Saturday, February 25, 2012

P K - Player Kill

Winner takes all ... reality is cruel. Why not?

Only the best survive
The best shall prosper
Only the best (Number ONE) will be remembered

Rudimentary, mediocre and half-done work are never enough
What respect and recognition do you want as second best? Its a forgotten battle
There are simply no room for runner-up

Everyone is expected to outwit, out perform and out-gun the next
The rostrum only has room for No 1 - numero uno
Champions are made, not by chance, but by grit and determination

If you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen
If you want to build your empire, nobody can stop you
The Mind is an awful machine; it separates winners from whiners

Super Mario, Pachinko, Angry birds
Simple games requiring undivided attention
Only winners get onto the next stage

A win is a win by any other definition 

I fight to win and shall bask in glory
In any PK, the winner is definitive
I shall, and will, win in all PKs because I am nothing but the BEST

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