Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Start 新的一天

Whether rain or shine, fortune comes and goes...

Everyone hurries to make resolutions, change into new attire, dress in their best, make well-wishes, bury their past; if there is one good thing that comes from New Year is 'the starting is GOOD'!

Look at your fortune -
Its good in every thoughts and from any angles. Whether you are a King or Pauper, the tycoon or beggar, rich or poor, leader or commoner... the Stars shine for you. And ONLY You

Be sure to ride the beginning of more good fortunes to come. If you can put everything bad, unbeareable, sad, indistinguish... for a/this moment, you can leave it and start anew

You can accept empty promises, you can complain until the cows come home, you wail and fill up the river but nothing good will come out of these... CHANGE - change the ways things are done, change yourself to fit the environment and to reap rewards and returns

Give yourself a chance that no one will - change -
You will have a better tomorrow

New year, new experiences
Good luck

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