Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 & Forward

...trying periods need extraordinary minds and thinkinghats

As at Midday 20/2/2017

KLCI          1711
SSE             3229
JCI              5366
HSI             24116
N225           19234
DJIA           20624
Nasdaq        5838
S&P500       2351
SSE Comp   3229
STIC            3104

Written and expressed on 1/11/2016

"...CASH is King ~ for the time being

Between now and the next 6-8months, cash/money rules and can buy plentiful more units per dollar as recession and declines cut deeper. Government will practice 'zero-sum' growth & milk their people for more funding via increased taxes to fund expansionary policies. This is not sustainable and will crash in due course triggering a panic and the loosening of contractionary policies. The last sell-down will be substantial...this is manifested by protectionism, debts due and lack of loans/credit.

Short term growth from the lows, aka sell down, will lead to a rebound by mid-2017. Governments, the world over, will pass the blame of economic collapse to past policies and global economic weaknesses.

Gold will shine in an uncertain currency crisis.

Selective 'Buy/equities' in 1Q/2017 sell-down with a view to exit post August/September. Traders are discouraged from taking excessive risks.

Be prepared to cash out and rest as 2017 draws toward the close ..."

Looking forward 

We have seen stock markets galloping & US$ strengthening ahead with Trump's unique, non-stereotypical approaches with past Presidents. What were unnerving were his 'announcement' via twitter!

The world over is getting over their apprehension of President Trump 'shooting from his twitter' and are getting used to a vastly different approach. His first 100-days will change the face of old policy making methods and his business-style of running politics will give it a commerce-push.

It's left to be seen what can come out of this but the financial markets had read ahead of it ~ BULLISH

Let's look at this from the business angle:

1st 3 months ~ Trump negotiate favourably for & on behalf of the American people
2nd 3 months ~ Market take a bumper leap forward as goodies were factored in
3rd 3 months ~ Expectations exceed executions and promises and high-seas drama catches up against better economic judgement. 
With military gamesmanship and little headway made in economic promises, protectionism sets in and talks stalled. Distrust sets in...

Final quarter ~ when all goodwill are expended, conflicts and protectionism raise their ugly heads. 

Europe is also muddled with economic setbacks and chaos due to distrust, re-negotiations and a less united but more expensive NATO. A divided & disgruntled globalisation is terminal for trades.

Oil will remain range bound between $40-70.


There are opportunities in a/any crisis 危机
Do your homework and invest wisely. 
Being nimble footed is an added strength. 
Choose the right industry (-ies) as the sun will set on some brick and mortar commerce
Investing is not a weak-hearted game
If your investment horizon is more than 3 years, guess you are fine

**Singapore has her fair share of doubts but if our forward plans are indeed longer term, with a willingness to kill the sacred cow, prosperity shall return.
**Using the same old solutions to existing problems without a will to break groupthink is the surest way to stagnation or diminishment.
**Every fools will make money in the upswing; it's the downswing that separate the man from the boys

Good Luck

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hopes & Hopeful

trying times need exceptional approaches...

The best things in life are free ~ if only we can live alone, away in solitude but not a recluse
There are times when I want to be alone, silent & in 'excommunicado'
Disappear into thin air & reappear in due course 闭关 ~ 闭关修炼
Running away from reality is an Art of Avoidance without upsetting the environment - Dao 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

There are loads of complaints, disquietness and disgruntlements
When you give away your rights & empower another to act for you, you cannot complain much
A blank cheque policy is ~ your Fate in another's hand 放弃与依靠别人是最傻的本性
Why would you think others will act in your best interests? Dream on...

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Get away from those who ostracize you, 'talk you down' and thumb you down like a slave
Nobody owes you a living and you must stand tall & shine; be counted
How do you fly like eagles if you work with turkeys? I don't & rather live to fight another day
Dead man tell no tales 死了就没戏唱

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  ― Eleanor RooseveltThis is My Story

When it's everyone's problem, then it is "NO" more a problem
If the nuke is fired, none of us can get away & all will be enveloped in the globe of destruction
When disaster strikes, everyone within the radius of aftermath suffers
The world is, but, one ~ Providence is indeterminate ~ some will live and evolve

The Law of Nature will rebalance where necessary

In this trying time, let us not loss hope
Stay afloat until the tides return
Get rid of the rotten friends and hordes you have
Some day, some time ~ light shall return

Thursday, February 9, 2017


It is the shortest month of the year as it is the only month to have a length of less than 30 days...

Does it make any difference whether you have 28 days or 31 days in a month? No
Many don't even know how many days they have in the whole year...not even tomorrow
Some didn't make it past today
Worse, most are struggling to put food on the table for the family & every day is a 'bonus'
It may be a hard day; but everyday, like sunrise & sunset, comes & goes

Go to a hospice or the Intensive Care Units and see & hear the 'pleads for a longer, healthier life'
All are thankful for awakening to a new day
The hate, the prejudices, the scheming, the regrets are buried with the dead; how many days were lost?
How depressively destructive these negative emotions were; not worth a seconds
Looking back and living well is but... in vain

Whether you are rich or poor, struggling with poverty or swinging with extravagances
Whether you are in high office or doing mundane work 
Time is finite
The urn and the burial site come in standard sizes that all of us return to... to rest after a tire journey
Time and tides wait for no man

February have 28 days and add one to 29th on a leap year
Even the month, February, have to take a leap to gain an extra day 
Shouldn't you put in extra efforts? Your success also need 'a leap of confidence'
So long as you are alive, the world is yours to conquer 心有多大 舞台就多大
Nothing is impossible; solutions take time to harness 没有做不到的事 只有还没想到

At this moment of writhing, I am struggling yet stuck
I am not hungry nor deprived but I had been betrayed... many times & all in a roll
It never pays to be helpful nor to 'bare all'; many are waiting to pounce on an honest, sincere man
Animals kill for food whereas human kill for fun
Ghosts are never as scary as human; the silent killer

I don't need many days to live; I need to live happily, healthily and qualitatively

February is the loveliest month
Short and sweet
Where Spring brings her wealth of colors; fruits, flowers, sun, birds, bees, butterflies...
Where the smell of Spring is alluringly soothing and overpowering
I am rejuvenated, refreshed, recharged ~ ready to conquer the world with my ideals   
I am cured

The days of struggle is over