Friday, November 16, 2012

The King & I

Everyday the majority ...

This is a strange world of humans;
7 men in China decide for 1.3billion people
1 man in USA decides which button to push
88 persons decide what's good for 5.3mil in Singapore

Laws are enacted to govern
Rules, By-Laws and Regulations to guide 合法,合情,合理
The Government govern with Laws & enforce with Guns (police, soldiers, securities, detention)
In an ideal world, the people (although were bosses) entrusts & gives up their 'rights' to the Government (leaders who swear to serve)

It's an honour to serve
Although some invited ones think they are sacrificing
When an/the honourable office is equated into, or as, dollars & cents, the honour is voided
With power, comes fame and money
When the leaders care for the country国, the people家 prospers

Why do minority (small group) lord over majority? It's this six letter word "Leader"

The mass is almost always happy, indifferent to 'who's governing', getting by day-to-day
A little irritant is fine, some taxes is manageable; even if some freedom is clipped
But, if every, or most, policies favour the rich & elite
Sooner, rather than later, the opportunity is planted for a fresh leader to surface

People complain, make noises and voice their differing views but No One will revolt as nobody likes disruption and anarchy

Nevertheless, a/the rich cannot live in a sea of poor
If the mass only receive lip service, soon distrust will sink in

The smart minority will try to please the majority
The kind minority will spare some thoughts and share with all (majority)
The majority are not blind nor deaf but can & do take some punches
The majority is like a sleeping tsunami; when emotions run wild, logic & reasons are buried

You shall be the King
But ... the King cannot live & enjoy without the support of the mass; let alone a hungry and mistreated one

Care & share

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