Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today Is My Day

Only the best will do ...

What's memory made up of? Happiness
Only when I leave behind doses of happiness that everyone will miss my passing
My smiles, my positive traits, my ever-ready stance against challenges
I take punches well and can deliver better

I manage my weaknesses and build on my strengths
I have setbacks which I allow easy passage but I dwell in my successes
Success begets successes
My physique is my facade; my mind is the decider

When I looked back to my younger days, I see many missed opportunities ... many, many "I could have ...!" Hindsight is always 20/20
Regrets I have few but I have my fair share of successes and admirers
More importantly, I must, MUST, remain healthy

All that I have is health
With health, I can find wealth
Do not have all the wealth but no health to enjoy 人在天堂,钱在银行 
Wealth is relative; a contented man is a happy man

I am a commoner, your neighbourly boy, the village kid
I did not grow old though I certainly age naturally
My mind is youthful, my thoughts dynamic and my presence is current; an ageless being
Deep inside me, I suspect I am a youthful imp

My life, my Providence is within me
I will live best today, tomorrow, everyday ...
When I take my last breathe, I leave behind nothing but smilingly good memories
It's really nice to be healthily alive 

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