Saturday, February 4, 2012


The weaker sex is ...

Man and man quarrels over money and women
Woman and woman can quarrel over anything
Woman can live on nothing when in love
Man need to be able to provide everything before falling in love

Who rules the World? Women
Behind every successful man is a woman
A man can give up an empire for a woman
When a woman gives in and plot an acquisition, even the brainiest man looses his smartness

Women live longer than man; it's no coincidence

Man is from Mars & woman is from Venus
How sad!.
Martians are aliens and Venus is God or Godly
Man suckles from a woman ... since a baby and eats out of her hand

One thing I am very sure; NO one has seen God 
Is God a man or woman? Is there a God? It really doesn't matter

Money can buy man but not a woman
But, with money he can keep a few women
From cradle to grave, there are no saints
If admission equals forgiveness, lives would be lighter and the World livelier

It's a make believe World

I will continue to enjoy every moment of my life when I am alive and kicking
It doesn't really matter if Man is powerless or Woman is dominantly superior

... I will continue to write my own epic, my views and my dreams 

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