Friday, December 10, 2010

Will I be a stranger in my own country?

I read mainstream newspapers, magazines, temasekreview, and others, both local and international.

The oft repeated topics recently, apart from i) rising property/HDB prices and ii) rising cost of living is iii) "Unemployment among graduate Singaporeans and/or Singaporeans between ages 35-45/above; Worst still it has been often said that foreigners were given the jobs instead of Singaporeans".

How true is (iii)? 

Can the relevant Authorities and/or Ministry(s) confirm (if true and what is being done to address and lessen the anxieties among Singaporeans) or deny ( if untrue with proofs). 

If Singaporeans cannot find jobs now (35 years and above), the issue of working into 70s or re-employment of seniors in the workforce is no more relevant. 

Another pressing issue I heard is (hope its not true) the employment of the younger workforce on contracts basis. 

Fresh graduates or those with some years of working exposure who are on short term employment contracts will find little or no commitment and drive if they are unsure whether they will be continuously employed thereafter, not to mention promotional possibilities.

Besides, companies (the seniors especially) employing them will be less incline to teach or arm them with relevant skills and knowledge as they too are unsure if the 'temp' staff will remain after the contract. It is a loss-loss game. We stand to loss a generation of youths if they feel uncertain about their future. "Why work so hard if I am only a contract worker and I may not belong here?" 
Worst still if 'foreigners-helmed' HRs/Heads may have a tendency to hire most/one of theirs, ceteris paribus. I do not fault them as humans chose to work among their own (countrymen/culture)

I dread the day when my children and their peers are floating digits of the temporary or unemployed data. 

Singaporeans, young and old, are hardworking and full of drive and are comparable, if not better, than many of their foreign peers. But, if they are being replaced by cheaper foreigners (you can find many who are willing and able as the world has 6.9billion people), simply because someone is willing to work longer hours for the same pay or take a lower pay for the same hours worked, then social issues and conflicts will surface sooner rather than later. 

Who will STAND UP for Singapore? If for every 3 Singaporeans, there are 2 foreigners, life is tough. But, if for every 2 true blue, born and breed Singaporeans, there is 1 PR and 2 foreigners, we are in trouble.

Let us keep Singapore for Singaporeans. All foreigners are welcome but not at the expense of Singaporeans. 

I hope I am not screaming in the wilderness. 


KK said...

we need to retire at 67 or whatever , becos government realise becos' if they retire early whose going to pay for their housing loan! We want it ( home) governemnt make it( high)! we asked for it( die). after the brainwash started as early as kindergarden singing the stupid song that in the end trap us all in here. cheers ...just one cent thought ...

kk said...

singaporean always a willing buyer and then willing spent their own future money ..thinking that they will not die ...of course they will not die ....but only entrap.....and work like a slaves for a house that does not belongs to them as long as the house is not fully paid."... This is my country..this is my land .. " is only for the elite, not just elite but the top elite infact.

kk said...

like what most ppls like to say least we are safe here...we have a roof on top ...we got no war no earthquake no typoon ...but are we happy? what more can we ask! I always think is how we define happy and the degree of misery. Maybe is karma! just sharing.....