Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Am Caged

Freedom comes with responsibility ...

Freedom, responsibility and accountability moderate the outcome
The variance is a product of willingness to face eventuality
The challenge is to create newer frontier and drawing wider boundaries

When you are very capable and focus
When you have everything going for you
But, there is simply no result, no achievement, no reward, no desired outcome
... only frustration

Patience has its limit and my drives may dry up
Creativity is finite and hope alone cannot sustain my journey
Hard work and determination melt and dissipate over time ...

I am afterall a human; With humanly needs, weaknesses and disappointments 

I am cracking under constant non-achievement and thankless jobs
I have walked through many walls, overcame many challenges but without even a slight pat on the shoulder I am emotionally defeated and crashed
Rewards are seemingly illusive; my journey is getting less and less assuring

I am standing at the edge of the cliff
My Providence hangs me precariously and I have no answer to all that I had betted on
My tomorrows are hollow and the future bleak

I am caged

Will I get any better? Will I be lucky? At this very moment, I am a living zombie
My faith in GOD is evaporating like water in the desert sun

Today & now; my spirit is low ebb    

What will tomorrow brings? I will know ... if tomorrow comes


When I almost give up, when the body is weak, I ...

The spirit is willing but the body is weak
The heart is determined but I am simply distracted and lack motivation
My mind wonders ... floats in the breeze and lost in the cosmos
I knew my success is within reach

Between being smart and lucky, I would rather be lucky
Winners are not always the smartest, fastest nor the brightest
Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

I am, and have always been, self-motivated
I may be born poor but I shall live rich
Rich in mind, calm in action and wise in reaction
The Soul shall conquer new frontiers with ease

I am almost a spent force

I struggle within
I struggle along
But, I shall NOT sink

Many a times, I almost reach shore but ... fate wouldn't accede
I almost give up when lighthouse beacons and hopes abounds
It's the challenges that make the victory sweet
But, the sweat and tears, the wear and tear, the seemingly impossible; can be tortuous

I fight to win and its 'all or nothing'; the stakes is in the stakeholder
As It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. ― Mark Twain

I may be tired, I may be challenged but I live to fight another day

I will win; if not now, soon...

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Sun Tzu

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am a Coin

There are two sides to everything...

There is day and night, black and white
There are good and bad, pretty and ugly
Brightness hurts the eyes just as its quite impossible to manoeuvre in total darkness

The sick shall heal as the healthy may falls ill
It's easier to challenge the victor than to remain in victory
I climb upwards towards my goals and expectations only to reach my peak in due course; after the peak, it's down-the-hill, definitely not downhill

Life and living can be quite nonplus

The world worship a winner
A win is a win by any other definition
Being second or almost there is NOT there; a near miss is a miss

I will not show my weaknesses when I am weak and down
I will never show the meek, sadden, broken soul that sometimes strike
There is no place on earth for any weakling

The real world is cruel and has no room for errors
Failures baked in instant hell and defeats cut through steel
Never expect mercy nor compassion; these are divine acts beyond the reach of an average human

 Whatever you do, where ever you are
The side that shines is the RIGHT side of the coin to show and be shown

There is no sympathy for losers, for me and for you

The truth is nobody remembers the loser, the near-winner or the almost 'make=it'

I will be the lighthouse to my Soul

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Victory & Memories

I like to reminisce ....

Memories are made of sour, sweets, bitter and spice 酸甜苦辣 & everything nice
Shattered dreams don't hurt as dreams are subconscious
When you experience sweet dreams, indulge
Memories are experiences whilst dreams are works-in-emotion

I make my dreams come true

Win some, loss some
I live to fight another day; fight or flight, I choose my destination
I won't fight to win a battle and loss a war
The outcome of war is Victory

When an issue is event driven, I flow
When a challenge is time centric, I prepare for it
When certification is required, I acquire it in preparation
The fleeting seconds that the Eagle sweeps up her prey has zero tolerance for error

Time and tides wait for no man but patience must run its course
Hurrying may be fatal but speed is vital
The difference between success and failure is walking away a winner
There is no mercy in the ring; You must fight to win

My memories are riddled with betrayals, failures and entrapments
My strength is overcoming all adversities with a SMILE - the Art of Deflection
Like a Zen master, I walk away from fire, bathe in icy water and shot the rapids with ease
Failure is experience gained

From cradle to grave, I learn to relieve myself of bondage and to let go of painful experiences, hatred and threats
My steely mind, my zeal and my one-on-one relationship with HIM/God gives me enlightenment
I purify and flood myself with pleasant memories and dreams
I shield myself and show no weaknesses

For winners are no weaklings

Someday, somehow...
I will leave Earth as Winner and would have made all impossible POSSIBLE

When its time for me to leave, I will leave with a SMILE
The everlasting smile that all will remember ... in memories

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

StockMarket : Then, Now & Forward

In December 27, 2011 (forward 2012), my post reads "Typically, stockmarket experiences a cyclical quarterly low in January (Capricon effects)April (post-results)July (mid-year portfolio realignment) & October (Jupiter dynamism)"

When the crowd is unswervingly positive or negative, its time that the market turns and it always turn in a big way.

If you happen to read most research analysts papers, including newspapers, lately, it has 'forgotten' the deadly sins of 'following the crowd' and most have become bullish. 

Just when you think the water is safe, the sharks appear!

Why does people behave and react in unison? They find comfort in numbers.

My gut feel is market will experience a short term 'sell-off' and recover by early May 2012; be forewarned, every phase is different in intensity and degree of changes. Making money. or losing, is as easy as a touch of the button but few do their homework!

Market leader reads accurately the turning point, trades with patience and waits for opportunity while market followers are neither bull nor bear; they follow in comfort to the abattoir.

Seek opportunity in a sell-off and cash-out when the going is good.   

Let us stay long enough to keep the free flow of beer flowing ... and to contribute a little of your fortune to the less fortunate, less able and poor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Thoughts Of A Winner

What goes around, comes around ...

Am I dreaming of the next growth phase in my life? No, its reality in the making
The fire in the belly is something MBA cannot, and will never, teach
The zestness and zeal in the nerves are breaking out and boiling in my blood
I breeze around instead of walk; I feel the energy overflowing my bodily self

If I am a boxer, the opponent will be floored in seconds
If I am a fighter pilot, winning the dogfight is a given
If I am a preacher, the congregation will be moved by my sermons
At this moment, everything is possible

I make my day and decide my Providence

Give me lemon and I will make lemonade
I may be down but I will never be out
The Earth rotates, the Cosmic force disseminates 'like for likes'
Rather than challenge the Environment, I immersed into ONE

I am the magnet of Success as success begets successes  

I blend into the Universe and is physically energised
The game of WINs are for winners
Fear not what tomorrow brings; U reap what U sow
Every tomorrow is exciting and hopeful

I am the Hope, the Vision and the Winner 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life's challenges

In my cocoon, I rest ...

What's a career if there is no life and no belonging? Its a nightmare
What's a relationship if there are conflicts, confrontation and contempt? Its a living hell

Without health, wealth is void
When you have a million dollars cash to spare, any additional is just a digit
It will bring you marginal happiness, satisfaction and friends but does not enhance your health

Looking back is always 20/20
Looking for perfection is also looking for setbacks

I have my fair share of defeats and numerous victories
I wanted to be a pilot, a lawyer, a flight steward, a waiter ... but I succeeded in none
But, I knew that whatever I wanted to be, I need to have a skill/skill-set

I gave myself 2 good years to learn everything I needed to learn about my trade
I took all the 'punches' and bullying as a rookie
But, like a good blacksmith, the first sword that I minted was, and still is, the SWORD

The Sword of Honor

I collected my strings of successes
I was the envy of many and a mentor to the newbies

Today, I am still looking for the 'success'
The ever slippery success that few find and many are still looking for ...
I am looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There are times that the door shut tight on me but I am at ease with open windows
There are times when a moment and the seconds seem dreadfully long  ...

I am still looking for the meaning of Life's successes

Success is a personal achievement; physically, materially, spiritually and attaining a peace of mind

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dangerous Driving

Life is never cheap ...

"Bus driver ran away to Malaysia before returning to Singapore after killing a pedestrian". "Bus driver did not stop at crossing and ran over a woman, dragging her for a short distance. The pedestrian was pronounced dead". Such headlines seem common nowadays. 

There is a serious lapse of safety consideration and good practices by bus drivers, including truck drivers.

When will the Authorities intervene to ensure that road users, especially the larger vehicles like lorries and buses, comply with road safety standards and rules? Do we need to see more senseless killing of pedestrians on the roads before actions are taken?

I have witnessed heavy trucks and lorries speeding on second and third lanes (for example, driving from East Coast Expressway towards Sheares Bridge). It is common to see buses sprinting out of their privilege lanes, painted in red, onto the next lane without without regards and care to other road users and oncoming traffic.

When I watch the video clip of the bus driver driving into the pedestrian without stopping, it sent shivers down my spine; I wonder what was in his mind? Was he asleep on the wheels? There was no sign of him braking as the brake lights did not lit up.   

I am appealing to the Traffic Police (TP) and other relevant authorities to take immediate actions to make our roads safer. Are the bus drivers adequately trained and aware of our road conditions and safety rules?

Do we need to read more senseless killings on the roads before actions are taken?

 Why bother to save some money and risks other road users' lives?