Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Victory & Memories

I like to reminisce ....

Memories are made of sour, sweets, bitter and spice 酸甜苦辣 & everything nice
Shattered dreams don't hurt as dreams are subconscious
When you experience sweet dreams, indulge
Memories are experiences whilst dreams are works-in-emotion

I make my dreams come true

Win some, loss some
I live to fight another day; fight or flight, I choose my destination
I won't fight to win a battle and loss a war
The outcome of war is Victory

When an issue is event driven, I flow
When a challenge is time centric, I prepare for it
When certification is required, I acquire it in preparation
The fleeting seconds that the Eagle sweeps up her prey has zero tolerance for error

Time and tides wait for no man but patience must run its course
Hurrying may be fatal but speed is vital
The difference between success and failure is walking away a winner
There is no mercy in the ring; You must fight to win

My memories are riddled with betrayals, failures and entrapments
My strength is overcoming all adversities with a SMILE - the Art of Deflection
Like a Zen master, I walk away from fire, bathe in icy water and shot the rapids with ease
Failure is experience gained

From cradle to grave, I learn to relieve myself of bondage and to let go of painful experiences, hatred and threats
My steely mind, my zeal and my one-on-one relationship with HIM/God gives me enlightenment
I purify and flood myself with pleasant memories and dreams
I shield myself and show no weaknesses

For winners are no weaklings

Someday, somehow...
I will leave Earth as Winner and would have made all impossible POSSIBLE

When its time for me to leave, I will leave with a SMILE
The everlasting smile that all will remember ... in memories

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