Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Live To Fight Another Day

如果我不下地狱,谁会呢... someone got to die, that others gonna live

In a nation as in a family, somebody has to carry the Cross
The good guy is more often the sacrificial lamb; the fall guy
The unfortunate thing is with the demise of the fall guy, the tyranny rise and prospers
How ironic? This world is ruled by the tyrannical and family are run by weaklings
The weaklings are a by-product of filial piety, compassion and tolerance

When bad things happen, when things turn for the worse, more often than not, a scapegoat is found
The world loves a winner while the cowards hide
Fake news and false intentions 甜蜜的谎言were fanned and received like gospel truths
There is no lack of fools & the world shall end with a foolish act
Not all wrongs can be rectified

A broken mirror, however mended, will leave behind scars
It will never be the same again
Olympic champion will always carry higher dues than an Paralympic champ
Reality is always cruel ...but
The winners and survivors are 'mind over body' convictions, not physical

Many say 'whenever & whatever you do for others, do not expect rewards'... alas
Why weren't there something that remind the recipients not to hurt the magnanimous? Don't know
Time and again the magnanimous and generous were bitten, some killed and sacrificed
Is this fair or is GOD too busy to ensure fairness and equity? No, the world will never be fair
Get a life; give and forget or fight to recover

I'd like to believe that Earth is filled with bad people & the good ones are recalled earlier

That's why many believe 'living is suffering' 生老病死
If living is suffering, then we must live well 潇洒的人生
Take whatever comes ...
I am a warrior & I fight to win ...though, at times, I'm weak
Rest if I must, but NEVER quit

Never, never allow anyone to talk you down

I may be hurt but I must never collapse
I must not allow any others to wrap me & send me through the abattoir and furnace
My return is a SURE thing; it's only when, not 'if'
The fight is not in the size of the dog
I will return soon... stronger, better and wiser

So long as I breath and until the last breathe, I am the Winner 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Retired, retiring, unemployed or underemployed

finding three square meals ...

Before, working was a profession and earnings was to pay bills, buy food & save some for rainy days
Jobs were fairly stable and promotion were a given for hard-driving staffs with initiatives
The bottom line was important and so were staffs morale, motivation and commitment
There was loyalty and bosses reciprocate with commendations and rewards
The older, more experienced staffs were valued for their contributions, independence & knowledge

Now, even the S&P 500 stocks are doing better; bottomline and performances have improved
So have rewards but, alas, the very top are top-slicing the fruits
Automation and AI were used to make life easier and faster; efficiency rules
Managers run the operation and top management plot strategic growth & expansion
There is 'Onesome' & Unity

Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard - General Colin Powell

Nowadays, values have changed
Commitment & loyalty by workers do not necessarily translate into 'care & share' by the top
The top are blinded by 'blind obedience' to the main decision maker
Technology, automation & AI determines the staffs relevance & usefulness
Cheap is the answer to every replacement

Jobs were easily lost to cheaper substitutes, especially migrant workers
Loyalty & skills-sets, while expected, are no warranty against termination & retrenchment
Retired, underemployed & unemployed are synonyms while retiring comes earlier
Laws were passed to protect some but discriminate against many
Many professions level down...

The world has 7 billion plus people
Jobs were made redundant by technology, AI and e-commerce
With globalisation, cheap migrant & displaced workers flood the market
Like swarms of locusts, they leave nothing to chance helped by the local government indifference
Trump promised to make America great again & Duterte is spreading the bread & butter
Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand ~ General Colin Powell

If the locals are not protected or their livelihoods not warrantied, what's the point of having a Government to lord over them? Pay to be punished must be the silliest request anyone can ask for

Generally, the mass population are commoners who live and let live
They are happy with their little warm enclaves, safe from the elements & a place called "home"
Power, fame and politics are far from their mind
They just wanted a fair share of the economic pie; enough to live happily
No revolution and disquiet can come out of a satisfied populace

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking ~ General S Paton
- There goes collective thinking or Groupthink

Nobody owes anybody a living
The truth is if nobody bothers to stand up for their own rights and defend against suppression, how do you expect you fellowmen to 'take the bullet' for you? Beggars thy neighbor is a poison, not an antidote
If you want a better future, stand up, take a view and do not let others determine your Providence
When you do not, sooner rather than later, you will feel the taste of something you may not bargained for
Poor, down & ...out

Slavery is when you submits to your higher Lord

You have a choice

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 In The Little Island

what has change... if at all

The calendar has changed
The spouse, the targets and the job remains the same
The moon still come when the sun sets
I still have loads of bills to pay & responsibilities to shoulder
The incremental costs of living remain too

Alas, so what's new? The new year is new - 2017

Stockmarket ~ 
Expect stock markets to see a pull back in early February
Any selldown shall rebound and range-bound trades with an upside bias into end 2nd-Quarter
Enjoy a good 3rd-Quarter
Exit before the year 2017 is up and out
Everyone loves to make money but few will do their homework; trade at your own risks

A fool is born every minute

Economy & Economics ~
So long as there are further controls and tightening of our economy, life gonna be tough
It's gonna crashed if costs continue to rise, unemployment and underemployment will multiply
The highly paid Mandarins shall remain indifferent as they submit to dollar-sense
While the regional economies rebound & perform, we will be stuck in the rut
It takes a steel will to level down, close the Gini-coefficient and return monies to the mass

Talks are cheap

Revolution or Evolution ~ 
The Arab Spring was ignited by the slightest spark with: i)disgruntled youths ii)Unemployment iii)dictatorship iv)corruption v)social media vi)bungled state response & indifference
The 2011 Chinese pro-Democracy movement were weeded out before it could manifest as the Chinese then were not hungry nor horribly deprived unlike the Mid-East

Haha - do not expect revolution here; evolution, maybe
Some things may evolve and forceful change is least likely
The installation of preferred person to head National Institutions remain
The dollar-base loyalty and the extensive reach will ensure that any disquietness will be nipped in the bud
The amended Statutes allow forceful enforcement and little tolerance for non-compliance

The mass is at the mercy of the few

Nobody loves troubles and uncertainty
Nobody wants to swim in the wilderness without sight of the shores
But, the rich cannot live in the sea of poors
Change shall come; GOD willing
But, it's gonna be non-violent and fairly consensual
Be patient - have faith 还是有一个天

The world is my oyster
I shall remain sober to change whatever I can & flows with those that are beyond me
Time is my best friend
I am a mortal manifested & guided by Faiths
Tomorrow shall comes