Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Sum of The Budget is lesser than the Handouts

it was budget time

The budget stabbed everyone at opening with a s$0.20 tax on per liter of petrol. This translate into increased costs as oil, the grease of transportation of goods & services, is the main driver; nevermind if you do not own cars.

It's naive to think that diesel prices are not affected. Your utility bills will hound you sooner than you blink...

Those other handouts are goodies but unless you need it, you do not get to enjoy them, like skills assistance & upgrading funds, amounts set aside & into the CPF accounts will be locked in longer hence stifling the multiplier and rebates for GST, utility, road tax and..are heard but seldom received by many!

Thank God for small mercy; surely, whatever allowances do help. But, in the first place, nobody ask for ERPs, COEs & GST.

Can you cure deflation by injecting cost-push inflation (petrol tax)?

The problems are today's politicians are invited & most are administrators, parachuted into prized positions with luxurious remuneration. They are there not because they are fighting or championing for a cause. Fresh from the press was when Minister Chan CS said at the REDA function that "comingling the poor (poorer strata) within the city area (Pinnacle was used as an example)...does not help ...". If this was so (gospel truth), Marine Parade wouldn't have existed with HDBs!

The rich cannot live in a 'sea of poor'. How do you break the culture of the caste or feudal system if you do not have the political will to do so?

Speeches/phrases like "you don't get dengue if mosquitoes don't bite you", "keep fit & don't fall ill to reduce medical costs", "increase fares if you want better services", "it's affordable..." & "......" shows the gross disconnect between the Servants & Masters, the reality & myths and the indifference to the loud distress screams of the commoners.

The budget looks good on the surface but more could & should be done to alleviate the high costs of living, the declining to stagnant wages and to mend the broken dreams of the commoners.

Am I complaining? NO.

I may be the lonely voice (speaking out for the commoners) but if I dont, who will?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Anomaly of Life

life is like water ...

Nobody knows what's coming or going nor what's install for them
The moment of truth is an illusion until whatever crystalises
There's so much hypocricy, pretension and fakeness
When the person needs your help, assistance and sympathy
There's no limit as to how far and how low they will bend to get you 'hooked'

When returns are due, the truth abounds
Delays are fine but outright denial and shifting of responsibility surface
To help or not to help is always an abstract as the reward is an equal return but the damage is when everything disappear; debts and person
I learnt the hard way; if you do not help nor lend, you loss a friend but if you helped and lent, chances are, you loss both the money and the friend

Someone reminds me that if you help a bad guy, you actually help him hurt more good guys when he is rejeuvenated, recharged and returned

This world is getting more selfish
People are prepared to sacrifice and cheat others for a penny more
Those who made it are more prepared to dump, slain and kill in the flip of a pence
Their newfound victory are jealously guarded
Moral rights and friendships are relegated and ignored

To win is everything ~ Winner takes All

I have discovered the hard way: that I can be sacrificed by anyone and walking over my dead body is a norm
I have to beg for restitution, repayment and reconciliation
What's the value of helping others? There is zero reward and 100% possibility of carrying the burden
Who will emphatise with me? I am alone in this lane, carrying the burden of good intent
I hear that the good will be rewarded but, alas, I am hanging by a thread

Guess, only the AlMighty God will be able to rescue me from this rut where helping others at your own risk is a new normal. 

I am stressed out ~ near collapsing

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stock Markets & The Economies

What goes up must come down but what goes down may stay down for a longer period...

As at closed 16 Oct 2014:                                             As at 31/10/2014, markets closed:

ST -44.5 (3154)                                                               Sti + 39 (3274)
N225 -335 (14738)                                                          N225 +755 (16413)
KLCI -19 (1767)                                                               Klci +12 (1855)
HSI -239 (22900)                                                             Hsi +296 (23998)
JKT -11 (4951)                                                                 Jc I +30 (5089)
DJIA -48 (16093* trading in progress)                              DJIA +195 (17390)
S&P -5 (1856 *)                                                                S&P +23 (2018)
Nasdaq -23 (4190*)                                                          Nasdaq +64 (4630)

The stock markets have been experiencing volatile trading for a spectrum of reasons; weakening oil prices, weak retail prices (US), weak figures from China, Swiss franc abandons euro cap, Russian adventures, ISIS, cessation of QEs' ...whatever!

Today's Index (4 Feb 2015)
ST                    3415
N225               17,678
KLCI               1803
HSI                  24,656
JKT                 5304
DJIA               17,666
S&P                 2050
Nasdaq             4727

Generally, do expect the (various) stock markets to perform well in 1Q into 2Q and we should be expecting the upswing to happen anytime soon. Called it the Capricon Effect or whatever; the deliberate weakening of currencies by a few countries is a clear sign 'monies must go somewhere'!

I am not surprised to see market dropping heavily into/around end3Q to early4Q after topping up (on the charts). The last Qtr 2015 will be very challenging!

Watch and trade with care.