Saturday, January 25, 2014

Truth Upon Oneself

When the avalanche falls, it's free falling ...

You can't catch a falling sword neither can you avoid the lightning
Standing still is the best in an unsettled moment but remains fluid
The winner may not always be the fittest, smartest nor greatest but he certainly is the coolest
Cowards may win but will never lasts
Everyone has a chance but few made it

Fortunes shine and dive
The young have time, the mid-life have experiences and the elderly may, or may not, have both or either
Live well & lead fully for tomorrow may never come
Whatever shall be, will be
Everyone needs a meal to survive; anything in excess is surplus

You can lie, you can make tons of excuses
All you need is 'the world refuses to listen to you' and it collapses on you
Empty promises, vague & blatant excuses, repeated lies will return to haunt you
You will loss all support, all votes and everything
You will need to crawl into your cave to hide when truths surface

There are no stupid people on earth; maybe, a few fools for you to swing along

When Karma strikes, make sure you are available to pay for it

The bigger curse is when punishments befalls your family and loved ones
Just saying 'I am wrong & I repent' is definitely not going to change the situation
Man proposes, GOD disposes
Be compassionate, care & share; we arrived naked & will return likewise

A rich man cannot live in a 'sea of poor'
Bless are those who are contented
Not having too much nor too little but having a blissful mind
Leave the worse behind, do your best and have a renewed life

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Between The Best & Worst Is To Stay Alive

How many times was I lost & found again? It's not the rediscovery, it's the lost feeling that's .. 

Some days are simply void and directionless
Perhaps, dreadfully long too
The sun still shines as night still falls; the stars also glow in the dark sky, shinning bright
The breeze is awfully still and the seconds tick by slowly such that tortoises and snails seem galloping

It's not about feeling hopeless but simply 'No Hope'
An idle mind is a devil's workshop
A 'no hope' mind is more dangerous as any forthcoming adventures are worth a try
Nevermind the risks, outcome and threats

What holds one back is the believe in a superior being called 'GOD'
The temptation - when the mind at the sharpest, it is also the most dangerous when free with boredom
Don't give up but when the mind is void of ideas and filled with boredom, any action is detrimental
It's like a listless missile fired ...then, looking for target

Maybe I should, as always...walk the beach, workout the excess energy, draw down my might
A flat battery can't do anything neither can it self-destruct as it's impotently latent
Like games & gamers, there is down time, out of moves or 'ask for life'
Like a prey in the grasps of its predators; only the Creator can free you

I am an eagle caught in the an oil spill, wet with grease & flight is not my choice

I am best now as a grilled-bird at a dinner table
But, I shall fly high again and rule the sky

I have a dream ...

Monday, January 6, 2014

When The World Walks Out On You

Periodically, the world stops in our life...

Some days are simply dull, listless, uneventful and, at times, dreadful
You fear the knock, the phone rings, the sounds, the...anything
But, when all else happens, you found you have unfounded fears
The world continues and the clock is still ticking

There are exciting, fun-filled days
These are short and few and time flies
Living is filled with uncertainties; the only constant is change
Changes that keep us on our toes

It is most tiring trying to please everyone
It is worse trying to meet and live up to others expectation
The death nail is punched when whatever you do pleases nobody and nobody appreciates you
Why then live in others' shadows? You have a choice

Alone is not void nor lonely
It is moments like this that you discover yourself
On hindsight, those that left you shouldn't be there in the first place
What's left and fresh walk-ins is/are to be cherished

When the world stops on you, Don't Fret
You are actually on the wrong road; a road taken out of comfort & convenience
Many smart people makes the same mistake and fools repeat
Get out of the rut, get going and get well

Nobody is born to loss; fight hard and the trophy is yours

When the world walks out on you, it is so blessed; You can start afresh, minus the load

I am trying to start afresh, reboot and upgrade; if only I need not do this too many times

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stock Market 2014

Someone said that the 1986 calendar can be reused this year - 2014
I wonder if that also signify fairly similar events; collapsed (New World) hotel, recession, financial scandal...others
If that is a reflection, we will not enjoy the Capricon effect as then there was only a dead cat bounce

1st quarter 2014 will still enjoy a rebound
We will have a turbulent April & a challenging October
As most major markets should top up by first quarter
Cash is king

A strengthening US$ is detrimental to economic recovery
China will be too caught up with skirmishes from political & military gamesmanship nearby
EU will still be struggling; both to hold everyone together & to keep the Euro afloat
Mid-East will regain prosperity brought along by wars but with power struggle aplenty

Russia will be the decider & 'balancer' in geopolitical areas
Japan is rising but Russia will determine & limits her ambition
Surprisingly, China, N Korea, S Korea & Taiwan will be drawn closer together as history is revisited
The growth region is Asia & China will rise like the Phoenix

Opportunities abound as geopolitical re-balancing takes place

Everyone wants to make money but few do their homework
Bro prepared for the unexpected
Find the dark horse gem amongst the rot
Blue chips are no longer blue as they saddle under their own weight

Bless are those who are healthy
Happiness trolls health; been there, done that
The stock market can be rewarding if only you can buy, sell(short) & be patient
Market travels in cycle & the good shall return

Do well
See you when market rebounds