Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Winning With Luck

winning is everything ...

How come I hardly win or make it despite every conceivable efforts spent? Guess, I would not make excuses; make results ...waiting for better days

I have been dreaming big, taking every opportunities that come: A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

I have been patient, suffering from disadvantages quietly and taking 'punches'. It's to win wars & forgive battles...

I win most times; either I win or I gain experiences. Sometimes you win; sometimes you LEARN

Do not quit; rest if you must. Effort & attitude win & overcome all obstacles

The best and hardest work do not necessarily translate into desired results: Winning is 90% hard work & 10%  Luck; without luck little can be achieved

Winner takes all: When you win, nothing matters

The way to peace and harmony is to humour the challenges. Everytime you find humour in a crisis, you win ~ go with the flow

To stay afloat, to continue the journey and to seek a harmonious ecosystem, I stay simple. You are born to win unless you give up...simplicity is also a win

I fight to WIN
With luck, I win easily
Effort, determination and attitude do change the situation
But, ...I need LUCK...plentiful of Luck

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Success - Methods to fight another day

There are no living heroes
There is no point in gaining recognition posthumously as a dead man will soon be forgotten
Are we to fight for recognition for everything we do; perhaps yes but you can never demand for it
The best reward is to be able to extend help and relieve others of sufferings...they'd remember you
In death everyone is equal...the grave is as big and you bring nothing along

Man seeks recognition not for fame but dignity, value and worthiness
The social classes and divides are permeable as many can float through the stratas
The good, the bad and the ugly wants to be recognised and belonged
We are all social animal
Our ability to reach the apex is limited by the thickness of our hides & the shrewdness of our moves

Cars and houses are status symbols & so are jewelleries
Food and water are basic staples that feeds the 'Haves' & the 'Have-Nots'
It's the poor that work the fields to supply food but it's commerce that enriched the upper-class
Then, why so are there poverty? It's the result of selfishness and greed
When food is hoarded, people suffer

Success has no fixed formulas 

The power to succeed and success lies within
You can fight to win [the powerful and well endowed]
You may submit to win too [the physically & materially weaker ~ fire weakened the steel]  
You...& YOU are the determinant of your own success
Of course, failure is easiest; Do Nothing

I am who I am
I live as the blade of grass swinging & bending in the breeze, not the grand oak tree
The spirit of freedom, conquest and free from bondage transcends all
Let you not be tied down to material allures nor be emotionally cringed
You only live "ONCE"; live the best

Man proposes; God disposes
But, for most times, Man proposes beyond their ability & capabilities
"No expectation, No frustration" is a notable phrase; just try your best
Wishing for the best and always be prepared to push the frontiers
Umm, do not fell off the cliff
Nothing Succeed like Success                                                                                                                                                            
Rest if you must but don't quit
Be there when the good times return ~~~ dead man tell no tales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Share & Let The World Be A Better Place

old but reliable...

There are many who think 'old' is synonymous with uselessness, dependence, immobility and 'discardable' ~ kinda of a sin
The situation is exacerbated by some Government's perception and representation of the old as dependents
Strangely, the world over, politicians are valued higher as they aged but not the working class
Wisdom is not a monopoly of the political class

Why would the world that dismantle the class-divide be divided again in this age? This is the problem of a hugely differential income-gap
The Gini Coefficient is getting larger
The Pareto Principle no longer exists [see below]

Just 62 people, 53 of them men, own as much wealth as the poorest half of the entire world population - or 3.6 billion people - according to a report released by anti-poverty charity Oxfam. 
And the richest 1 percent own more than the other 99 percent put together.Jan 17, 2016 

Are you poor or are you made poorer due to a clenched-up tax system and a less accommodating ruling class?
Are the commoners electing Reps to lord over them?
Are we living in a make-believe world where promises are made but seldom delivered?
Can anything be done to un-do the situation?
There are no clear answers...

Look at this photo ; an ancient river still thrives with high rise buildings in the background
Ancient is old but without water, there's no life
Without the elders and aged, where do you young & younger ones come from? The old exists for a purpose & are an oasis of experiences

Today's elders are generally healthier, better off and more mobile
The poor are not beggars and always prefer to lead a simple life
The rich & powerful attempt to dominate the commoners but this will last as long as there are enough to go around
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor

The poor may suffer willingly within their endurances & take the punches
The middle class just look toward 'alittle' luxury after much struggle
Why would the elites and ruling-class think they can overrun and dominate the mass? There must be empathy, fairly equal sharing and plentiful to go around

 No man's an island

This world will be a better place if everyone 'care, share and give' instead of hoard
The youths have time and energy; go forth and multiply and 'conquer the world'
The Mid-ages are holding the forte, growing the pie and supporting the ecosystems
The elderly are an oasis of experiences & a guidance to preempt untimely failures

Whether its Ruling Class, Working Class or the Commoners ~ you come naked & can never bring along whatever you hoard
Man proposes; God disposes
Be fair; take what's rightfully yours but leave plentiful to others
Rich or poor, you cannot bring along & nothing is absolute

Live & Let Live