Monday, January 30, 2012


Facing the Truth is the Best Policy ...

The must be a reason or excuse in everything a person does; not necessarily right or wrong
Morally, legally, religiously or personally - alas - who's the judge and who can judge
It's always easy to point 'the gun barrel' at someone

Speculation, gossips, rumours, wild-goose chase
Baseless accusations, mud-slinging, scheming, entrapments ...
Which is true and real and how much is factual; the perpetrators know best

Everyone has his fair share of facts and fallacies
One may honestly believe its the one and only truth
A lie is a lie; white lies or otherwise

I have my fair share of failures and accusations and thrashings
I have heard many truths, half-truths and perceived truths
I accept it, live with it and didn't challenge most

Not out of fear nor 'fate'
It's simply "life is a stage"
And everything is an act and is role specific, however, minuscule

We will pass and life is finite

Be honest with yourself

If you think you can bring the truths to your grave and you need not pay for it (nor your close ones), continues fooling yourself ... there is Providence

Many lies to gain while some cheat to fame
You cannot have a peace of mind telling half-truths and living with it
Someday, somehow, somewhere ... it will catch up with you

But, I can still accept without reservations - LIFE IS A STAGE

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