
When you experience sweet dreams, indulge
Memories are experiences whilst dreams are works-in-emotion

I make my dreams come true

Win some, loss some
I live to fight another day; fight or flight, I choose my destination
I won't fight to win a battle and loss a war
The outcome of war is Victory

When an issue is event driven, I flow
When a challenge is time centric, I prepare for it
When certification is required, I acquire it in preparation
The fleeting seconds that the Eagle sweeps up her prey has zero tolerance for error

Time and tides wait for no man but patience must run its course
Hurrying may be fatal but speed is vital
The difference between success and failure is walking away a winner
There is no mercy in the ring; You must fight to win

My memories are riddled with betrayals, failures and entrapments
My strength is overcoming all adversities with a SMILE - the Art of Deflection
Like a Zen master, I walk away from fire, bathe in icy water and shot the rapids with ease
Failure is experience gained

From cradle to grave, I learn to relieve myself of bondage and to let go of painful experiences, hatred and threats
My steely mind, my zeal and my one-on-one relationship with HIM/God gives me enlightenment
I purify and flood myself with pleasant memories and dreams
I shield myself and show no weaknesses

For winners are no weaklings

Someday, somehow...
I will leave Earth as Winner and would have made all impossible POSSIBLE

When its time for me to leave, I will leave with a SMILE
The everlasting smile that all will remember ... in memories

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

StockMarket : Then, Now & Forward

In December 27, 2011 (forward 2012), my post reads "Typically, stockmarket experiences a cyclical quarterly low in January (Capricon effects)April (post-results)July (mid-year portfolio realignment) & October (Jupiter dynamism)"

When the crowd is unswervingly positive or negative, its time that the market turns and it always turn in a big way.

If you happen to read most research analysts papers, including newspapers, lately, it has 'forgotten' the deadly sins of 'following the crowd' and most have become bullish. 

Just when you think the water is safe, the sharks appear!

Why does people behave and react in unison? They find comfort in numbers.

My gut feel is market will experience a short term 'sell-off' and recover by early May 2012; be forewarned, every phase is different in intensity and degree of changes. Making money. or losing, is as easy as a touch of the button but few do their homework!

Market leader reads accurately the turning point, trades with patience and waits for opportunity while market followers are neither bull nor bear; they follow in comfort to the abattoir.

Seek opportunity in a sell-off and cash-out when the going is good.   

Let us stay long enough to keep the free flow of beer flowing ... and to contribute a little of your fortune to the less fortunate, less able and poor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Thoughts Of A Winner

What goes around, comes around ...

Am I dreaming of the next growth phase in my life? No, its reality in the making
The fire in the belly is something MBA cannot, and will never, teach
The zestness and zeal in the nerves are breaking out and boiling in my blood
I breeze around instead of walk; I feel the energy overflowing my bodily self

If I am a boxer, the opponent will be floored in seconds
If I am a fighter pilot, winning the dogfight is a given
If I am a preacher, the congregation will be moved by my sermons
At this moment, everything is possible

I make my day and decide my Providence

Give me lemon and I will make lemonade
I may be down but I will never be out
The Earth rotates, the Cosmic force disseminates 'like for likes'
Rather than challenge the Environment, I immersed into ONE

I am the magnet of Success as success begets successes  

I blend into the Universe and is physically energised
The game of WINs are for winners
Fear not what tomorrow brings; U reap what U sow
Every tomorrow is exciting and hopeful

I am the Hope, the Vision and the Winner 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life's challenges

In my cocoon, I rest ...

What's a career if there is no life and no belonging? Its a nightmare
What's a relationship if there are conflicts, confrontation and contempt? Its a living hell

Without health, wealth is void
When you have a million dollars cash to spare, any additional is just a digit
It will bring you marginal happiness, satisfaction and friends but does not enhance your health

Looking back is always 20/20
Looking for perfection is also looking for setbacks

I have my fair share of defeats and numerous victories
I wanted to be a pilot, a lawyer, a flight steward, a waiter ... but I succeeded in none
But, I knew that whatever I wanted to be, I need to have a skill/skill-set

I gave myself 2 good years to learn everything I needed to learn about my trade
I took all the 'punches' and bullying as a rookie
But, like a good blacksmith, the first sword that I minted was, and still is, the SWORD

The Sword of Honor

I collected my strings of successes
I was the envy of many and a mentor to the newbies

Today, I am still looking for the 'success'
The ever slippery success that few find and many are still looking for ...
I am looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There are times that the door shut tight on me but I am at ease with open windows
There are times when a moment and the seconds seem dreadfully long  ...

I am still looking for the meaning of Life's successes

Success is a personal achievement; physically, materially, spiritually and attaining a peace of mind

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dangerous Driving

Life is never cheap ...

"Bus driver ran away to Malaysia before returning to Singapore after killing a pedestrian". "Bus driver did not stop at crossing and ran over a woman, dragging her for a short distance. The pedestrian was pronounced dead". Such headlines seem common nowadays. 

There is a serious lapse of safety consideration and good practices by bus drivers, including truck drivers.

When will the Authorities intervene to ensure that road users, especially the larger vehicles like lorries and buses, comply with road safety standards and rules? Do we need to see more senseless killing of pedestrians on the roads before actions are taken?

I have witnessed heavy trucks and lorries speeding on second and third lanes (for example, driving from East Coast Expressway towards Sheares Bridge). It is common to see buses sprinting out of their privilege lanes, painted in red, onto the next lane without without regards and care to other road users and oncoming traffic.

When I watch the video clip of the bus driver driving into the pedestrian without stopping, it sent shivers down my spine; I wonder what was in his mind? Was he asleep on the wheels? There was no sign of him braking as the brake lights did not lit up.   

I am appealing to the Traffic Police (TP) and other relevant authorities to take immediate actions to make our roads safer. Are the bus drivers adequately trained and aware of our road conditions and safety rules?

Do we need to read more senseless killings on the roads before actions are taken?

 Why bother to save some money and risks other road users' lives?