Friday, January 13, 2012


Ironies of life is awash everywhere...

A: There are Three types of politicians-wannabes:

1. Leaders who fight for a cause and lead the flock out of misery
2. The wealthy one who looks for meaning (in life) and yearns to lead
3. Those seeking fame, fortune and power

Whatever the traits, the mass is almost always indifference until issues affect them

B: If the black box is indestructible, why is it the plane is made from the same material?

C: If 7-11 is a 24x7 shop, why does it still need doors and locks?

D: If S&P evaluates and grades others, who grade them?

E: In large countries like USA, China, Europe where climates change can be adverse, swift

and simultaneous, like floods and droughts, why can't the Government pipe the flood water

to the drought areas?

F: Do you notice that in most countries, if not all, members of political parties constitute a

minority relative to the entire population, yet the majority has to choose the minority to

represent him?

G: If the Law is crafted to be efficient, equal and fair why do you need judges? Just input all 

the data and offence committed into computer and the system will dish out an appropriate 

punishment befitting the crime as ascribed.

H: If you think you will be remunerated higher than your current job, then why are you still staying put?

I: Everyone tells you to be patient, persevere, work hard, strive to be the best and you will succeed. But, if these are the definitive motivators then why are there still failures?

J: Finally; if everything is equal and fair, I want the UPPER half

... the lists go on ....

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