Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How To Win & Stay Alive

what can be worse than dying or waiting to die...

Many people complain about next to nothing and everything sundry
The figure out somehow their lives is worse than everybody or they're down in the pit
They think death is the exit & solution and curse the worldly and the Godly for their plights
Why? How did they reach the spot with No "U-turn"? It's really just imagination

Go to the hospice and see how grateful the in-patients feel when they welcome another day
Go to the mortuary and 'ring the alarm clock' loudest and check if any of them are able to wake up
Visit the prison and learn for yourself that the prisoners cannot just walk out & away like you
Travel to a famished locale or a war-torn area and feel the scarcity of food & water

Positive begets positive
The more negative you are or indulge, the deeper your desparateness and hopelessness
You hate your mother, your father, your family...you blame the whole world except yourself
What do you think if you are left alone in this world; will your life be any better? Think hard

Do not wait until your parents are gone then you wish 'I can talk to them & share!'; gone forever
Do not deliberately and stubbornly challenge your parents even you know you are in the wrong
The intentional causing of disharmony and spiking the relationship will haunt you someday... as
As someday, you may be the father or mother experiencing the exact reflection of what you'd done

KARMA 因果 has no menu; you harvest whatever you planted

"Look at the prairie, the green grass, the blue sky, the little children playing and the birds chirping" said the immobile, terminally ill patient looking out of his bedside window. This brought laughter, care and light heartedness to other patients around him.
After he passed away, another patient requested a change to the same spot. He saw...a tall wall & nothing more

The walls between the cells in the prison are damn intimidating, crowded and soul-breaking. Sentences varies from weeks to years to permanent life sentences. Worst are those waiting to die (gallows). One prisoner who was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment due to the miscarriage of justice (read : set-up) decided since Day 1 to greet & shout; "Good morning Shanghai, such an awesome sight of the Bund and the lights. Stay healthy and have a great meal"
Some years past and some prisoners were transferred to his cell as 'per their request'. They discovered that the cell is no different from theirs

Attitude changes everything; you can blame the world or anyone for your predicaments but you (& you ALONE) can lead a happy life or be miserable until your time is up

Just Do Your Best and care & share with your loved ones
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, stay calm & think positive
Like night, day shall returns...change is the only 'permanence'
Everyone must live to tell their tales

If you can't change the situation, adapt into the environment; blend in
Alone is NOT lonely; Empty is NOT void
The biggest and most formidable challenge is You, YOURSELF
If you cannot adapt yet refuse to change your attitude, how do you expect to win? The world loves a winner 

Dying is NEVER a solution; we're born to play different roles
Whatever you do or risk, remember; Spare A Thought For Your Loved Ones
A lively and alive YOU is better than a successful dead hero
人生本来就是一场戏   你只要把你的本分做好
心有多大   舞台就多大

Tomorrow may not be promised but why win an argument but loss the war

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