Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Shaky World

Before you act, think...

Revolution in Tunisia, Maburak steps down in Egypt; Yemen and Syria are rumoured to be next on the domino
Food prices are rising and income gaps are widening. The Economic panels in Davo differ on how the world will evolve but most are concerned with the income gap disparity
Bombing in Moscow's airport in the name of Independence @Chechen

Omigosh! uncertainty aplenty

Harsh winter, severe drought, flash floods happening simultaneously is posing quite a challenge to mankind
Wastes, excesses, 'use & throw' or disposable attitudes make rare resouces rarer
Money used to be the 'gold standard' but economic and military might undermines the real value of money; the value of money becomes relative and confidence is the name of the game

Only God knows!

Inflation is rising, food prices is rising
Cost of living is rising
There is simply too much uncertainty; rough and tough but not 'the end of the world'

Leave the worries behind as its a global problem
Worry is not the antidote nor cures
We need to adapt and change
We need to remain calm and be level minded to ride out the 'eye of the storm'
We cannot, neither can we afford to, be reckless

In this shaky world, copycat leaders, false prophets and con artists rife
Empty promises, stretched imaginations and underhand tactics bloom like weeds in the lakes
Nothing can come out of 'nothing'

A cohesive society
A 'homogenous' populace
Plus plentiful of commonsense - will make our lives less shaky in a shaky world

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

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