Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When Good Fortune Becomes Nightmare

enjoy & build up your fortunes...

Fortunes: Some are born with it, some built it whilst some inherit it
The first 50 years, you rely on whatever you inherit or built
The next 50 years, you either had build goodwill & done merits to grow your fortunes or it's all gone
Never curse yourself nor speak ill of oneself
Never, never turn away goodwill, compliments, blessings and well-intentioned gifts

I have heard my friend's wife said "I'd rather he (hubby) doesn't prosper than he leaves me"; they went on to live reasonably comfortable in a 3-room HDB but the wife was forever asking her hubby to buy condos and private property. He never did!
Her wish was granted. Many years later, they divorced
Beware of what you wished for...

Positive begets positive; good begets better & turn it into best

Why wallow in self-pity & misery when 生老病死 living is a journey? Take whatever comes
When others throw shit at you or draw you into the shit-hole, clean up and walk away
You may have a whiff of stink but it will never stay
It is a mistake to be entrapped once but more than once, you are a Fool
Surround yourself with fools and you're likely to be one too

You cannot fly like an eagle if you work with turkeys

You can laugh at the undertaker, but you'd never get a chance to bargain with him the price of his services
You can belittle the coffeeshop assistant, but he sells you a cup of boil water for $0.30
You laugh at the dirty mechanic repairing your Farrari but he charged you $8000 for parts that he would only charge $2000 for a Nissan
No man is too great, too tall nor too mighty; someday GOD will descend on him

Karma don't have a menu; it's served as you've ordered

Why ask for troubles when there is none鸡蛋里挑骨头? Don't trouble trouble and trouble wouldn't trouble you
What good do you get by cursing your loved ones and yourself? Only regrets await you when reality visits
A moment of foolishness could turn into a lifetime of nightmares

Live well and stay healthy
Rest if you must but never quit
Someday, the garden shall flower again