Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Understanding StockMarket

Stockmarket - Bulls, Bears, Sheep & Ants
The bulls buy with a hope that market will rise
The bears sell & profit from downswing
The sheep follow bulls or bears

The ants buy/sell on rumors, hearsay & generally make the least money & take extreme risks

*Time Cycle Analysis -
Market Moves In Cycles
They are the (see charts) :
4 Year Cycles
10  Year Cycles
40 - 60 Year Cycles – also read Kondratiev Cycle
( 1800 Steam Engines/Cotton  1850 Railway/Steel  1900 Electrical Engineering & Chemistry  1950 Petrochemicals & Automobiles 1990 Information Technology)

And the shorter term Quarterly Cycles – January, April, July, October

4 Year Cycle
2016 - ??
2012 - Global Recession/Slowdown
•2008 - Financial Crisis
•2004 - Argentinian Crisis/SARS
•2000 - DotCom
•1996 - Asian Financial Crisis
•1992 - Black Wednesday (British pound withdrawn from      European Exchange
•1988 - Norwegian Banking Crisis
•1984 - Third World Crisis -Philippines & Singapore Recession (PanEl)
•1980 - US – Savings & Loans (S&L)
•1976 - UK National Debt
•1972 - Overproduction, Under Consumption, Oil Crisis

10 Year Cycle

2007 •Global/Euro Financial Crisis

1997 •Asia Financial Crisis

1987 •Black Monday

Quarterly Cycle

January •Capricon Effect, Portfolio Re-alignment

April •1st Quarter Report

July •Mid-Year Review

October •Jupiter Effect/Performance Recalibration

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Singapore - Don't Despair

Where there is a will, there is a way...

I am quite caught up with the social inequality, discontent, maltreatment and disadvantages in Singapore and have always wanted to 'right the wrong'. But, many a time, there is little I can do except to voice out in the internet, be it through feedbacks, forums, Facebook and the likes.

I have also wonder aloud what can I achieve or is there someone out there listening, or even bothers to listen? Most times, I conclude that 'I am talking to myself'; not mad but a new normal afflicting many.

There are supposedly so much discord and uneasiness amongst the population. Issues like rising costs; housing, cars, food, medical & medicine - not a week pass without some price rises!

What went wrong?

Whether the Government (G) is looking into it, seems to be looking into it or will vigorously rectify the cries and bagful of issues is beyond me alone. But, taken as a whole, drips & drops fill an ocean. But, having said this, I am still hopeful.

I am aware there are many religious and charitable organisations and philanthropic people who go out of their way to help the poor, the needy, the sick, the less able and disable. Even the rag & bone aunty who comes around my area donates generously to charity & others in need.

It is heartwarming that our G do/must support these causes and efforts. The G must refrain from making things (eg rentals, leases or utilization of space) expensive and scarce. In fact, spaces should be made readily available for such selfless acts. I shudder to think that 'must collect fees' approach.

A friend of mine use to (and still does) organise charitable work together with CCs. The CC provide the tentage and he organise, including looking for volunteers, sponsors, helpers, cook and distribute. The CCs 'get the name' and he (and others) get to work. The only strange thing that I observed is, on occasion, even the VIP is absent (didn't turn up) to support the event.

Another two business friends I know run a soup kitchen and provide meals daily, come rain, sunshine or thunderstorm.

Many a times, I hear & read that G is not doing enough. It is not for me to judge neither will I. Well, The people can see. If everyone keeps complaining and nobody lift their hands, sufferings & pains increase, problems and resentment multiply; what good do we get?

May I suggest to all; help if you can, care & share. We can't wait until we have the last man standing. Instead of complaining about those who didn't do or support the/your cause, why not proactively offer yourself, your efforts & money counts.

To a better Singapore; to a better world...

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Truths : MSM versus Alternative Media/Blogs (AMB)

Information, misinformation, truths and half-truths...


reports usually pro-establishment

Its everything good, rosy and harmony

Statistics are polished to reflect the 'right' news

Pro-Govt views are praised and non-conforming, confronting and non-conventional views are caged

Surveys, comments and feedbacks are generally skewed towards pro-establishment

Weak in reporting frank, challenging opinions


reports dissent, discrimination & discontent

It dissect, discuss and present facts for their readers

Statistics are analysed and weakness reported

Pro-Govt views are scorned upon while most news are reported

You hear both/all sides of the comments with some brutally frank opinions

Report as 'it is' with minimal editing on those with expletives, cursing & 'mannerisms' issues

Conclusion -

Both serve a purpose; to allow comparison and to reflect preferred views or truer/factual views. However, its best not to distort views.  It's also good to know when you are consistently 'one-sided'. Nonetheless, a 'broken clock is right twice a day' & readers understand.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Do Not Tell Lies

A lie is a lie, including white lies...

When you lie to a kid, you give false hopes
Soon he will learn that this is a hopeless world where everything is promised until delivered
Trust is scarce
You kid learns to lie in order to survive & achieve what he wants

When you lie to your family, they live in uncertainty
Soon your family will have to make decisions without you as you are not dependable
Family warmth is absent & silence is deafening with your presence
Without you, your family becomes more hopeful

When you lie to elders or elderly, including your aging parents, you are hurting them
They may not blame you because its motherly/parental love but your hurts live and multiply within
They love to see you happy, bathe in your lies and sacrifice their time but wallow in misery
The biggest punishment is they die with a smile and you have not chance to say "I am sorry"

It's stressful to lie as you need to remember what you had said

No amount of redress and rectification can make those hurt by you recover
The physical scars remain & the emotional hurts is imbedded in the blood
Whatever you do, do not lie

Some  day, some time, the hyenas will dance around the aged, defenceless lion king
He lied that he is the king of the jungle as we all know, death is the leveller