Thursday, March 31, 2016

Everything Ends...

the March is coming to an end...

Many have wings but can't fly ~ penguins, chickens, ducks, dodos
Some have eyes but can't see ~ bats, platypus
Many have brains but never think ~ humans
The world is getting more selfish, elitist, uncaring, greedy such that the 'best' are milking the less-able
The many who 'made it' are guarding and hoarding their gains

Lip-service is a norm & NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) is a given
Numerous doctors read the 'Hippocratic Oath' and became hypocrites
Accountants prepare 'doctored' numbers that is hardly 'true & fair'
Auditors' audit report at best they can; finding frauds is accidental, much depends on 'who is the paymaster'
Political loyalists infringe on the Laws of the Land with impunity

Survival of the Fittest & Rules of the Jungle rule

Society cracks when there is oppression, suppression and covert elimination of opposing voices
Where discontent is voiced, there is an allowance for ventilation of frustration
Gross income inequality coupled with elitists indifference is the sure fire to anarchy
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor
The commoners are only eking and seeking out a dignified living, not fame, money nor power

The American Revolutionary War (The American Revolutionary War had its origins in the resistance of many Americans to taxes), the Bolshevik Revolution (socialism was born because the 'HAVEs' ignore the plights of the 'HAVE-NOTs'), the Cultural Revolution was an attempt to 'hold-on' to political power & the Jasmin Revolution (started innocently when a graduate, illegal hawker dosed himself with oil and set fire after being bullied by the State-police)

Everyone comes naked and shall return naked
The world has enough space for everyone to 'care & share', enjoy some luxury and live harmoniously
The need to lord over others, command and control & dictates another's life is an act of cowardice
History do provide ample space for education and memories whether good or bad 
Whatever fit

Most of us have no more than 30,000 days to live
Man proposes, GOD disposes
Let us 'care & share' and spare some thoughts and penny to the less fortunate, less able and less mobile
Nobody wants to be downtrodden, unwanted and live on charity 没有人想看别人的脸色过日子

Like many, I am walking towards the end
I'd like to look back without, or with little, regrets, if any
When my journey is over, I'd like to be remembered as the "Mr CAN"; the incurable positive
My fair share of defeats and glory stop when the March ends

Today is the last day of March....2016, not the end of my march

Like the Master Chef, let us all enjoy & indulge in a bowl of harmonious soup
Having too much or too little leaves bad aftertaste


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