Monday, January 30, 2012


Facing the Truth is the Best Policy ...

The must be a reason or excuse in everything a person does; not necessarily right or wrong
Morally, legally, religiously or personally - alas - who's the judge and who can judge
It's always easy to point 'the gun barrel' at someone

Speculation, gossips, rumours, wild-goose chase
Baseless accusations, mud-slinging, scheming, entrapments ...
Which is true and real and how much is factual; the perpetrators know best

Everyone has his fair share of facts and fallacies
One may honestly believe its the one and only truth
A lie is a lie; white lies or otherwise

I have my fair share of failures and accusations and thrashings
I have heard many truths, half-truths and perceived truths
I accept it, live with it and didn't challenge most

Not out of fear nor 'fate'
It's simply "life is a stage"
And everything is an act and is role specific, however, minuscule

We will pass and life is finite

Be honest with yourself

If you think you can bring the truths to your grave and you need not pay for it (nor your close ones), continues fooling yourself ... there is Providence

Many lies to gain while some cheat to fame
You cannot have a peace of mind telling half-truths and living with it
Someday, somehow, somewhere ... it will catch up with you

But, I can still accept without reservations - LIFE IS A STAGE

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Conscripts, NS & NSman

I shall defend Singapore with my life...

Pay for ...
- talent
- private time
- sacrifice
- intrusion and loss of family warmth

The NS (Amendment) act was passed on 14 March 1967,

From Oct 2009, conscripts pay ranges from S$420 - S$2,020 for recruits to the rank of Captain -

Boys from the age of 18 years old upwards are conscripted to serve and disrupted from their educational pursuits. There is no denial that these are the most productive and active years of youths and for foundation building - the key to future successes.

In today's context, where wars are fought using technology and lesser of foot soldiers, why wouldn't/shouldn't we contemplate

i) shortening NS stint further (Taiwan has done so)
ii) allow all, if not most, who are accepted for tertiary studies to be disrupted from NS and to serve only after they finish their studies (afterall, PRs have a choice whether to serve or not to serve and we are allowing only deferment) and
iii) pay higher allowances than the meagre S$420 - S$2,020; their defend Singapore with my life... cannot be any cheaper nor imputed
iv) given free transportation to all NS conscripts
v) deployment of professional in lieu of NS conscripts

Our Singaporean sons are born and bred here and are ready to defend our Motherland, by choice or circumstances, unlike fresh immigrants/PRs. Their lives and commitment are no less precious and valued than the pursuit of equivalent-commercial dollars and compensation seek by the public and private sectors.

When a young life is lost during training or exercise (by accident), no amount of compensation is good enough to the aggrieved family, let alone paltry insurance covers.

Besides, our Singaporean sons are disadvantaged by the influx of cheap foreign graduates flooding our country. For example, a Malaysian boy, who finishes his SPM and proceed to do a twinning degree to pursue LAW studies would graduate at age 20.

By the time our Singaporean son finishes his Law degree, and pupillage, he will be at least 24 years old or more, His Malaysian cohort who works here will already be a Senior with FOUR years experience!

Is our Singaporean sons adequately compensated for their sacrifices?

Shouldn't we seriously think Singaporean first; for Singaporean by Singaporean?

Let's give our Singaporeans sons a fair starting point and not be penalized for their selfless sacrifices. if we cannot take care of ourself, who will?

Spare a thought for our Singaporean Sons.

New Year - Chinese New Year

Every year a new year comes around ...

Be it Deepavali, Hari Raya, New Year or Chinese New Year, loads of new resolutions and hopes abound
Everyone pitches a new hope, a new longing, a new beginning

The gambler wants to give up gambling, the drug addict resolves to kick his habit
The family man/breadwinner pledges to put more bread, butter and bacon on the table
The leader promises to bring his flock to higher grounds and a better future
Even the beggar swears "I will make it" out of this dunk and poverty

That's the beauty of "NEW"
New year, new determination, new-found strength and conviction, new focus and direction ...
And now 'New Normal'
That's the difference between 'wanting and doing', 'words and actions', 'plots and dreams'

Spring cleaning includes cleaning the home, tidying the office, breathing new dimension to the environment, most importantly, for a moment, clearing up all stale thoughts
The brain needs regular 'clearing and cleansing'; not voodoo though
If only, we constantly feel new, breathe new and act new, we will be constantly (fully) driven and motivated, focus and highly spirited, ready and proactive, and free from ill-health

Continue to make your resolution and change where necessary

Somehow, everyone wants to change or re-direct his focus
But, its always 'I am too busy', 'no time', 'next time', 'tomorrow' ...
Absolute nonsense! If you want to change, why continue spending your time and effort trying to better what you are doing? A wrong solution is NO solution

I have learnt early to understand why NEW YEARs are important
New Year is a moment when our adrenaline charges, when the mind is sharp and where we action our thoughts

My New Year comes quarterly or earlier; I review my intent and plans regularly
By doing so, I avoided the crowd and somehow progress a little further
Not necessarily successful but definitely less frustrating

I wish all my dreams will come true, but l must say "My Dreams Keep Moving" ...
Maybe, its the many NEW YEARs I have in a year

Friday, January 13, 2012

Time - Too Much Or Too Little

Uncertainties from cradle to grave ...

I used to worry about tomorrow
Worry about meals and basic needs
Worry about not working and no income
Not any more; not because I managed to meet all my needs but now I found peace

I used to have little time, unable to meet schedules but thrives on stress and pressures
Now I have a little more free time and plentiful of 'excess' time
I allow myself to idle 发呆 and dictate my own pace of life
Somehow, I miss the 'pressure & stress' - the Motivator that drives me

I admire my friends around me who still have primary, secondary & tertiary (school)friends
They gather to talk, gossip, laugh at each other and remark about their overgrown or suave looks
I wonder where have all my cohorts gone to
700km of land is not too big but big enough for me to loss all my old-time friends

Some days I feel awkwardly alone; Not lonely though
Every phone calls I dial is either not answered, switched off or simply 'dead'
I used to fret but not now
Life can be empty at times but never void

Whatever; I know I don't have much time left on Mother Earth
But, I certainly know I have quality time to spare and share
I cherish every moment of my life with family members, friends and lesser friends
Someday, somewhere, somehow ... we will pass - what's left shall be memory

“To understand that hardship is a matter of fate and success is a matter of the times; and to able to face enormous difficulties without fear or terror is to have the courage of a sage.” 知穷之有命,知通之有时,临大难而不惧者,圣人之勇也。


Ironies of life is awash everywhere...

A: There are Three types of politicians-wannabes:

1. Leaders who fight for a cause and lead the flock out of misery
2. The wealthy one who looks for meaning (in life) and yearns to lead
3. Those seeking fame, fortune and power

Whatever the traits, the mass is almost always indifference until issues affect them

B: If the black box is indestructible, why is it the plane is made from the same material?

C: If 7-11 is a 24x7 shop, why does it still need doors and locks?

D: If S&P evaluates and grades others, who grade them?

E: In large countries like USA, China, Europe where climates change can be adverse, swift

and simultaneous, like floods and droughts, why can't the Government pipe the flood water

to the drought areas?

F: Do you notice that in most countries, if not all, members of political parties constitute a

minority relative to the entire population, yet the majority has to choose the minority to

represent him?

G: If the Law is crafted to be efficient, equal and fair why do you need judges? Just input all 

the data and offence committed into computer and the system will dish out an appropriate 

punishment befitting the crime as ascribed.

H: If you think you will be remunerated higher than your current job, then why are you still staying put?

I: Everyone tells you to be patient, persevere, work hard, strive to be the best and you will succeed. But, if these are the definitive motivators then why are there still failures?

J: Finally; if everything is equal and fair, I want the UPPER half

... the lists go on ....

Monday, January 2, 2012

When The Sun Sets On Me

Time flies and the sun sets on me ...

When I was young, an elderly aunty told me that 'if you suffer during your younger days, your later years will be more rewarding, fun-filled and relax'.

True, to a certain extent!

I worked doubly hard, never complain and take whatever comes
My youthful stamina, strengths and 'never-say-die' attitude conquers new frontiers
There was simply NO time to worry

Trials and tribulations
Tears and sweat
There was no time to reflect

Fastforward to today;

Children are grown up, with few financial obligations and plentiful of time to spare
Jobs? Work? It never cross my mind to look for work or jobs
I am worn and weary after repeated failures and I ain't a beggar

Guess, I am a digit in the unemployed database, ignored and forgotten
Not that I am lazy or indifferent - maybe I have priced myself out of work or simply seen as too old to work
All the talk about working to 62 years old or more are just TALKs

Do I feel rejected, discarded, cheated or 'uncared-for'?
Not at all!
The World is real and the real world is cruel
'Survival of the fittest' and 'winners take all' are norms

Whatever the propaganda, I see my country as an 'animal farm'

I have been wronged, not once but twice, in Courts and I bit the bullet, took the punches and moved on
I am absolutely sure of my innocence and a victim of circumstances
Friends come and go as doors close and windows open
There is no mercy nor sympathy for any fallen man; why would there be?
Why would I want or need one?

Blaming the world is to immerse in misery
I'd rather get out well and alive than to live in on blind hopes
I may bring the truths to my grave but I believe all the perpetrators will have their share of retribution
There are only two things I cannot decide; being born and the day when death knocks

Whatever you do, always be prepared
Prepared to enjoy the consequences; for better or worse
No one will dwell in the dark forever

When the Sun sets on me, I switch on the lights, keeps myself busy & warm and waits for daybreak  

You can break my bones and tear my flesh
But, nobody can steal my guts, attitude & Soul

I am who I am
The Incurable Positive

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - NewYear

Every seconds pass without notice ...

Because we always feel there is an abundance of time
Time is unlimited and infinite
Waste and procrastinate are norms

Resolutions are made
Goals are set
Alas, to be repeated again

Don't... banana never splits twice
Just as you only live once
Get into your act immediately and action your thoughts

Why wait when you can have it all ,,, now
When next year comes around, I want to win all that I have set out to do
My life, my compass and my destiny are one

Successes shall come
To those who plot and action it