Thursday, August 8, 2013

There Are No Fools

Working hard is not the answer, you have to work smart
Many are highly paid but deliver next to nothing
Some talk their way up, some carry their 'boss' all the way up
Many resort to scheming ...

This world will never be fair
Not even the Laws of the land
Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
Power, fame & money; once usurp will never be given up

In poverty & adversity, we fight together
In prosperity & growth, it's 'one for you & the rest are mine'
You can have more so long as you can pay
Where's the equity, equality & fairness? Reality sucks & stinks

Promises are made
Apologies are extended
Infringements are investigated
But, there are no rectification, ratification nor re-compense

I will complain & explain
I will offer constructive solution & suggestions
I will bear with it but...
Someday, I will action my thoughts to change destiny

If you feast & I am famish
If I have to eat out from your hands minus the dignity
Someday, somehow I will rewrite destiny
There are no fools

It is time to change, by hook or by crook
Change is the only constant

Everything is promised until delivered

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sometimes, We Worry Too Much...

My bamboo plants grow well and are green with fresh shoots emerging
I dutifully water the plants and added fertilizer
The taller ones bloom but ...the shoots floundered and were damaged by too much water and fertilizer
Within days, the shoots were damaged, then decayed and died
Too much haste, too much care and 'expecting speedy growth' is against Nature's clock

The butterfly has to crawl out of the pupae, rest and dry its wings before it can show it's beauty to the world
Fluttering in the wind, butterflies add colors to life

Many students worry about their results after sitting for their exams
Most pass & some with flying colors
Do your homework, be prepared and 'go for it'
There is no point worrying after sitting for your exams; the meal is cooked

Stop worrying and start living

There is no point worrying yourself to death
As you still have to face it when you are alive
But, when you are dead ...well, nobody worries at all
It's a closure - you bring along in your journey to the other world

So, now you know how silly it is to worry