Friday, November 30, 2012

What I Need Is LUCK

I am motivated ...

I have fire in my heart
I have raging fuel encircling me, the burning guts that's spoiling to burst
Such feelings were rarer than striking Toto in me

I am drowned in defeats
I have not seen success for awhile
I am still struggling; burdened by obstinately rough hurdles, challenging changes & doubts
The body is weak but the spirit is spritely brilliant - raring to go

Sometimes, I doubt God
Somedays I walk alone in isolation & retrospect
Nothing haunt me more than the recollection of past successes
Such tortuous thoughts yet motivating ...

I ...will break new grounds & conquer new frontiers
Not that I am a man of steel but I believe I will move God's resolve to reward only the best, the sincerest & the honest lad

Man proposes & GOD disposes; tomorrow shall come & come with abundance & blessings

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