Friday, November 30, 2012

What I Need Is LUCK

I am motivated ...

I have fire in my heart
I have raging fuel encircling me, the burning guts that's spoiling to burst
Such feelings were rarer than striking Toto in me

I am drowned in defeats
I have not seen success for awhile
I am still struggling; burdened by obstinately rough hurdles, challenging changes & doubts
The body is weak but the spirit is spritely brilliant - raring to go

Sometimes, I doubt God
Somedays I walk alone in isolation & retrospect
Nothing haunt me more than the recollection of past successes
Such tortuous thoughts yet motivating ...

I ...will break new grounds & conquer new frontiers
Not that I am a man of steel but I believe I will move God's resolve to reward only the best, the sincerest & the honest lad

Man proposes & GOD disposes; tomorrow shall come & come with abundance & blessings

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing Is Permanent

Everytime I looked back, it is almost the same as before ...

Life isn't a bed of roses
Everyone faces different challenges
A close relative was fighting for his life last night battling advance stage cancer
The doctor told the family 'to be prepared'
He live to see sunlight today ... maybe, there will be many more 'todays', even months

I discovered that the Association that I am helming & serving had made decisions against better wisdom many years back
I tried to reverse it but something just do not have U-turns
The bright spark is 'it's getting better since I joined' although their old habits die hard
I am sure it can be better but, alas, my stamina is running low

I see my country's politicians trying hard to convince the people that they can deliver what's promised
I also hear them say 'Their decisions is/are for the good, if not better, for the people'
I like what they have said but ...
Many are feeling
- the heat of increased costs of living
- the incremental and incidental taxes
- the uncertainty of jobs & income
- the 'lack of belonging' & the feeling of being less wanted
These are serious cries & feelings of abandonment and unrequited commitment ... whether true, casted or imagined! Omigosh - DO NOT take away his dignity

There are people who die for their country
There are people who die for love
We will all die finally; but we have to make our living wholesome & worthwhile
Different people, different statures and different class with very different aspirations
But ONE country - the country of birth

The world is a stage and we are all actors

There are no fools on Earth; just people who think they are smarter
When the time is up, we face the Creator
We account for our acts and thoughts
Whatever is yours shall be yours
Whatever isn't, even you knifed someone in the grabs, it shall never be

Let's live and let live

I am walking into winter, cold as always & hard as ice
Some day, my hardness as ice shall melt into the melodies of water

I am human

Friday, November 16, 2012

The King & I

Everyday the majority ...

This is a strange world of humans;
7 men in China decide for 1.3billion people
1 man in USA decides which button to push
88 persons decide what's good for 5.3mil in Singapore

Laws are enacted to govern
Rules, By-Laws and Regulations to guide 合法,合情,合理
The Government govern with Laws & enforce with Guns (police, soldiers, securities, detention)
In an ideal world, the people (although were bosses) entrusts & gives up their 'rights' to the Government (leaders who swear to serve)

It's an honour to serve
Although some invited ones think they are sacrificing
When an/the honourable office is equated into, or as, dollars & cents, the honour is voided
With power, comes fame and money
When the leaders care for the country国, the people家 prospers

Why do minority (small group) lord over majority? It's this six letter word "Leader"

The mass is almost always happy, indifferent to 'who's governing', getting by day-to-day
A little irritant is fine, some taxes is manageable; even if some freedom is clipped
But, if every, or most, policies favour the rich & elite
Sooner, rather than later, the opportunity is planted for a fresh leader to surface

People complain, make noises and voice their differing views but No One will revolt as nobody likes disruption and anarchy

Nevertheless, a/the rich cannot live in a sea of poor
If the mass only receive lip service, soon distrust will sink in

The smart minority will try to please the majority
The kind minority will spare some thoughts and share with all (majority)
The majority are not blind nor deaf but can & do take some punches
The majority is like a sleeping tsunami; when emotions run wild, logic & reasons are buried

You shall be the King
But ... the King cannot live & enjoy without the support of the mass; let alone a hungry and mistreated one

Care & share

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Is The Boss

Sometimes, people forget 'who's the boss'?

In the world of governments, the minority is selected, appointed & elected to lead their flock
But, instead of service, care & share with the flocks, many lord over their 'masters' - the very people who choose them to speak, fight, negotiate and design a better life

In the world of employers, the employers pay the employees wages & remuneration in exchange for efforts, commitments and contribution. Most will work diligently and deliver their best but a meaningful lot will 'work enough', 'seen to be working', 'talk their way up', 'ringfence their positions' & delegate everything, including responsibility. If it's at the lower ranks, work is slow & seldom done. If it's at mid-management, meetings are the norm with minimum execution. The worst if it's at the top: nothing gets done, lots of talks and no action with the mass suffering

In the world of employees; when you pay them enough, they work well. When you reward them fairly, they take initiatives and work better. When you reward them luxuriously, they needn't work but spend time guarding & protecting their position - this group behave like they are BOSSes

Familiarity breeds contempt

When the boss is too trusting and 'signs blank cheques', his subordinates rise to dominate
There must be checks and balances; not that there are distrusts but there is a need to check that variances are within manageable range and we don't sink like the Titanic

Who's the boss is not the most definitive as without accountability, transparency, fairness, with care & share, the system will collapse due to ill-will, selfishness and greed

Down Days; High Days & Every Day

Like the weather, changes affect us however well plan ...

I am happy on most days but my down days can be quite a struggle though. Even the best execution plan goes astray when you thought nothing can floor it/you. I learn to ...

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

I have seen people gone busts. I have seen my friends becoming 'rags to riches' folklores. I have been a fall guy not by choice. But, whatever happened, it's almost always a lonely journey ...

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over - Tony McCollum

Being alone is not loneliness. Life maybe empty but it's not void. Greed has caused the downfall of people and Nations yet it's well and alive. Living simply isn't an isolation; somewhere, somehow, someone will want to cross your path ...

When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.

I live a simple life. My past trails, not necessarily influencing, me and the future is for me to explore. I have friends and lesser friends but, more importantly, nobody will leave me alone even if I wanted to ...

Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always, always join you for a walk in the rain.

Bosom friends are far & few in life & one thing is certain; Not everyone will leave you alone