Friday, March 18, 2016

Just Try, Keep Trying...

sitting still is impossible...

It's not easy to do nothing, stay still & be indifferent
Guess, the dynamism of cosmic force is the underlying whirlwind
You may stop but the globe keeps revolving
The Stars, the Moon, the Sun ...and our breathe
None stop their role; they continue unapologetically

Time is the best friend
Slow, sure, punctual & needs no reminder
Come rain, sunshine or snow
Life moves on

You can react, create, watch idly, be proactive
Action and inaction
You either get ahead or be pushed along
Some day we will all reach our destination

鲤鱼跳龙门 The Carp that persistently jumps & flips over the Dragon Gate becomes a Dragon; alas, tedious & trying and few can achieve the feat

Like many, I was born poor but I need not stay poor
The world is mine to conquer
Most of us cannot live past 30,000 days yet many spend time idling, complaining, immersing in idle thoughts and actions a dreadful life
I try and will always live in the current ; learn from the past, plan for the future & hope for the best

Yes, I have my fair share of defeats
I wish I can bask in continuous successes and glories
Am I too far ahead of the curve or is success avoiding me? Omigosh, the streak of successes were estopped
May the rain return to a bless the drought strikened path ...
Some day soon, I shall ripen and flower again 

I am blissfully ignorant
Walking the path and treading uncharted waters
What I want to achieve is God-given

Man proposes & God disposes

Tomorrow is never promised
Neither do I know if I will still be around
What I am sure is today; staying Healthy, Happy and Keep going 

The best is yet to be

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