Monday, February 9, 2015

Anomaly of Life

life is like water ...

Nobody knows what's coming or going nor what's install for them
The moment of truth is an illusion until whatever crystalises
There's so much hypocricy, pretension and fakeness
When the person needs your help, assistance and sympathy
There's no limit as to how far and how low they will bend to get you 'hooked'

When returns are due, the truth abounds
Delays are fine but outright denial and shifting of responsibility surface
To help or not to help is always an abstract as the reward is an equal return but the damage is when everything disappear; debts and person
I learnt the hard way; if you do not help nor lend, you loss a friend but if you helped and lent, chances are, you loss both the money and the friend

Someone reminds me that if you help a bad guy, you actually help him hurt more good guys when he is rejeuvenated, recharged and returned

This world is getting more selfish
People are prepared to sacrifice and cheat others for a penny more
Those who made it are more prepared to dump, slain and kill in the flip of a pence
Their newfound victory are jealously guarded
Moral rights and friendships are relegated and ignored

To win is everything ~ Winner takes All

I have discovered the hard way: that I can be sacrificed by anyone and walking over my dead body is a norm
I have to beg for restitution, repayment and reconciliation
What's the value of helping others? There is zero reward and 100% possibility of carrying the burden
Who will emphatise with me? I am alone in this lane, carrying the burden of good intent
I hear that the good will be rewarded but, alas, I am hanging by a thread

Guess, only the AlMighty God will be able to rescue me from this rut where helping others at your own risk is a new normal. 

I am stressed out ~ near collapsing

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