Thursday, March 31, 2016

Everything Ends...

the March is coming to an end...

Many have wings but can't fly ~ penguins, chickens, ducks, dodos
Some have eyes but can't see ~ bats, platypus
Many have brains but never think ~ humans
The world is getting more selfish, elitist, uncaring, greedy such that the 'best' are milking the less-able
The many who 'made it' are guarding and hoarding their gains

Lip-service is a norm & NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) is a given
Numerous doctors read the 'Hippocratic Oath' and became hypocrites
Accountants prepare 'doctored' numbers that is hardly 'true & fair'
Auditors' audit report at best they can; finding frauds is accidental, much depends on 'who is the paymaster'
Political loyalists infringe on the Laws of the Land with impunity

Survival of the Fittest & Rules of the Jungle rule

Society cracks when there is oppression, suppression and covert elimination of opposing voices
Where discontent is voiced, there is an allowance for ventilation of frustration
Gross income inequality coupled with elitists indifference is the sure fire to anarchy
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor
The commoners are only eking and seeking out a dignified living, not fame, money nor power

The American Revolutionary War (The American Revolutionary War had its origins in the resistance of many Americans to taxes), the Bolshevik Revolution (socialism was born because the 'HAVEs' ignore the plights of the 'HAVE-NOTs'), the Cultural Revolution was an attempt to 'hold-on' to political power & the Jasmin Revolution (started innocently when a graduate, illegal hawker dosed himself with oil and set fire after being bullied by the State-police)

Everyone comes naked and shall return naked
The world has enough space for everyone to 'care & share', enjoy some luxury and live harmoniously
The need to lord over others, command and control & dictates another's life is an act of cowardice
History do provide ample space for education and memories whether good or bad 
Whatever fit

Most of us have no more than 30,000 days to live
Man proposes, GOD disposes
Let us 'care & share' and spare some thoughts and penny to the less fortunate, less able and less mobile
Nobody wants to be downtrodden, unwanted and live on charity 没有人想看别人的脸色过日子

Like many, I am walking towards the end
I'd like to look back without, or with little, regrets, if any
When my journey is over, I'd like to be remembered as the "Mr CAN"; the incurable positive
My fair share of defeats and glory stop when the March ends

Today is the last day of March....2016, not the end of my march

Like the Master Chef, let us all enjoy & indulge in a bowl of harmonious soup
Having too much or too little leaves bad aftertaste


Monday, March 21, 2016

The Weak Man Is Not A Loser

I'm a flat tyre...

Why is it a flat tyre is painful and uncomfortable? Because everyone is used to its smoothness
Why are wheels made of rubber when other materials are equally good? Comfort & noiceless
The wheel of fortune is filled with ecstasy, uncertainties and is never promised
Getting it right does not equal reward

I have seen it all but until today I cannot stomach some setbacks still
It's not that I am any weaker but from time to time the biorhythm falls into new low
My new low is relatively higher than the average person yet I am 'punctured'

I am sought after for professional advices but many simply 'milked' & disappear
I have my circles of fans, supporters and well-wishers
Not that I am looking for rewards, appreciation and acknowledgement ...
But, alas, I am as human as everyone

I have a big "WHY"; why despite my earnest work attitude, ability and capability, I'm still struggling
Why I always hit the wall and hardly enjoy a full bloom harvest
Drips & drabs ...yes! These don't quench my thirst of satisfaction and recognition aka self-actualisation
I am drained

While I have provided the best and cared for others
I had been shot many times, falsely accused and framed
Even within my family
I can only seek consolation in the Lord Buddha观音

I wriggled into a tiny, warm, cushy corner in my Lord's arm
I hibernate, rejuvenate, recast and return stronger
The human mind is bendable and amendable
But, like every human, someday...I am afraid I may fail

Walking with Buddha and journeying with her is always a Blessing
Buddha is my safe haven and harbor

Whatever!! I will try my best and leave the rest
I shall rest when tired 休息是为了走更长的路
When unsure, retreat, reassess, relief then proceed
I am like a snail moving along with a huge burden above ~ the heavy shell

The snail can't move without its shell & go naked; that's home & protection

Guess, we all have our 'UPs and DOWNs'
Enjoy every moments as good or bad, like day and night, comes and goes
Get up, get going...
The power of God creates wonders

I shall WIN
REWARD is near
If you don't try, failure is a certainty
Try, try, try...and there is a even chance of SUCCESSES

So what if I am a punctured tyre? I can still continue my journey albeit a little discomfort

Friday, March 18, 2016

Just Try, Keep Trying...

sitting still is impossible...

It's not easy to do nothing, stay still & be indifferent
Guess, the dynamism of cosmic force is the underlying whirlwind
You may stop but the globe keeps revolving
The Stars, the Moon, the Sun ...and our breathe
None stop their role; they continue unapologetically

Time is the best friend
Slow, sure, punctual & needs no reminder
Come rain, sunshine or snow
Life moves on

You can react, create, watch idly, be proactive
Action and inaction
You either get ahead or be pushed along
Some day we will all reach our destination

鲤鱼跳龙门 The Carp that persistently jumps & flips over the Dragon Gate becomes a Dragon; alas, tedious & trying and few can achieve the feat

Like many, I was born poor but I need not stay poor
The world is mine to conquer
Most of us cannot live past 30,000 days yet many spend time idling, complaining, immersing in idle thoughts and actions a dreadful life
I try and will always live in the current ; learn from the past, plan for the future & hope for the best

Yes, I have my fair share of defeats
I wish I can bask in continuous successes and glories
Am I too far ahead of the curve or is success avoiding me? Omigosh, the streak of successes were estopped
May the rain return to a bless the drought strikened path ...
Some day soon, I shall ripen and flower again 

I am blissfully ignorant
Walking the path and treading uncharted waters
What I want to achieve is God-given

Man proposes & God disposes

Tomorrow is never promised
Neither do I know if I will still be around
What I am sure is today; staying Healthy, Happy and Keep going 

The best is yet to be

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To Do Or Not To Do

the rebound came to the commodities market then the stockmarket...

In 10th February 2016, I wrote "Every good deserves another chance.."; well, we see it again in the stockmarket
The rebound was impulsive in price and speed
In 5th February 2016, a random mentioned of 17 stocks, all did well except for 4 ; alas 76% hit with the balance 3 even & one loss...
Everyone wants to make money but few wants to do homework
Is there life or lie in the stockmarket? Your guess...

In general, this world is fairly unpredictable
But, in the long run, the cyclical never fail
Delay? Yes but the impact replace lateness
Sometimes, I wait patiently for the fruits to ripe
At times, I remain indifferent and continue to plough
Waiting faithfully for my rewards...
Sometimes, in vain

I am still waiting for my Lucky Break

My God often tells me to sit it out and wait for my turn
I know because I am worse off financially but I have a healthier body
I spend the downtime keeping fit, working out and staying sane amidst humor
I can only hope ~ like the butterfly at its pupa stage; dead yet alive
Is this what's called the 'living dead 活生生的"
Guess, it's cyclical

发呆 Relax
I do my best and leave the rest
If destiny is time base, then I can't turn the clock any faster
Perhaps, as I mentioned before, it is harder to "Do Nothing 不动,不反,只守。。。静" than to "Do Something "

I had tried to do, to react, to preempt like ”不到虎穴 哪得虎子 to steal a cub, venture into the cave/den “, but the results have always been disastrous ...& financially draining
I have learnt to bide my time

Tomorrow is never promised neither will it stagnate

LUCKY ~ Luck is where preparation meets opportunity
I create opportunities
I am proactive
I am always prepared...but, between being smart and lucky
Nothing outstanding can be achieved without the LUCK

I hope Luck is not cyclical

I live best when others live worse ~ one meal a day, water, sunlight and plentiful of motivation
Keeping the mind sane, I share humor and read
A sharp mind needs constant polishing and reminding...
Until the next success kicks in, I am like the hidden gem waiting to be polished

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Live The Best Like There Is No Tomorrow

From the darkness, came light...

A charity lunch for the elderly and less fortunate
Brighten their lives for the next two hours
Food, performances, 'angpows', friendship
Aboveall, they enjoyed care and companionship
Are they lucky?

I witnessed a monthly adoption (I asked, and was told by, the hotel manager) program in Shanghai, China, where orphans are adopted by foreigners, mainly Westerners
Are these orphans lucky?

I'd like to believe that, in both cases, they're lucky

Moments of relieve and enjoyment are like 'lucky breaks'
Thank God for small mercy
You may suffer all the time but lucky breaks soothe the Soul and calm the mind
For anyone who is unsure of his next meal, a little certainty boost the spirit
There is "HOPE"

I watched able-bodied persons, especially foreigners, sell tissues
I wondered if those buying are compassionate and magnanimous or simply 'pay' to shoo them away
For those who begs, I normally resist giving money but will always offer to buy them a meal whenever possible
Why? I'd like to keep them full than 'to encourage a syndicated operation to make money'
I do not judge; just doing what I think is win-win and relevant

How to help the less fortunate? For a start, I need to be self-sufficient before I can be charitable
Charity is never cheap
Many say 'you need not be rich to do charity'; fairly correct but 'if I can't swim, how am I to save a drowning person?'
I shall leave poetic charity to others imagination

The able are fast becoming less mobile and un-able
They do most things through the net; eMarket, eBuy, eDelivery, eEverything...
In the first group, they are 'homed-in' because they couldn't get out and travel whereas the eGroup lock themselves up within the four walls

How I wish life is so clearly divided along clean lines! 

Whatever works
I am not here to advocate saving one group nor to save all
I choose to believe that 'we are all empowered to make a decision'; you have a choice
Man proposes, God disposes
It's not how unlucky you are
It's how to live best when others live miserably

We have about 30,000 days to live
Whether you live well or life is a living hell is a choice
Go to the hospice and see the struggle to earn another day alive
Try visiting the ICU and watch how hopes slip through some hands
When you are terminally ill and dying, your loved ones hope you live on
When you live on, the financial worries drown your loved ones with a new set of challenges

Guess, everyone needs to be concerned but worrying solve no problems

Live on
Live the best like there is no tomorrow
Serve, care & share with your fellowmen
Do your best and leave the rest

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Karma Is Waiting ~ Some Day The Final Clean-Up Arrives

busy, busy busy...over next to nothing

Why do I spend so much time helping others, advising others and receiving next to nothing?
Not that I am expecting something in return, which I never, but I have been hitting the walls often
Either I am taken for a ride or I am taken for granted
I did not react nor do I complain; alas! how long can my patience and magnanimity lasts

I see many seizing opportunities, even for the slightest reward
I notice many chanced at glory
Is this greed or vainity? Guess, it's plain selfishness
The desire to grab is greater than the willingness to share

How is it that gracious Societal norms decay to this extent? Or, am I the 'last soldier' holding the torch? Alas
The increased costs of living, the expensiveness of almost everything and the need to 'compare & compete' with the Joneses seem to be possible reasons
The Elites ringfenced their parameters and opportunities ; birds of a feather Flocks together
The crumbs on the table are for the commoners

How do you expect society to be gracious if the apex top-sliced and leave little in the food chain?

The need to survive is as much as the need to grab and move ahead
The false prophets who leads by 'Lip-service' aggravate the situation
The selfish leaders keep the food chain short and flat
Who's to blame when the Society's fibers tear? Does anyone really cares for many will take flight

The rich cannot live in a sea of poor as no building stands long without good, broad foundation
I may be the 'last soldier' in the queue but some day, somehow...
Fairness will be in the levelling down
I have been there, done that

Eventually, death is the leveller

I am no savior nor angel
But, my conscience is crystal clear that if there's Karma, I will be around to witness
I do not subscribe to the saying that 'do good and you will be rewarded...'; as I am a living proof
Some day, somewhere soon...sufferings will stop when greed and selfishness stop

The day may be when God commands a final clean-up

The time is ...I do not know