Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Time

Everytime something happens to me for the first time, I was not prepared... like when I was born

You must have heard of, and say, many 'the first time I ...'

You will never be prepared for the first time; accept it!

The first time I lost, the first time I won, the first time I passed, the first time my heart stopped pumping, the first time my girlfriend/boyfriend left me, the first time I came out alive in a raging forest fire... the first time will never be the best neither will it be the last time

Life is a cycle, a 'lateral cycle'
From the beginning to the end
From birth to death... the only differences is volatility and
velocity of change
Nothing is constant

Do not let one defeat be the last nail on the coffin
One swallow does not make a summer

Success and failure have many 'first time'
Only life and death have ONE 'first time' each

Let your many 'first times' be a trail of successes and bundles of joy

幸运者也  幸福者也

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abundant Energy精神

Our Mind & body is capable of acts beyond your imagination ...

It is not why or when neither is it how
It is the Law of Nature that our body is able to regenerate itself, 'blast up' and be ready to swing into action
Its all in the Mind

The volcano erupts
The hurricane washes up the shores
The heat of drought shines mercilessly
Its pure Law of Nature and energy in action

Boredom, restlessness, negativity, lacking in direction and sailing aimlessly
Suicidal , sadness, self-pity, dreaming but not acting (it out) are effects of hollowness in Mind and body

When the Mind wanders, let it wander

Be focus when the wandering ends
Get up and work out the excesses and clears the 'slobes' and the stales in the bones
You can turn stale energy into high octane vibrancy
The charged-up Mind can moves mountain

If dying is no more a problem, nothing is
Give the best shot, do all that you wanted to do
Push the envelope, hit for the sky
The successes you gain will decimate your intent to die and transform your dreams into reality... simply because you believe YOU CAN

This is the power of Energy... Positive Energy

Mother Nature gives limitless energy ... a source I tap without GST, taxes and liabilities

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Shaky World

Before you act, think...

Revolution in Tunisia, Maburak steps down in Egypt; Yemen and Syria are rumoured to be next on the domino
Food prices are rising and income gaps are widening. The Economic panels in Davo differ on how the world will evolve but most are concerned with the income gap disparity
Bombing in Moscow's airport in the name of Independence @Chechen

Omigosh! uncertainty aplenty

Harsh winter, severe drought, flash floods happening simultaneously is posing quite a challenge to mankind
Wastes, excesses, 'use & throw' or disposable attitudes make rare resouces rarer
Money used to be the 'gold standard' but economic and military might undermines the real value of money; the value of money becomes relative and confidence is the name of the game

Only God knows!

Inflation is rising, food prices is rising
Cost of living is rising
There is simply too much uncertainty; rough and tough but not 'the end of the world'

Leave the worries behind as its a global problem
Worry is not the antidote nor cures
We need to adapt and change
We need to remain calm and be level minded to ride out the 'eye of the storm'
We cannot, neither can we afford to, be reckless

In this shaky world, copycat leaders, false prophets and con artists rife
Empty promises, stretched imaginations and underhand tactics bloom like weeds in the lakes
Nothing can come out of 'nothing'

A cohesive society
A 'homogenous' populace
Plus plentiful of commonsense - will make our lives less shaky in a shaky world

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Start 新的一天

Whether rain or shine, fortune comes and goes...

Everyone hurries to make resolutions, change into new attire, dress in their best, make well-wishes, bury their past; if there is one good thing that comes from New Year is 'the starting is GOOD'!

Look at your fortune -
Its good in every thoughts and from any angles. Whether you are a King or Pauper, the tycoon or beggar, rich or poor, leader or commoner... the Stars shine for you. And ONLY You

Be sure to ride the beginning of more good fortunes to come. If you can put everything bad, unbeareable, sad, indistinguish... for a/this moment, you can leave it and start anew

You can accept empty promises, you can complain until the cows come home, you wail and fill up the river but nothing good will come out of these... CHANGE - change the ways things are done, change yourself to fit the environment and to reap rewards and returns

Give yourself a chance that no one will - change -
You will have a better tomorrow

New year, new experiences
Good luck