Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbow Versus Black & White

My world is only black and white, not rainbow, colors...

Growing up and as I aged I have, but, a few regrets
I have more blessings than victories
Winning is my goal but losing was never always a blow
I win some, I loss some and was defeated many times

Sufferings, going through trials and challenges
Wrongfully blamed, rejections and defeats
I take it like a breeze and held my fort
Not that I am a born hero nor and that I am made of hardened spirit

I am like you - a human

The real world is cruel & the best man wins, not necessarily righteously
Time and tides wait for no man & winners take all
For what fate has in store for you, nobody knows
For tomorrow is never promised

Many wait for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

I? I ... I did not
I made black and white shine brightly
In darkness, I see light; In brightness, I found shelter
My journey is abundantly blessed with challenges and new frontiers

Black or White

I maybe alone... but definitely not lonely

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When My Heart Stops

Like day and night, someday I will leave ...

There are so much to see and so much to explore
This little island is fast becoming disconnect to the world of reality
The dreams have become nightmare for many with rich-poor gap widening
Rewarding the selected few able and capable has made Lehman Brothers looks like a good junk bond

The educationally exceptional are called scholars and are earmarked for hi-speed success
Their career are planned, their destination can be seen from the horizon
The Selected Few; the future leaders! Omigosh, if you are one, you are potentially a multi millionaire
Work hard? Brilliant? Lucky? Guess, your ancestors' fengshui were correctly erected

Who is working hard? Everyone can work very, very hard but it's luck that sees you there

The poor, the less able and the less fortunate are foot soldiers in the battlefront
They have to fight for survival, fight to keep their jobs and what's on the table
Their jobs are as fluid as the flood of cheaper substitutes that rush onshore
There are no safety net, not even a float

Inequality and unfairness is the norm; Law of the jungle is the Law
If you fight, you bleed or gain. If you believe that others are fighting your cause, you are doomed
Money can buy most things and make living fine
Without money or poor, you are as listless as a boat in the ocean; drifting, surviving but not living

Someday, there should be a return
Returning the power to the people, for the people, by the people, no violence though

Someday when its my turn to go, I will go
But, I shall live healthily and share my ideals
If I can help mankind and my fellowmen live a little better, release them from bondages, I will
I am no super hero; just living fruitfully without regrets and fear

If tomorrow didn't come
I know I have lived to the fullest

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day Like Any Other Day

Waking up in the morning is the springtime of my life ...

Waking up to a healthy self
There is no complaining of rush hours, hectic schedules, datelines
Madness of the morning is a norm and routine
That we are healthily mobile and able is worth millions in blessings

In hospitals, hospice and the emergency wards
Waking up in the morning is a day gained
A new day borne with hopes, inspiration and motivation
Listening to the birds singing, smelling the roses and enjoying the morning dews, or simply, breathing

The poor yearns for his next meal while the rich wonders what to eat

The temple, the church, the mosque and places of worship opens at dawn to the delight of devotees
Blessings to individuals and the World at large
The omnipresence of God makes another day worth looking forward to and less onerous
My life, my journey

A day filled with hopes, deliverances and inspirations

Life and living is a blessing
Keeping healthy and sane
Taking all challenges in stride
I am thankful for another day of zest, zeal and unknown

Today is a day like any other day

A day in which God lives within me and gives me guidance

May your day be blessed and your physical well-being healthy

All the material gains and scheming thoughts will not last neither will there be everlasting happiness
Nothing is impossible. Whatever the mind can think, it shall be delivered,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Singapore Dream Vs American Dream

A Singaporean laments ....

Judging from the netizens responses, Singaporeans seem to be loaded with frustration and needed to ventilate their views. These are not without reasons.

While it is factually correct that if you earned S$1,000, you can afford to buy a 2-room HDB flat but that's only mathematically surreal; what is left is not enough to eat and live a decent living.

Why spend $1.1bil to supplement the existing transport companies instead of issuing a license to a new transport operator and let them challenge the time-proven inefficiencies and lameness. Given protection, the duopoly need not to grow up! 

There is a noticeable shortage of supply of local doctors, medical auxiliary personnels and even beds. Could this be an oversight in planning or co-ordination lapses? It is not too late to allow more Singaporeans to read medicine in our local universities and to train auxiliary medical support personnels in our Polys or ITEs. 

With increased supply in five to eight years time, we would have narrow the gaps and provided sufficient beds to meet demand henceforth stabilizing medical costs.

While it is strategically intelligent to sponsor foreign students (scholars), who are potentially future leaders in their home country, it is imperative to be selective as recent (second upper class passes) statistics do not speak well of the so-called foreign scholars. Successful foreign scholars who returned home could be beneficial to Singapore in the long term but it is a moot bet.

Have faith with our locals; give them the support and built a local pool of talents. Why wouldn't we cherish our youths who screamed 'I will defend Singapore with my life' doing NS and all true blue Singaporeans who are here to stay?

When Singaporeans speak out against any, or some, policies, they are not necessarily unconstructive nor rebellious. It is because they feel the pinch and are bearing the brunt of the negative effects. If one person complains, it is probably him that is the problem. But, if many complain, there must be sound reasons and the complain must be investigated and its ill-causes rectified. 

I believe our leaders have good intention and have a heart for locals. However, there is no need to make negative and sweeping statements nor dismiss an issue simply because a policy had been adopted. Could it be that the policy writers have been cope up in the 'ivory tower' drafting the policies without really understanding the grounds?  

General Colin Powell accorded his battles successes to his men, especially those in the trenches and foxholes; the unadulterated feedback from the grounds.

A good leader has a heart for the people; an excellent leader shares his people's dream.  

In this uncertain environment and economic volatility, our leaders must share the people's dreams and speak their lingo; being factually correct is not good enough, you need the human touch.

I am a true blue Singaporean who believe strongly that we, Singaporeans, will make it together. Let us not just be factually correct but to share a common dream - the people's dream. 

It is overdue for Singaporeans to stand up and be counted as 'one people (Singaporean), one nation (Singapore)'. The foreign talents and foreign workers are here for economic reasons and they will leave our shore when we are economically hollow. If we do not, or cannot, spare a thought and aid our fellowmen, who will?

I am here to stay; can you say the same?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Budget : Conscripts, NS & NSman

To Die For My Country ...

Our defence budget 2012 increased from $11.755bil to $12.279bil. In short, it was reported that it's for "higher manpower cost and operational expenses".

What is most surprising is that there was nothing mentioned about paying our conscripts, the Singaporeans sons, better. The true blue Singaporeans who sacrificed their youthful capital, set aside their prime years protecting their country and shelved their educational and career pursuits; Their motto "I shall defend Singapore with my life".

The NS (Amendment) act was passed on 14 March 1967 and batches upon batches of service-proud Singaporeans have walked through the gates of MinDef, selflessly sacrificing for our country.

However, their pay, or should I call 'allowances', were (from Oct 2009, conscripts pay)  ranges from S$420 - S$2,020 for recruits to the rank of Captain -

Boys from the age of 18 years old upwards are conscripted to serve and disrupted from their educational pursuits. There is no denial that these are the most productive and active years of youths and for foundation building - the key to future successes.

In today's context, where wars are fought using technology and lesser of foot soldiers, why wouldn't/shouldn't we contemplate

i) shortening NS stint further (Taiwan has done so)

ii) allow all, if not most, who are accepted for tertiary studies to be disrupted from NS and to serve only after they finish their studies (afterall, PRs have a choice whether to serve or not to serve and we are allowing deferment only) and

iii) pay higher allowances than the meagre S$420 - S$2,020; their "defense of Singapore with my life" cannot be any cheaper, imputed nor quantified.

iv) give free transportation to all NS conscripts

v) deployment of professional soldiers in lieu of NS conscripts

Our Singaporean sons are born and bred here and are ready to defend our Motherland, by choice and/or circumstances, unlike fresh immigrants/PRs. Their lives and commitment are no less precious and valued than the pursuit of equivalent-commercial dollars and compensation seeked by the public and private sectors, especially foreign grads seeking jobs here. 

When a young life is lost during training or exercise (by accident), no amount of compensation is good enough to the aggrieved family, let alone paltry insurance covers.

Besides, our Singaporean sons are disadvantaged by the appearances of cheap foreign graduates flooding our country. For example, a Malaysian boy, who finishes his SPM and proceed to do a twinning degree to pursue LAW studies would graduate at age 21.

By the time our Singaporean son finishes his Law degree, and pupillage, he will be at least 25 years old or more, His Malaysian cohort who works here will already be a Senior with FOUR years experience!

Is our Singaporean sons adequately compensated for their sacrifices?

Shouldn't we seriously think Singaporean first; for Singaporean by Singaporean?

Let's give our Singaporeans sons a fair starting point and not to be penalized for their selfless sacrifices. if we cannot take care of ourself, who will?

Spare a thought for our Singaporean Sons.

written 18 Feb 12

Tax to be based on carbon emission

Contradictory ... or bullying

Our minister, Dr Balakrishnan is against carbon tax; "Dr Balakrishnan said that, while Singapore would not unilaterally impose a carbon tax for competitive reasons .." 

Similarly, Singapore Airline is against the application of carbon tax; "Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong said opposition to the scheme was based on the way it is applied"

Why then are we applying carbon (emission) tax on cars in Singapore?

written 18 Feb 12