Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How To Win & Stay Alive

what can be worse than dying or waiting to die...

Many people complain about next to nothing and everything sundry
The figure out somehow their lives is worse than everybody or they're down in the pit
They think death is the exit & solution and curse the worldly and the Godly for their plights
Why? How did they reach the spot with No "U-turn"? It's really just imagination

Go to the hospice and see how grateful the in-patients feel when they welcome another day
Go to the mortuary and 'ring the alarm clock' loudest and check if any of them are able to wake up
Visit the prison and learn for yourself that the prisoners cannot just walk out & away like you
Travel to a famished locale or a war-torn area and feel the scarcity of food & water

Positive begets positive
The more negative you are or indulge, the deeper your desparateness and hopelessness
You hate your mother, your father, your family...you blame the whole world except yourself
What do you think if you are left alone in this world; will your life be any better? Think hard

Do not wait until your parents are gone then you wish 'I can talk to them & share!'; gone forever
Do not deliberately and stubbornly challenge your parents even you know you are in the wrong
The intentional causing of disharmony and spiking the relationship will haunt you someday... as
As someday, you may be the father or mother experiencing the exact reflection of what you'd done

KARMA 因果 has no menu; you harvest whatever you planted

"Look at the prairie, the green grass, the blue sky, the little children playing and the birds chirping" said the immobile, terminally ill patient looking out of his bedside window. This brought laughter, care and light heartedness to other patients around him.
After he passed away, another patient requested a change to the same spot. He saw...a tall wall & nothing more

The walls between the cells in the prison are damn intimidating, crowded and soul-breaking. Sentences varies from weeks to years to permanent life sentences. Worst are those waiting to die (gallows). One prisoner who was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment due to the miscarriage of justice (read : set-up) decided since Day 1 to greet & shout; "Good morning Shanghai, such an awesome sight of the Bund and the lights. Stay healthy and have a great meal"
Some years past and some prisoners were transferred to his cell as 'per their request'. They discovered that the cell is no different from theirs

Attitude changes everything; you can blame the world or anyone for your predicaments but you (& you ALONE) can lead a happy life or be miserable until your time is up

Just Do Your Best and care & share with your loved ones
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, stay calm & think positive
Like night, day shall returns...change is the only 'permanence'
Everyone must live to tell their tales

If you can't change the situation, adapt into the environment; blend in
Alone is NOT lonely; Empty is NOT void
The biggest and most formidable challenge is You, YOURSELF
If you cannot adapt yet refuse to change your attitude, how do you expect to win? The world loves a winner 

Dying is NEVER a solution; we're born to play different roles
Whatever you do or risk, remember; Spare A Thought For Your Loved Ones
A lively and alive YOU is better than a successful dead hero
人生本来就是一场戏   你只要把你的本分做好
心有多大   舞台就多大

Tomorrow may not be promised but why win an argument but loss the war

Friday, June 17, 2016

Live Healthily ~ Be Happy

keep going, stay healthy...

Age is a digit that keeps adding & never drops
Health and mobility is constantly declining
As much as you wish to upkeep and maintain your bodily capabilities, you can only slow the decline
生老病死 The natural cycle of Birth, Aged, Sickness, Death aptly define life metamorphosis
For whatever reasons, as age catches up, our bodily health declines; slowing down is a must
However, nothing destroys more than a bout of illness

The worst is not illnesses but the giving up of "The Will" to live

Living healthily includes happiness
No one can live healthily if the mind is clouded with doubts, worries and problems
Many pray to God for 'Good Health' but live in the shadows of doubts
Where negative vibes build, the Soul cannot be 'well & fine' but it's spirit undermines
Only birth and death is beyond our decision
没有做不到的事 只有还没想到
But, without good health, many things are fairly impossible

心有多大 舞台就多大

I was a weakling forced to grow up in a 'wild' neighborhood
I was poor but built my way up 白手起家
Educational qualification/papers were collected along the way; from Lambaga to VITB to Private colleges & Uni
Work was a breeze as I made it so; the hunger to succeed superceded any iota to complaint
Survival and prosperity were on the same side of the coin

I had survive the onslaughts of challenges; real, fake & sinister
Nobody will stand by you when your cards collapse but your family & a couple of bosom friends, if any
Some money in-hand comes in handy when life hits the pit
Back to the basics is a lesson; well taught & learnt well
Life wasn't lonely but alone
Like day & night, we must persevere.
For tough days don't last, tough people do

There are no hero
All heroes are dead & remembered
When life gets rough, stay cool and calm
Nobody sails through the eye of the storm without being shaken
But, everyone who returns safely live to tell a tale

God is watching

Be Good & Live To Tell Your Tales

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Envy: The Poison Of The Soul

problem...problems...loads of problems

Men quarrel over two things; woman or money
Women quarrel over anything; things they disagree with, not necessarily right or wrong
Success also brings along fresh perspective and new problems
Failure is simple and decimate future problems & also evaporise your future
There is a price for everything, may not be dollars along but efforts

Rich & famous do not mean problem-free
Howard Hughes - tycoon, aviator, philanthropist, recluse needed to be identified at death
Casey Johnson - heiress to Johnson & Johnson, died at age 30
Frank Sinatra - suffered depression and mood swings & tried committing suicide twice
Callie Rogers - strike $3mil lottery at age 16 & messed up her own life on coke
钱不是万能 但没钱是万万不能
Leslie Cheong - singer, reportedly left behind HK$600mil, suicide
钱多不一定没问题 有时候就是钱惹的祸

The empty mind is the devil's workshop
When the basics are fulfilled, newer wants are created & greed breeds
Expectations may not be rational but exceptional
Demands are made, logic aside
The human mind must be kept busy and filled with some worries and projections

 Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. ― Mahatma Gandhi

Whether friends or siblings, self-sufficiency is the way
If and when everyone prospers, that's uniquely successful
It's possible to help but sustainability need self & efforts
The biggest evil is greed & it's potently destructive if comingled with envy
Do not blame others for your failures as you, especially if you readily blame others, you will never share your success willingly; you're an incorrigible leech

Problems of life is not money or the lack of it
It's the self-serving and envy that brew troubles; you cannot see beyond your nose
Be independent, care & share and not leech nor lie for a better tomorrow
If destiny is fated, you yourself craft your own path
Get up and get going; go forth and conquer the world

The togetherness is to build good health, positive mind and a friendly network
There's nothing about wealth nor money
A lot efforts are 'put into' training and getting together
有健康就有机会 明天会更好
Do not earn wealth to pay for health  

Stay healthy for a better tomorrow
Money can buy many things but you cannot employ another person to 'suffer your sickness'
Steve Jobs has all the money in the world but his wealth cannot 'bribe' his cancer away
Do not leech on, nor envy, your friends & siblings

God willing, everyone will succeed within their abilities

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ironies Of Life

the month of May came and went ...effortlessly and unknowingly

It's June - half a year into 2016
What have you done in the past five months that have added positively to your well being
What were the setbacks that almost 'drown' you, if any
Could life has be crafted better or, perhaps, even worse

God does not have a mid-term report card for anyone of us

Whether it's good or bad, better or worse, somehow it will keep changing
When you can't let-go, it means you can still shoulder the weight/pain 放不下是因为还能扛得住
Easier said than done; I walk away from trying situation as far as I possibly can
When I can't, I manage it and prayerfully it will not implode & nuke my life

I have long accepted that 'if I give in, avoid it determinely, try to minimize any damages, take some punches, yet it implode' then, the cleaning and rectification re-starts! Not a choice sometimes
What if death occurs? Death is also a solution, unfortunate though
Sometimes, the victim dies, at others, the perpetrator
Man proposes, God disposes

The reality is "you may want to stay neutral, be supportive or even accept disadvantages" does not mean you will be left alone peacefully ~ undisturbed
该来的一定回来 该发生的总是会发生
Let's face it: nothing kills you but it can make you really miserable
If misery can kill you (a person), then why are there still so many malnourished, underprivileged miserable people in the in Africa and North Korea? Irony...

The physical disadvantages do not maim
The emotional shortcomings kill
Envy is worse than jealousy
Ego/Pride is worse than principle

I am walking through a very trying period; not physically nor financially but emotionally
I guess,the problem is I have provided too much care and comfort that the freedom from worries transformed into gossips, innuendoes and unreasonable demands from my 'closest'
I am waiting patiently to walk away from this ...slow cooker

Someday, when I am not around & have departed from the debacle
The nostalgia would be "...wow, when he was around...so good..so good..& so good..."
Then life would have come a full circle
I will become HAPPY again

Isn't this an irony?!!? I share all to make everyone happy or as 'comfortable as possibly can'
But, with freedom, maybe I should call this 'boredom', came mischief
Let the cards collapse & let the future takes form
I have done my BEST

Long after everything falls into place, I will have my last laugh