Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blame Game

When you refuse to admit your fault, you will never be wrong! Sure, you will also never have a chance for repentence

When things go wrong, it is easier to point finger at others
But, for every one finger you point, the other four are pointing toward you

Only excuses are offered when you are in self-denial
No reasons have ever been extended because the weak delve in excuses
To hide their own weaknesses and self-serving motives, they will try to convince the world of their 'worthy' acts

Tyrants and dictators will see things only in one perspective; their OWN, one and only view
For those who pleases them, they will be richly rewarded; nevermind the 'emperor without clothes'
For those who opposes and offer alternative views, however constructive, punishment and disincentives await

It is positive to be determined and single-minded when attempting tasks
It is quite another and negative, if that's stubboness in disguise

I cannot change your mind neither will I try
I only pray that when the show ends, no one gets hurt

A coward uses threats and violence
A wiseman uses his brain to undo the coward
Time will tell

Why wait till your beloved and your most loved dies
The right of views and to be heard is not sacred if its baseless and without reasonableness

Think again...
Think hard

When life passes, you can never repent, let alone make good all that is lost

Make life alittle easier and the heart alittle lighter...for you and for ALL

Everyone needs space and when you push someone to a corner, the only way out is to react
You will never know the strength and force of a 'weakling'... but it is definitely not worth finding out

When things go wrong, find a solution NOT a fall guy   

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adversity Or Blessings

Thrives in adversity...

What is adversity if you are a North Korean and DPRK is your home; every moment is
You can't deny that if you are an Ugandan or Etopian, life is equally bleak, if not tough
The Afgans, especially womenfolks, eat, drink and swim in adversities

It takes more than guts, intellect and wisdom to overcome adversities
It takes alot, alot of commonsense and streetwisdom
Because we get used to what we always do, the norms become habits and habit is second nature

For those who live in Lebanon, Gaza strips, Etopia, Mexican border with USA, North Korea bordering China, gunfire, hunger, persecution...are norms
Adversities??..!! also a norm

Talks of freedom of expression is possible only when one's stomach is full
Expounding political and ideological ideals must be tempered with responsibility
Only the financially well-endowed or barren, or almost bare, can stiffen their stand on their ideological beliefs; there is no middle ground

If you sink into depression because of failures in relationship, examinations, contests...
Or you feel that the world had left you and all the good that you have done went unrecognized...
Count your blessings

Nobody can impose their ideals on you neither can you insist on recognition for a job well-done
Sometimes, somehow life is not what you make out to be...maybe, not yet
And one man's meat is another's poison...when blessings come, it pours

Make do with what you have
Do your best in everything you do
Live best when others live there when fortune turns around

Someday, your cries will be heard

Someday, you will have your final say

But, you must live your best happy, healthy and contented
Why compare with others when we are all made to be different
What are adversities to you may be norm to others

When the world walks out on you and you feel left out and lonely
Think of those destitutes and 'less desirables', in hospice, in warzone and in famine
Think lucky you have been

Blessed are those who can give

Maybe, for some, its time to stop complaining and start living...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky - the personal choice

What Is Luck...or to be lucky

When everything is going your way, you thought you were lucky until when you end up furthest away from your goal

When all that you wished for come true then you realized that it was, afterall, not what you really wanted

That there were no obstacles and the journey was smooth, then you came to a deadend down a steep cliff

That the victorious homecoming after the war was hollow when you realized that your village was flattened during enemy air-raids

Life's many twists and turns may not necessarily be bad
The objections, obstacles and delays may turn out to be blessings in disguise
The failures, disruptions and challenges are events that help you cut short your learning circuit as Providence has other provision for you

There are people who gain wealth but lost their family
There are paupers who found family warmth and care your dream
Setbacks are checkpoints; take a bearing and map your journey

The French Revolution transfered power to the people but excesses, in any form, caused Societal decay

The Boshevik Revolution resulted in the creation of Soviet Union - 'powers were transfered' to the workers who subscribed to the ideals of Central control and equality for all.. a pipe-dream

Wall Street's toxins were consumed by Main Streeters who swallowed it lock, stock and barrel yet the perpetrators and originators were richly rewarded and taxpayers money were used to bail out the failed financial institutions despite 'blood on Main Street'; the 'small man' banks went under too
Capitalism or Communism or any philosophy when carried to extremes will almost always self-destruct

Everybody is as lucky as he achieves his goals; the (blind) followers will always be the sacrificial lamb

The next time when you pray or wish for something, just make sure that when you achieve your goals you can proudly scream "I Am Lucky" ...

To me.. being alive with health, sanity and wisdom is being LUCKY 

Being Lucky Is More Important Than Being Smart; I rather be lucky