Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Make-Belief World

The Clock Is Ticking...

Baltic Dry Index at 2069 points(the index tracks worldwide international shipping prices of various dry bulk cargoes and provides "an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea") is almost half of its peak a year ago and a mere shadow of its peak circa 2008 at 12,000 points.
Its a clear sign that demand for commodities have eased, and probably too. prices have peaked and declining.
Commodities prices move on fears (fear of shortage lead to price rise) while stockmarket prices move on hope (hope that things and events turned better).

Britain's jobless hits 2.5million and Spain is showing signs of strains from the ill effects of her spendthrift days, aside from Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Iceland... seems like the beggars' queue is growing fast and furious. Even in bustling China, urban and graduate unemployment is fast becoming a social time-bomb.

Nations have spent tomorrow's money yesterday.

USA is still reeling from the excesses of financial imprudence and the motto "spending your way out of poverty" is not dissimilar with 'borrowed time and borrowed money". If you print enough (paper) money to fill the gaps left by a financial earthquake, the real value of money declines. Why is US$ reasonably steady despite printing of more money. Confidence? It is US sheer military might and dominance thats providing confidence in the country, by extension US$.

Globalisation has deepens the World's interdependency and forced nations to unite, not by choice but to survive. Like banks, each is as confident as the other if they mutually underwrites each others' debts; hold tight! When the music stops, someone's gonna be hurt!

The rich nations have imploded. The poorer nations seem richer as the richer nations hollow out. This is not a symptom of growth but backsliding and contraction economically. While China and India (Asia as a whole) economies did improve but pockets of poverty still prevail and the North-South gap is everwidening.

Capitalism is greased by money and if real money are scarce, how will capitalism, by extension capital markets survive, prosper? Banana currencies will lead to inflation.

If cash is King; Real (value) money is the Ruler.

Whichever ideology you subscribe, nations, henceforth economies, cannot grow if unemployment is rife, banks are sick and political will are lacking; tough talks never see recovery, its tough actions. Recent Tea Party shows pop culture and wild promises winning the day.

When demand slows, prices falls, demand for capital goods fall too. Multiplier decline and without a cut in the ability to spend, the economy contracts further. There is no magic. If the house is crumbling, its better if it collapse fast. Restoration and reparation pave the way for recovery.

Politicians over-promised and under-deliver. Electorates love handouts and demand immediate reliefs. Everyone wants something on the cheap but someone has to deliver. Tea party is a 'horay' trip with shallow promises.

The world economies will likely (have to) tank and bring cost lower (deflationary) and make living more affordable. The current pump priming will not cure the ills of capitalism; its prolonging the suffering.

In the meantime, social unrests will surface (already happening in some Western countries), factors of production will be more efficiently and equitably distributed, and hopefully, cost of living lowered.

Booms & Bust are norms of/in life; cyclical changes affect everyone and you are not alone. In between the darkness of changes, there are silver linings.

Be healthy, happy and seek inner peace whilst the World undergo major changes not unlike the 'depression'. . its the degree of downturn, not if... or ... will it happen.

I am not a doomsayer but when bubbles burst, haemorrhage follows. Be there when good days are back.

In this make belief world, words are cheap and winners take all; fools aplenty.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Will I be a stranger in my own country?

I read mainstream newspapers, magazines, temasekreview, and others, both local and international.

The oft repeated topics recently, apart from i) rising property/HDB prices and ii) rising cost of living is iii) "Unemployment among graduate Singaporeans and/or Singaporeans between ages 35-45/above; Worst still it has been often said that foreigners were given the jobs instead of Singaporeans".

How true is (iii)? 

Can the relevant Authorities and/or Ministry(s) confirm (if true and what is being done to address and lessen the anxieties among Singaporeans) or deny ( if untrue with proofs). 

If Singaporeans cannot find jobs now (35 years and above), the issue of working into 70s or re-employment of seniors in the workforce is no more relevant. 

Another pressing issue I heard is (hope its not true) the employment of the younger workforce on contracts basis. 

Fresh graduates or those with some years of working exposure who are on short term employment contracts will find little or no commitment and drive if they are unsure whether they will be continuously employed thereafter, not to mention promotional possibilities.

Besides, companies (the seniors especially) employing them will be less incline to teach or arm them with relevant skills and knowledge as they too are unsure if the 'temp' staff will remain after the contract. It is a loss-loss game. We stand to loss a generation of youths if they feel uncertain about their future. "Why work so hard if I am only a contract worker and I may not belong here?" 
Worst still if 'foreigners-helmed' HRs/Heads may have a tendency to hire most/one of theirs, ceteris paribus. I do not fault them as humans chose to work among their own (countrymen/culture)

I dread the day when my children and their peers are floating digits of the temporary or unemployed data. 

Singaporeans, young and old, are hardworking and full of drive and are comparable, if not better, than many of their foreign peers. But, if they are being replaced by cheaper foreigners (you can find many who are willing and able as the world has 6.9billion people), simply because someone is willing to work longer hours for the same pay or take a lower pay for the same hours worked, then social issues and conflicts will surface sooner rather than later. 

Who will STAND UP for Singapore? If for every 3 Singaporeans, there are 2 foreigners, life is tough. But, if for every 2 true blue, born and breed Singaporeans, there is 1 PR and 2 foreigners, we are in trouble.

Let us keep Singapore for Singaporeans. All foreigners are welcome but not at the expense of Singaporeans. 

I hope I am not screaming in the wilderness. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lighter Side Of Life

Tongue In Cheek...

Whats wrong with WikiLeaks? Telling the truth as plainly as it was when spoken - truth hurts

Why are there unemployment, underemployment or simply 'no' jobs? Statistics never lie neither does it tells the truth - happy searching

Why are there so many disconnected teens joining street gangs? They wanted to feel 'belonged' and be recognised - wise up

Why do some people commit suicides? If you can't solve your problems, exit and pass on to others - least sought solution

Why is it the Hong Kong MTR can run at lesser (time) intervals than Singapore MRT? The former caters to travelers demands while the latter demands travelers to take it or leave it  "People can board the trains – it is whether they choose to" - SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa - monopolist/oligopolist speaks loudest

There are plentiful of 'growth' in US and Europe - their debts keep growing - its about grammar

Why is it the West's debts grown so fast while the East is still 'far behind'? The Chinese characters (words文字) have yet to coined words like billions十亿, trillion千亿, quadzillion?, zillion?? .. simply no words to describe numbers that are too big - words that heavy but of no value

Why is income gap widening? Newer buildings are taller, bridges are longer, baby grows bigger - its the natural order of progress

When will the World or mankind ever be equal? Never - mathematically possible, practically impossible

More Regulations do not necessarily mean a better world but it certainly stifle creativity, entrepreneurship and 'thinkability' - ideas originate naturally

Will the world end? This question requires no answer - if it ends, we will meet again in the 'other world'

...alittle laugh lightens up the Soul

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stockmarket ++CrossRoad++

Where is the market heading...

In the final days of September, I penned "The Pains & Fun Of Stockmarket" amongst which read '... Lightening up seems an ideal choice (on the upswing) ... Cyclically, quarterly low is expected in October.' Guess, we have seen it all!

A flip through of some major markets/ charts and most show we are at the crossroads including possible 'Head & Shoulders pattern', 'a small Wave C or a Wave 3'...  an impending downside-bias? ?

What's keeping the markets up?
Hot money and self-denial; or what I call the "Hope Syndrome".
Profit in hand is worth zillion$ in the market; I am bopeful but I rather be safe

What you find under the stars...

In year 2000, there were 6.1bil people in the World; now its 6.9bil - demand, multiplier and growth?
There are three times more billionaires today than there were 10 years ago - the newfound rich and the rich gets richer
Similarly, there are more under-nourished, more unemployed, more poverty sprinkled around the Gobe - the poor gets poorer, the struggling class

The World will never be equal

When the financial crisis hit the West, as in most 'club deals', saved were those who belong to the 'club'
The big institutions borrow to pay fellow lenders who underwrite their fresh loans; by extension debts were used as collaterals; and the music continues... 

General Motors (GM) rose from the dead, AIA was rescuscitated and Citibank limped back to recovery; Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae melted into oblivion

USA prints enough money to fill gaps left behind by the financial earthquake - if money can solve problems, its no longer a problem! 

U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK - shows The Outstanding Public Debt as of 01 Dec 2010 at 02:49:23 AM GMT is: US$13,795,262,233,519.30 

China's reserves hits 3 trillion; Japan's reserves passed 1 trillion
China is fighting inflation whereas Japan is struggling in deflation
Singapore's growth of 15% will taper down to 5% next year

If printing money can steer the World out of depression, the term 'banana' currency would not have been conceived
The value of money is not in the number of zeroes after One; its the confidence and its purchasing power - read the following - 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar banknote (1014 dollars), equal to 1027 pre-2006 dollars

If you are deep in the plus/profit, take some, if not all
If you are in the red and living with borrowed money, be forewarned and be prepared

China is a developing nation, poor by per capita but rich in absolute dollars
US is a developed nation, rich by per capita but living on borrowed dollars

If Wall Street is the lighthouse of Capitalism, by extension equity markets
The tides have changed

When you make your fortune, I be glad to have a free beer...
And kindly donate to the less fortunate...and I am one

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Perfect World

Perfection is personal...

Everything we set out to achieve does not have a singular outcome; the satisfactory result is achieved if it falls within the range
like... the best sprinter seeks to achieve first place, if possible breaks record
like... the Michelin (chef) Master achieving recognition for being the best in culinary skills in say, French, Italian or Chinese food; seldom recognized as the best in any/every type of cooking
like... an economic growth of 16% and a growth rate of 5% is still a growth 

We must do our best and be the best but not necessarily perfect; perfection is, like an ideal, a moving target
if... everyone has a perfect look, cosmetic surgeons will be in the annals like the dodo 
if... there is one acceptably perfect GOD, there wouldn't be/have many religions
if... there is a perfect country, we needn't still think of Utopia 

There is no monopoly of knowledge nor solutions
as... the rich will not understand what hunger is
as... the elite cannot accept why others are 'mediocre'
as... seemingly brilliant people turned terrorists in the name of a certain Beliefs

“To understand that hardship is a matter of fate and success is a matter of the times; and to able to face enormous difficulties without fear or terror is to have the courage of a sage.” 知穷之有命,知通之有时,临大难而不惧者,圣人之勇也。Confucious
... everyone is given a chance to succeed, within his abilities and capabilities, but few know nor grab when opportunity knocks
... some succeeded but succumbed to greed, emphathy or plain arrogance
... only in fairy tales do we find perfectly happy ending 
 ...everyone needs some space in this crowded Earth

We are walking on the sands of time and nothing will be remembered as we passed and time passes
Do whatever you want, within your abilities and capabilities, and achieve fame and glory
Your little empire and ivory tower is yours to built and keep

Blaming others for your misfortune or setback is not a solution
If you can't dictate changes, be the change agent

Make your decision to change for the better NOW or tomorrow will be the same or worse as you resist the change agents dwelling inside you

If you don't give yourself a chance, NO one will
... forever you will be humbled, thumbed-down and enslaved

What is graffiti to some, is arts to others; fashion, like arts, is personal

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If We Do Not Help Ourselves FIRST Who Will (Help Us)?

The Best In Life Is Yours To Keep...

You smash things up when you are angry
You hurt yourself when you are depressed
You blame the whole world except yourself when things go wrong
Your negative power empowers you to self-destruct

If you had positively rein in on your 'misfortune' with ZENness and level mindedness, you reap the Goodness of Being and turn self destruction into growth; like a Lotus

Rest if you must but never quit
Just as the car needs refueling and the radiator needs water/coolant
It is not weakness to slow down nor stop; its a recharging process

There are TWO types of problems;
i) You have too much of a good thing and you don't know what to do except Indulge

ii) You are flooded with problems upon problems and you don't know what to do and your mind is filled ... with the problems, Not solutions
Fret NOT; both will pass over time .... good or bad

Better stop your journey than to reach a destination least desired...

There is no point in complaining that others are taking advantage of you as if you do not allow it to happen, it can never happen

You may be born rich but nobody is born poor as the fool and his money will soon part
Everyone arrives with nothing, naked and a scream
Fortune smiles at the eager, earnest, willing, able and capable person

You blame the system for belittling you, milking you, making your life miserable, downtrodden and self-serving
Yet, you oblige and opt not to change
The earlier your realize that the fault is in You and not the system, the earlier you salvage your destiny

We cannot change others

We can only change ourselves

I color my own life...the rainbow in the Buddhisattva 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My World

Birds of a feather flock together...

Eagles fly and hunt alone and they are deadly accurate when zooming in on their target... the prey has no chance - you can hide but you cannot run
Eagles roam the horizon with commanding views, keen eyesight, razor-like powerful talons; ready for the kill

The Elites rule and seek comfort, companionship and progress in the protected circles of "Who's who"; in their ivory tower, high and almighty, they detest any slights and complains... my word is your command, you can neither hide nor run
Mine is a world where heaven takes place on earth 

Geese fly in V-formation to conserve energy and ease communication
To fly long distances, the birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired
They are non-hunters, they are hunted

The compatriots and comrades ensure the food-chain is smooth runnning and iron out the kinks
Not of scholar grade, with a heart for all but not sundry, with an ambition built on dreams, hopeful, thoughtful, driven, full of fire and ideas but also 'down to earth'
Helping to even out the unequal chain and make living lighter, smarter and smoother 
Mine is a world filled with hopes

Domesticated, ducks and chickens, birds are food on the platter

At the bottom of the food chain, its 'damn you do, damn you don't'... every day alive is a day earned
The tomorrows are poetic, the future is bland
Mine is a make-believe world

I am none of the above; I like my fairy tale world
I am the ugly duckling and, one day, I shall be the graceful SWAN

I dare to dream and I make my dreams come true... if not now, tomorrow... I am a daydreamer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMETs)

Quote: "Some say PMET has become the catch-all term to describe the "middle class" of Singapore workers". I suppose PMETs refers to those who are tertiary educated with, say a Poly diploma or a Uni degree.

In the days of Singapore U (SU) and Nanyang U (NU), many NU students opted to start their own businesses as their starting pay were generally lower than SU graduates and promotions opportunities favoured SU graduates.

Another group that was more entrepreneurial were the Poly graduates.

Looking at Singapore's economic dynamics, early efforts were made to provide jobs for the polulation in general in the 60s/70s (low skills, labour intensive). By the 80s/90s, the Unis were churning out graduates to run and manage MNCs, manufacturing outfits and larger local companies (management skills, higher value-added industries) - a generation of managers were moulded and produced.

By late 90s and the turn of the century, Singapore was faced with competition from cheaper and massive labour supply from neighbouring countries including India and China. Coupled with this, globalisation and WTO-centric agreements, make factors of production, namely labour, more mobile and fluid.

Our generation of PMETs has learned to accept monthly wages as a norm and few ventured entrepreneurialy as the comfort of being managers overwhelmed the need to take risks and chances to run their own businesses.

The economic fibres meshed over the years was a comfortable monthly salary; sufficient to pay for a home, a car, two kids, a maid, holidays at year end, a family of four - luckier were those with dual income if both spouses work.

With globalisation and the fluidity of labour (force) flow and the relocating of manufacturing industries overseas to lower cost centres, PMETs were suddenly slap with the reality of job losses. Years of experiences and loyalty was not enough to forestall replacement by cheaper, younger and faster workers as the same job can be done cheaper and learnt faster. PMETs simply did not have a fighting chance against the younger, faster and cheaper replacements.

Apart from this, the mega mergers of industries also decimate jobs. A page back in time reminisced Singapore with ten banks but with megers, we have only three large ones; there used to be about thirty stockbroking companies, now we have under ten.

Besides, the younger are willing to work longer working hours for the same pay, especially if they are foreigners. Not that Singaporeans are any less hard working but if they are foreigners working here, chances are they have lesser friends and relatives around to demand their attention. Work, work and more work also means more (overtime) pay.

The years of comfort and sheltered environment evaporates into thin air - the reality is that if you are 35-45 years old, or older, and if you loss your job, the chances of you finding a same, or fairly similar, job with same salary is almost zero.

Even if you are willing to retrain, upgrade or seek newer and relevant skills, the chances of you finding employment with the same pay is also almost zero. Age is a tall obstacle but not fatal! The permutation of solution is not linear. Think out of the box - challenging times need challenging solutions.

So what can PMETs do? PMETs supposedly consisted of people who are tertiary educated; have they lost all the 'grey matter' above their shoulders and between their ears? I know of afew solutions but lets start with you - solutions lie with the problems. If nobody is willing to come forward with a solution, or is waiting for the next person to suggest, then its a checkmate and PMETs will fade into history as managers of a past era.

Come on, wake up - God help those who help themselves. Even God wants the solutions to start from you. Get organised, get together, find the solution. However difficult and chaotic a/the generation is going through, a leader is born to lead; you could be the one.

In the article, circa August 2010, by Spring Singapore, encouraging PMETs to take up Entrepreneurship Training "Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) have been the hardest hit in the downturn, forming some 40% of total retrenchment between January and March last year". If there are 30,000 unemployed PMETs and each contribute one possibility (solution), you will have 30,000!

I write to motivate and encourage all to see the 'light at the end of the tunnel' and to stop the blame game. More importantly, look on the positive side of life and give yourself a chance to start; if not from where you last stopped, then a new start. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Choice Or No Choice

I Want To Be Free...

Dreams are like rainbows; see it, feel it, enjoy it but you can never have it the way it was dreamt... that does not prevent nor stop us from dreaming
I have seen double rainbows
I have tried continuing dreaming when the dream was sweet, rewarding and consuming
But, like the rainbows, I can never chase, continue nor capture it with my awakening

Fantasy, pretension, illusion... like dreams are temporary reprieve for our soiled and toiled Soul
Its the inner self that need escape... Indulge and enjoy a lightness feeling
Fear not that you look weak when you break away from your routine
Its the smart and the bluffs that win the race; ask the hyenas
The Vietnamese sent the French and the Americans packing
The Afgans sent the British and Russians home while the Americans are still looking for a face-saving way out, if no victory is in sight
Table tennis is the only game where the Chinese are playing against fellow Chinese donning different flags; its a choice
"You can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't let someone else make yours." - General Colin Powell

Set yourself free
Free from bondage and others' expectations
Move swiftly and flow like a fire dancing in the breeze
Do not trade the freedom that you are born with for the material wealth which comes with a price;
...And where thou now exact'st the penalty... a pound of this poor merchant's flesh - Merchant of Venice
Make the right choice
To be healthy, happy and free from bondage
Lord over your choices...or you will be slave unto yourself 
There is a price for everything but I am priceless
The Lightness Of Being

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winning Or Losing 道

It Starts With The Mind ...

When the Japanese soldiers marched into Nanjing in WWII, the Chinese soldiers surrendered inspite of  superiority in numbers?

How, and Why, did the 33 Chilean miners kept their spirits alive, alert and sane for 69days, half-a-mile beneath the surface?

If Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte were born in the same generation, both shall reign? Or will both reign?

Mind and attitude win the day
He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty. . . Lao Tzu

It is no coincidence that when someone succeeds beyond imagination; his beliefs and perseverance out-lived & out-shone himself

The Way of Life (Dao - 道) is formless

Live healthily, happily and wholesomely before the last breathe
Live with the knowledge that life & death is destined and ALL else is a 'Choice'
Look around you, and asked "why everyone around you seem to be in a hurry?"

If you are at the top, the next choice is down
If you are already the best, you can't better your 'best'

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt... Lao Tzu 

The modern day pressures come from trying to be perfect
Perfection is an abstract which fools chase
The smart treats perfection as a flow; like ideals they change over time

Hallucinations, anxieties, frustrations, stresses... are ill-effects of being perfectly perfect
The Dao of Perfection is a flow

Winning or losing is a subset of the flow - 孔明借东风
What goes around comes around
Fret not...

From the flow comes the flow - as formless as always

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Flies

When time is lost ...

When I was young, I spend alot, alot of time fighting for survival
I helped and worked as hawker selling noodles, vegetables, eggs, bread... to eke a living
I was poorer than church mouse
Working is not a choice 手停口就停 but a necessity

In between work, I study
Tuition is non-existent and coaching is rare
Either I passed or the cane awaited me; pass the examinations or face the caning
The choice is clear

Childhood and teen were cycles of work, survival, study or punishment
I am probably the last batch of the "kok-ki-kok" noodle-man
Free time, if any, was spent playing marbles, flying kites, playing spiders, rearing fighting fishes
I grew up in the innocent age and entered young adolescent like a dodo

Before I knew, I entered adult age
My poor financial/family background did not allow me to continue higher education
That did not break my will to succeed neither did it decimate my climb up the social ladder; and in order to break out of the poverty cycle, I created opportunities

Through hard work and study, I empowered myself with knowledge and (academic) papers
Through sweat and toil and a sincere heart and soul, I carved a niche and succeeded careerwise
Like a deck of cards, my career collapsed along the way to the top
The defeat was as deadly as the bombing of pearl harbour

I limped in despair
I lived my life worse than a beggar
I walked away from my defeat, reformed, re-evaluate my choices and returned with a vengence
The positively charged will and upright character saw me through hell and back

But, the moment of darkness seemed forever in the trough
The dark alleys of defeat meandered like a maze
Walking away and giving up was the best choice then

It is sunshine and blue sky now
Some days it is like a desert
Some forsaken days are colder than the Arctic

I am Faith driven
I am Positively centric
I surf the up and down of my life cycle like an Olympian

Time really flies...I lost my youth to ignorance and lack of choice
My teen ticked by and adulthood reared its head
I have lost plentiful; I lost TIME

I never jump in triumphs and tribulations
Neither do I wallow in defeats 
I only manage Time

Time; my best friend
Time lost can never be found... I am living in the wilderness of the wild
With each passing time, I am furthest from the start & nearer the end...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to walk back!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My World Is Collapsing

Some days my world within seems collapsing... or near collapsed

Sometimes I have this helpless feeling that the world around me moves ahead of me and I am totally lost
Sometimes I feel that I have not done enough, within my capability, to stretch my ability and to reach out
At times, I feel like a sitting duck and a lost soul in a compass-less boat, floating in the high seas

Have the world at large walked out on me? Probably not
Have I lost my head and loss my way that I feel like a stranger in the land? Maybe
Or did I get lost in the wilderness in my determination to trudge ahead? Probably

My knowledge is too shallow compared to the learned
My wealth, if any, is too little to sit back and relax
I am definitely not a fish in a pond; just a fry trying to survive the muddy water - more mud than water

The environment is hostile and unforgiving
The pressure is intense and fanning
I am like a frog in boiling water. If I jump, I may jump into the fire but to remain is certain death  

When friends walked away and the challenges look insurmountable
When fire rages beneath the feet and floodwater is rising
 Apocalypse? Armageddon? Death in seconds? Maybe or maybe not

From time to time I walked into the wall
A wall of silence, rejection, isolation, 'no-return', hopelessness...when the only, and best release, is death or to depart from this humanly world
I found HOPE... and survived

But, maybe...
With my Will shattered and my Soul almost defeated, I breathe in new life
I am born again ... my pretense and deception at death's corridors allow a new lease of life with old baggages

Many a times, I have been tested and pushed to the extremes aka cliffhangers
By my own doing or forces beyond my control, I do not know
In my/any collapsed world, being smart is useless; nobody can outsmart the unknown

I can only summarise my return to one word "LUCK" 

I have to be Lucky, now and always, to survive every trying moments; the unknowns
The great escapes, the near death challenges, the successes, the deft hands...
It boils down to "LUCK"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life - My Rainbow Connection

E = MC2 ... Energy(E) equals Mass (M) multiplied by the Speed of light (E) squared 

Have you seen how an animal react when it is cornered
Have you heard of how a weakling fights back when he is pushed to extreme
Surely, you have heard how a mother pluck her babies out of harms way

Miracles? No

This is the compacted cumulative energy release at that moment of 'necessity'/action
The intensity and the power is at its epitome
The reactive prowess is unmatched, unseen and non-premeditated

Is this source of energy available to any ordinary person? Yes
We flow with the cosmic forces in the Universe and reaction is dictated by the 'Chi' - the cosmic electrons that gives the ordinary forces added impetus ; the Tsunamic effect of the manifestation of energy thrown forward

An action will cause a reaction
Cause and effects
Simply put 'human beings are able to built up the tempo, create the environment and manage the outcome' though not necessarily in perfection

So, instead of wallowing in self pity, defeats, questioning the/your self-worth and negative thoughts, sink your Soul and energy into your intent, desire and wants and crystalize it through Positive powers

Positive reinforcement begets positive results

Instead of worrying about failures, do your best and let the results do the talking
Chase your dreams and follow your heart

Failures are those who concentrate on worrying even before starting
Failures are those who think they can't even before the game begin

I determine my Fate and Providence is my broad guideline明天由我定,天涯由我选

Like a successful artist, i paint the colors of my life, my way
my rainbow................

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Island, My Dream

Amidst The Garden City ... from fishing village to a metropolitan city aka international city

F1 - Formula 1 Grand Prix

IR - Integrated Resorts & Casinos

Esplanade - Marina Bay : Theatres On The Bay

Private Banking @Financial Centre

Shopping @Vivocity & Orchard Road

The Heartland

From the well-heeled to the clogs-heeled, Singapore has it all
We are not exactly Monte Carlo nor Switzerland
Definitely not Somalia, Zimbabwe nor Sierra Leone
There is enough to go round for everyone; willing and able

Opportunities - seek and you shall find
Like everywhere else the social ladder is fluid and game
Within a guided path - Who dares win
Like all laissez-faire, nobody is perpetually or permanently poor nor rich

Let your conscience guide you and when you are dealt a deft hands, spare some for the less fortunate

Work hard & smart

Fortune smiles at those willing, able and capable
Follow your heart and the trophy is yours to keep

Nobody can force the cow to drink from the pit
Build your own dream as all dreams are made differently

Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Die Or Not To Die 命运自我手天涯由我选

Health Is Wealth... 健康不是人生的目的,而是最基本的条件

From Rwanda to Ethiopia, from Greece to Belarus, from Kashgar to Ordos, from Changi to Jurong
There are some pockets of poverty and misery; the difference is in the degree

Man's worries can fill the ocean and his problems can pile higher than Himalayan Ranges
From famine to survival, from having a meal to luxurious meals; there will still be 'not enough' to go round as the needs differ but the insatiable wants remain
Setbacks are like the blandness and bitterness of food before salt and/or sugar is added; otherwise how would you know what's saltish and/or sweet
I read of suicides or suicidal attempts when relationship breaks, when school grades tank, when one losses his job, when attention given was supposedly scarce...omigosh

When everyday's a sunshine, you get a desert
Too much of anything is always negative

We work for a living and not live to work
Relationship comes and goes if it is mismatched
Not everyone is academically incline and the World needs diverse skills, skillsets and craftsman
Popularity is for the vain

The next time you thought of wasting away a healthy body and to take your own life; "STOP" for a moment
Go visit the hospice and see how everyone is fighting to live another day; happily and 'healthily'
Go see what is a mortuary and feel the stillness and coldness when death comes a-calling

If you need to die - die for a reason; for the nation, for your loved ones - not to cowardly steals from yourself your life

Only a living being can make his mark and his presence felt
A healthy person can do anything to better his quality of life
Without health, even the richest man, can do nothing - lying on your sickbed with tonnes of dollars pile up to ceiling height has NO meaning 活生生的

A healthy mind and a healthy body can move mountains and join streams

With health I can find happiness and money
With only money (and without health), I may not find happiness but I certainly CANNOT buy health

The World is yours to keep; be the roving swordsman or the hermit in the cave, climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest ocean...
And the shortest route to Heaven is definitely NOT suicide

I cannot find you happiness but I certainly can point the route towards healthiness, happiness and wholesome living 命运自我手天涯由我选

A Happier Earthling

Human Migration ...

Planet Gliese 581g, an Earth-like planet, is 195 trillion km away; maybe someday we will move to Gliese.

Today, countries are demarcated by political boundaries where each claims sovereignty (sovereign rights to rule).
Why can't we just share everything and every resources found on earth?
Why can't we be called Earthlings or Globeans instead of Americans, Europeans, Africans, Chinese... ?

Humans claim superiority over other humans and the Rule of Law will never be equal as the Rule of Gun is still, and shall remain, dominant.
The negotiation table will never be level.
The 'gentleman-ness' of human creed has never existed in substance but in form.
Each shows respect to the other because the next major war will end all wars; humans will be decimated by MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

There are some who claim to be elite, superior, God-like or with God-given authority to rule but a class of elite cannot overrun nor control a mass of commoners.
A hungry man is an angry man; the rich can never live in peace if surrounded by mass/massively poor.
The days of slavery are over; the days of equality are beyond us.

But, for Earthlings to live peacefully and in harmony, the unequal advantage enjoyed by few must be shaved or willingly shared with the less abled and less endowed.
Money can buy something, most things but not everything.

Fortunately the material well being is unable to match the emotional comfort that religions or Faiths offer; you may be rich but not necessarily happy.
The earlier Earthlings realized the need to care for one another, the better and more harmonious the surroundings will be!
The earlier we reform, rehabilitate and renew the equation, the lesser the sufferings.

With newfound satisfaction and happiness, more space is made available and Earthlings tension shall ease.
The human race can live as long as we do not self-detruct via MAD.

The distance between Earth and Gliese is too far to even dream. 

Whatever philosophy you subscribe to, help your fellow beings.
Make living easier and the heart will be lighter, the environment more cheerful and you make Heaven out of Earth!

Spare a thought for the less fortunate; it is your fortune to be able to give and share.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pains & Fun Of Stockmarket


Pain or Pleasure is determined at the moment in decision-making.

When small countries collapsed, few blink an eyelid. Zimbabwe collapsed financially and Vietnam revalued her Dong. Stockmarket sharp correction is irrelevant if it did not happen in unison. Nobody seems to get hurt; at least not the majority!

Asia had her Financial Crisis in 1997/98 and the Financial Crisis 2007-2010 burned through US to Europe. While the former is a result of ignorance and blind expansion, the latter is the result of greed; Predatory lending, reckless valuation and leveraging, inaccurate credit ratings or selective ratings, off-balance sheet financing, Regulatory avoidance, you name it, you have it; greed under the cover of 'financial products innovation'.

If DEBTs can be used as collaterals to borrow more, if Insurance Company callously INSUREs 'vested interest' instruments larger than itself and Credit Rating agencies rate institutions who support their livelihoods, who rates them? Capitalism at its extreme breeds greed and selfishness.

Looking Back ...

Wall Street has its fair share of superlatives in gainers and losers:

Top Gainer                                           Top Losers

        %    Date                                        %     Date

1. 15.3    15 Mar 1933                          -22.6   19 Oct 1987
2. 14.9    06 Oct 1931                           -12.8   28 Oct 1929
3. 12.3    30 Oct 1929                           -11.7   29 Oct 1929
4. 11.4    21 Sep 1932                            -9.9     6 Nov 1929
5. 11.1    13 Oct 2008                            -9.9    30 Aug 2010
10. 9.5    31 Aug 2010                           -7.9    15 Oct 2008

US, being the world's largest economy, influence other nations and they dance to her tune.

Now ...

When the US was overwhelmed with toxic financial instruments, off balance sheet financing and creative accounting, tsunamic bankruptcies of established, old-name institutions threatened to send US into a financial ice-age. The US and the world, China in particular, went into overdrive with massive expansion of credit, fiscal, monetary and physical policies. That save the day; or did it?

Well, if you pour enough blue ink into the ocean the color of the water will turn blue!

The world has starved the ghost of recession from appearing momentarily. However, it won't be long before we hit the skids again. The Political will to spend and expand is constrained by competing needs and every country, big and small, is faced with the challenges of creating employment, feeding the population and maintaining social-commercial-political balance.

Protectionism has reared its head as have screams to cut spending (deficits), cut costs (buyers market) and raise taxes; its lowballing.

Future ...

The world-over is filled with unemployment, under-employment and mismatched and displaced workers; tertiary, urban, sub-urban and others. Income gap have widened and rising costs have made living edgy.

As more are forced to save, or to save in anticipation of tough times; even to minimize spending whilst expecting the costs of living to ease (due to deflation), the result is alot gloomier.

Coupled with above, nations are forced to look inward and care for their wards, by extension their political survival. Many a political brinksmanship is not about nationalism but about political survival.

Conclusion ...

The stockmarkets is/are still benefiting from the expansionary programs instituted during the crisis. Growth, including abnormally high growth, is the norm but will NOT lasts. Technically, most indices potentially can challenge its/the previous high but NO economy can continue expanding with unemployment and underemployment in its background. Lightening up seems an ideal choice (on the upswing).

Reality is always cruel; Excessiveness will stop sooner rather than later including fanciful Dubai's palm-shaped man-made islands and Ordos city in Inner Mongolia.

Cyclically, quarterly low is expected in October. For those who profited/benefited from this (October) downswing/upswing, good luck. Watch out for the next change of events towards/during the Total Lunar Eclipse on 21 Dec 2010.

Forward ...

Nobody goes broke by taking profits. When you make it, help the poor; spare some for the less fortunate.

Note: This Is NOT An Investment Advice; read to agree or disagree - no prize for correct guesses!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Times & Bad Times

When Darkness Falls...

Prussian military historian Friedrich von Bernhardi wrote glowingly of "the inevitableness, the idealism, and the blessing of war" whereas Dwight D Eisenhower penned "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity"

"Evils can never pass away, for there must always remain something which is antagonistic to good" Plato

The samurais and bushidoes sworn on total loyalty and will die for their beliefs, however, brutal and foolish.

If Man lives to rebel against, and does not respect, reasons, they are blind followers of Faith.

If the Japanese did not surrender after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, does it mean Japan will be bombed and wiped out of the surface of Earth? Probably not. There were many more casualties in their assaults on Asia  as a whole than the numbers killed by the two bombings.
It was plainly cool, calm reasons; to avoid further bloodshed and the awakening from foolish belief of being engaged in a supposely God-like mission that stopped the war.

Do not follow Faith blindly
Neither do you accept Fate with blind obedience

Everyone will want to have advantage over you; better still, if you are completely submissive

The World will never be equal and fairness is relative; so is suffering

When your chips are down, lie low, be patient and live within your means
Nothing is permanent
Someday, somehow, the good days will return

Like Yin & Yang, Day & Night
Fortunes come and go

With reason and fortitude, life is a fairy-tale in itself
Suffering? What suffering? If you don't taste bitterness, how do you know what sweetness tastes like

Daylight is not far...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Laugh Away Your Worries...

Whether you live or die, it is about the last breathe
- as long as you are alive, you can choose to be happy and spritely or dead as a dodo

If you are deep in depression, you immobilize yourself
- worse than Bangkok's traffic jam, time moves and day turns into night; you are still in living Hell 

If you worry yourself dead, nobody is able to extract you from the pit
- worrying never solve problems; seek solutions, not indulge in worrying

When the boss screams and you whine, both will lead to deeper discord
- discord strain the mind and relationship and is 'bull in a china shop' 

The body decays and releases toxins as you worry and built stress within
- nuclear fussion and cancer is less destructive than stress; toxins within is a silent killer

Instead of worrying, free the mind and you free your soul
Laughs away your problems and critics
Bend like the grass in a storm than to be the fallen old oak tree as dead man tell no tales

Fight or flight; better be a living coward than a dead hero
Winnings do not necessarily go to the fittest, tallest, brightest goes to the person who lasts
Laughter costs nothing and gives vibrancy and lightness of being

If you complain that life is difficult and tough, why make it worse? Be the happy, charming and bright spark that everybody crave to be with
Or be in self-denial and live a hundred years in misery

Laughter - the best medicine that the Body & Soul can have without any side-effects

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What Is An Incentive And What Is It A Right...

Cars are expensive and are depreciating assets yet there are more families owning two cars or more despite rising COE, ERP, road tax, import tax
Petrol prices go up and hardly ease
Car owners swallow them all with ease only to complain about the lack of car park lots
Such complains are music to the ears of car park operators who with a stroke of pen raise carpark charges 

Housing Development Board (HDB) used to built in anticipation of demand and to make living affordable, if not cheaper 
With a shift in demand patterns, Asian Financial & 2007/08 Financial crisis, HDB shy away from basic homes provisions to 'design & built' and 'built to order'
Coupled with added demand from foreigners and new citizens-to-be, prices spiral upwards
You want better homes, latest designs, quicker completion; there is a price to pay

Instant gratification is almost always expensive

We like to have taxis when we raise our hands
We like the train to breeze by and send us to our destination swiftly
We want the buses to be comfy, speedy and timely
You can have all if, and when, the price is right

It looks like every where/countries you go, there are lesser jobs/opportunities available
Job enlargement and job enrichment have 'eaten up' jobs
Recession and deflation have extinguished many jobs/positions
Like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the creme positions are wrestled and dominated by the chosen ones
Like million of sperms swimming toward One egg; the winner is the survivor

Why is life getting tougher and rougher?
It has always been the same

Early man fights the animals for space and food
Modern man fights each other for the same reason

Life, and living, has always been the same

Except with globalization, internet & communication, frequent and cheaper flights
The World seems smaller, space dwindle, emotions become rowdier or less containable

Complaints by all means if you can
But, differentiate between Incentives and Rights
Rights is a given
Incentives depend on the givers

I have no grouses; I enjoy the incentives and keep my rights

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 昨天,今天,明天

Two third gone and one third towards NewYear...

Time and tides wait for no man
Everyone has a great plan with each and every incoming new year
But few crystalize it when the year is out

It is not for lack of effort or interest but it certainly lacks follow through
Success includes the ability to ride the dynamism of environmental changes and the ability to adapt and change according to the new terrain
Do not be disheartened...'cos success is almost always within reach

Sixty percent is gone with 40% to go yet you still have a 100% chance of succeeding base on the 80/20 rule - 20% of mass can carry 80% of mess
Pull up your socks, run the final lap with zeal, oomph and style...success is within your reach
Its fine to slack but its time to wake up to reality

September - when Autumn seeps in and Winter is near the doorstep
I enjoy the Autumn breeze, reminize and retrospectively look at my footsteps behind me
I see none...

I remembered GOD walked with me throughout... Four footsteps, His & mine,  at a time but none to be found when I looked back
'Cos the sands of time have smoothern and bury all
Every step I take is new and everyday is a new beginning

Seize the opportunity and blessings are abundance 
Life is not a blame game but a game where every players have a choice
Take the winnings or stay on whining

I was lost for 60% of the year but the 40% is for me to think, tweak, adapt and SUCCEED

I never think I am smart but I try hard
I never dwell in senseless fights, baseless rumours and clueless leads
I give myself the very chance that NO one will; the chance to turn Winner - from trash to cash, from whining to winning, from nothing to something  

Tomorrow will come but was never promised
Between your promise and cash, I take cash

I live simply and smartly; aboveall, I must be LUCKY

With luck, my life is more peaceful, fulfilling and satisfying
And my heart is and the World smiles with you


“To understand that hardship is a matter of fate and success is a matter of the times; and to able to face enormous difficulties without fear or terror is to have the courage of a sage.”


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blame Game

When you refuse to admit your fault, you will never be wrong! Sure, you will also never have a chance for repentence

When things go wrong, it is easier to point finger at others
But, for every one finger you point, the other four are pointing toward you

Only excuses are offered when you are in self-denial
No reasons have ever been extended because the weak delve in excuses
To hide their own weaknesses and self-serving motives, they will try to convince the world of their 'worthy' acts

Tyrants and dictators will see things only in one perspective; their OWN, one and only view
For those who pleases them, they will be richly rewarded; nevermind the 'emperor without clothes'
For those who opposes and offer alternative views, however constructive, punishment and disincentives await

It is positive to be determined and single-minded when attempting tasks
It is quite another and negative, if that's stubboness in disguise

I cannot change your mind neither will I try
I only pray that when the show ends, no one gets hurt

A coward uses threats and violence
A wiseman uses his brain to undo the coward
Time will tell

Why wait till your beloved and your most loved dies
The right of views and to be heard is not sacred if its baseless and without reasonableness

Think again...
Think hard

When life passes, you can never repent, let alone make good all that is lost

Make life alittle easier and the heart alittle lighter...for you and for ALL

Everyone needs space and when you push someone to a corner, the only way out is to react
You will never know the strength and force of a 'weakling'... but it is definitely not worth finding out

When things go wrong, find a solution NOT a fall guy   

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adversity Or Blessings

Thrives in adversity...

What is adversity if you are a North Korean and DPRK is your home; every moment is
You can't deny that if you are an Ugandan or Etopian, life is equally bleak, if not tough
The Afgans, especially womenfolks, eat, drink and swim in adversities

It takes more than guts, intellect and wisdom to overcome adversities
It takes alot, alot of commonsense and streetwisdom
Because we get used to what we always do, the norms become habits and habit is second nature

For those who live in Lebanon, Gaza strips, Etopia, Mexican border with USA, North Korea bordering China, gunfire, hunger, persecution...are norms
Adversities??..!! also a norm

Talks of freedom of expression is possible only when one's stomach is full
Expounding political and ideological ideals must be tempered with responsibility
Only the financially well-endowed or barren, or almost bare, can stiffen their stand on their ideological beliefs; there is no middle ground

If you sink into depression because of failures in relationship, examinations, contests...
Or you feel that the world had left you and all the good that you have done went unrecognized...
Count your blessings

Nobody can impose their ideals on you neither can you insist on recognition for a job well-done
Sometimes, somehow life is not what you make out to be...maybe, not yet
And one man's meat is another's poison...when blessings come, it pours

Make do with what you have
Do your best in everything you do
Live best when others live there when fortune turns around

Someday, your cries will be heard

Someday, you will have your final say

But, you must live your best happy, healthy and contented
Why compare with others when we are all made to be different
What are adversities to you may be norm to others

When the world walks out on you and you feel left out and lonely
Think of those destitutes and 'less desirables', in hospice, in warzone and in famine
Think lucky you have been

Blessed are those who can give

Maybe, for some, its time to stop complaining and start living...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky - the personal choice

What Is Luck...or to be lucky

When everything is going your way, you thought you were lucky until when you end up furthest away from your goal

When all that you wished for come true then you realized that it was, afterall, not what you really wanted

That there were no obstacles and the journey was smooth, then you came to a deadend down a steep cliff

That the victorious homecoming after the war was hollow when you realized that your village was flattened during enemy air-raids

Life's many twists and turns may not necessarily be bad
The objections, obstacles and delays may turn out to be blessings in disguise
The failures, disruptions and challenges are events that help you cut short your learning circuit as Providence has other provision for you

There are people who gain wealth but lost their family
There are paupers who found family warmth and care your dream
Setbacks are checkpoints; take a bearing and map your journey

The French Revolution transfered power to the people but excesses, in any form, caused Societal decay

The Boshevik Revolution resulted in the creation of Soviet Union - 'powers were transfered' to the workers who subscribed to the ideals of Central control and equality for all.. a pipe-dream

Wall Street's toxins were consumed by Main Streeters who swallowed it lock, stock and barrel yet the perpetrators and originators were richly rewarded and taxpayers money were used to bail out the failed financial institutions despite 'blood on Main Street'; the 'small man' banks went under too
Capitalism or Communism or any philosophy when carried to extremes will almost always self-destruct

Everybody is as lucky as he achieves his goals; the (blind) followers will always be the sacrificial lamb

The next time when you pray or wish for something, just make sure that when you achieve your goals you can proudly scream "I Am Lucky" ...

To me.. being alive with health, sanity and wisdom is being LUCKY 

Being Lucky Is More Important Than Being Smart; I rather be lucky

Friday, July 30, 2010


Somedays, life is simply blank...

Just like this page... empty, void, expressionless

So  much had been said, alot have been done...
Guess, speechless itself is a word

A world of its own - VOID 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Red, Amber, Green Colors Of Life

Stop, Go or ?? ...
There are times when you call your friends but no one answer the phones
It is also common when you manage to reach them they already have prior engagements
Other days, you thought your blackberry, SMSes and cellphone is down 'cos they are as dead as lineless

Sometimes, a walk through the food centres simply cannot yield a food that you might like to eat, however hungry you may be
Someday when you are driving, the roads seem clogged whichever way you turn/take

Sometimes, I cannot make a call from a public phone even though I have 10cents; "Why?" 'Cos public phones are rare, even if I manage to find one, it doesn't take coins; only phonecard! Worst of all,
my 10cents is in TWO 5-cents coins... thats life

You may have boarded the bus only to realize that you did not bring along your prepaid card, including your wallet. Out whip a $50 dollar note and the world stares at you like you are an alien...the stares is enough to melt you like chocolate in the heating pot

Have you been invited to a party only to realize that everyone is engaged and the place is buzzing with life except yourself. You are the square peg in a round hole and stranded miserably in the middle of Antarctic; cold like a polar bear to be admired and left alone

I am self-driven and. Health is my Capital and Motivation is my entrepreneurship
I strive to be better and pray for exponential growth; Red, Green, Amber are but only some colors in my colorful life...
My Aura reflects strength, lightness of being, speed, power and formlessness... above all... CALM 

Life's colors are choices -

Red - when everything stops, just stop. Like ice, it will melt in time; the calm, steely mind will meander when opportunity arises. Don't rush, flow...

Green - Go for it and strike while the iron is hot. Shoot for the stars when everyone gazes at you and hand you food, love and pleasures on a silver platter

Amber - Who cares? Do whatever you want and like; nothing in Life is cast on stone. If you are muddled up with the 'rights' and 'wrongs', you are living others' life! Why not please and suit yourself than to 'ask for approval'; the World only loves Winners.

The colors of your life is yours to mix and play.

Leonado da Vinci, Vincent van Gough, Michaelangelo, Monet...colored and fired up their own lives; YOU can too

I can wait at Red, shoot for the Green and take advantage of Amber

Every seconds of life will leave you green with envy 

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some questions need not be asked...

Why did it flood?
Because it rained heavily.

Why did you not get into the (MRT) train?
Because it was too crowded.

Why did he spray graffiti on the ... trains, wall, postboxes?
Because thats art-in-motion.

Why did he divorce his spouse?
Because he is married (uummm... quite true, if you are not married, you cannot 'have a' divorce!)

When something goes wrong, finding out "Why?" is not an end all.
After identifying the cause, a string of alternative/possible solutions must be offered and the 'best-fit' solution can be adopted and tried.
Henceforth, we learn from the error and move on.

When the 'wrongs' are 'righted', the route forward will be smoother
There is NO point blaming anyone for any error
The smart learn and grow to be better.
The fool repeats it.

If its beyond us to prevent like Acts of God, perhaps, the consequences can be minimized
If its within us and we are indifferent, we have only ourselves to blame if horror becomes terror.
Take responsibility and account to yourself and others.

If you had honestly tried your best, nobody will blame you
But, if you play the blame game and when someone gets hurt, you may get away...that is, if only the victims are not your immediate family members! You can run but you cannot hide.

The next time you visit the casino and bet your entire family's fortune on one hand and lose, don't ask "Why?"

The "WHYs" and "IFs" of life is always an 'afterthought'
Be aware and be prepared; a banana cannot split twice...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Power Of The Mind

The mind can moves mountains...

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier - Colin Powell

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind." - James Truslow Adams

Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires - Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu

When in doubt, clear the mind
In solitude and silence, listen to the mind

The lunatic lives in his 'make-believe' mind plugged into fantasies and loose willfulness 
The stalker rides on the edge of logic and live mindlessly; menacing at times
The suicidal person will not die if his mind makes way to logic and reasons
The wise has a stable mind that dumbs logic as he flows with the times

Control the mind and you control the paths to your goals

The Mind is the driver of the Soul - an idle mind is a devil's workshop